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Hey Andrew...

Postby dkemp on Thu Nov 28, 2002 11:48 am

Just a suggestion. How about separating the games saves, roster patches or various add-ons for each Live platform by game systems. I am suggesting this because, when I look at Live 2003 patches or add-ons it does not say wether the roster patch are for PC, PS2, or 2Kseries or what. It would make sense to have them sectioned off by game systems. By the way I am looking for PS2 add-ons and other patches to make my NBA Live gaming better. Thanks.
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Postby Andrew on Thu Nov 28, 2002 2:18 pm

All but one of the updates (Jeffx's Live 2002 PS2 update) in our database are for the PC version of NBA Live. If someone submits a PS2 roster update, then I will create a special section.
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