Realistic Draft Class 2020 (60 CFs) by Shuajota and Unique Mazique Released

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Re: Realistic Draft Class 2020 by Shuajota and Unique Mazique Released!

Postby bluejaybrandon on Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:57 pm

TGsoGood wrote:
bluejaybrandon wrote:I think you should be using Shuajotas Real Draft file and not UniDraft or whatever it is. I don’t think that one was the completed project. Devin Vassell was rated at an 80 and had 24 badges. He’ll always finish way ahead of his class with that kind of head start.

There’s a different file under Shuajota name that looked to have the right ratings and badges.

I have that one also, but I think that was done by shuajota alone.
Brian Mazique's ratings are under 'Unijota'. That's the one they collaborated on.
I don't really have any issue with either style of rating to be honest.
All of these draft classes are fictional until we see the players on the floor in real life.

Okay I respect that but at the same time, why is a late lottery pick entering the league with 24 badges, rating the second highest in the draft, having the wrong age, and making All-Defensive first team. At a certain point it becomes disingenuous to run it as a “real” draft. For example, I may be high on Markus Howard and although we haven’t seen him on an NBA court, I think any sane person would say making him the best prospect in the class and competitive with the likes of Lebron or Zion would be a far stretch. I guess this is more a discussion of overall draft philosophy. While I think it’s true that “we haven’t seen these guys play”, there is still a general consensus about them and their college stats are a decent indication. To deviate too far away from that is where I think you lose the “realism” moniker.

This is nothing against Shuajota. He did amazing work on the faces and I think a lot of his personal ratings are spot on. Personally, I would’ve ran that one as the finished project but I’m also more in the realism camp. Either way, great work Shuajota.
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Re: Realistic Draft Class 2020 by Shuajota and Unique Mazique Released!

Postby TGsoGood on Tue Jun 23, 2020 11:26 pm

I re-read what I said about these being fictional. I admit that sounds pretty dumb on my part.
I was just thinking "Why did I even bring up fictional drafts". :lol:
I haven't read the post above yet. Just had to comeback and clarify that part of my comment was dumb.
It dismisses the whole point of a "realistic" recreation

Edit----- Just read bluejaybrandon's comment.
Seems like my comments above echo what you are saying.
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Re: Realistic Draft Class 2020 by Shuajota and Unique Mazique Released!

Postby SneakerTheFox on Wed Jun 24, 2020 6:09 am

I do understand that there might be some kinks with the ratings, tendencies and or badges in the draft class, but the draft class throughout is really just so good, they're obviously still working on it, so that all is probably gonna be fix, what I do recommend is editing the draft class in the draft class creator (as mostly everyone knows how to do) to fix any problems you might have if they're not game threatening.
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Re: Realistic Draft Class 2020 by Shuajota and Unique Mazique Released!

Postby Shuajota on Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:29 pm

TGsoGood wrote:Shuajota thanks for the info about the clothing folder. I will keep it in that case

You are welcome!
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