Troubleshooting Help on PC

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Troubleshooting Help on PC

Postby ForteIV on Tue May 26, 2020 10:02 am

I don't know if anyone can help me, but I recently had a major nostalgia trip and decided I wanted to buy NBA Live 06 on PC. I was able to install everything using both discs, but when I click on the game it keeps asking for me to put in the CD. The problem with that is that the CD is obviously still in the drive when I click play. I tried both disc 1 and disc 2 and it still gives me the error. I tried looking for help here but couldn't find anything. Everything seems correct, but no matter what I try, I still get the pop-up saying I need the disc to play, but I have the disc in the CD drive. I have a modern gaming PC with windows 10, and I read that people here haven't had issues with it. I was really looking forward to replaying this game, so any help would majorly be appreciated.

EDIT: It's the next day and I got it to work after trying tons of things. I exited out and came back to it a few hours later and I get the same problem all over again. I don't get why it will work and then not work.
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