NBA 2K18 Xbox 360 'Ultimate Classic' Roster Download

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NBA 2K18 Xbox 360 'Ultimate Classic' Roster Download

Postby youngagi02 on Mon Mar 09, 2020 8:08 am

The 'Ultimate Classic' roster for NBA 2K18 on the Xbox 360 features teams starting from the '66-'67 season to the '16-'17 NBA Season! A new way to play NBA 2K on Last Gen. This roster overlays the 30 current teams in the game and uses players from historic and all-time teams. The ratings used come from the URB 2K13-14 mod on PC and from the official NBA 2K19-20 rosters. Big shoutout to the makers of the URB mod, as I am a big fan of the mod. Below is a download link to this roster. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE PROFILE ID ON THE ROSTER SAVE TO YOUR OWN XBOX 360 PROFILE ID OR ELSE THE ROSTER WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY. Let me know if you have any other questions or if there are any problems with the roster. Enjoy :) ... c.ROS/file

Team List:
‘05-’06 Philadelphia 76ers
‘00-’01 Charlotte Hornets
‘12-’13 Milwaukee Bucks
‘93-’94 Chicago Bulls
‘09-’10 Cleveland Cavaliers
‘16-’17 Boston Celtics
‘13-’14 Los Angeles Clippers
‘12-’13 Memphis Grizzlies
‘86-’87 Atlanta Hawks
‘08-’09 Miami Heat
‘07-’08 New Orleans Hornets
‘96-’97 Utah Jazz
‘00-’01 Sacramento Kings
‘11-’12 New York Knicks
‘09-’10 Los Angeles Lakers
‘02-’03 Orlando Magic
‘02-’03 Dallas Mavericks
‘01-’02 New Jersey Nets
‘93-’94 Denver Nuggets
‘13-’14 Indiana Pacers
‘96-’97 Detroit Pistons
‘99-’00 Toronto Raptors
‘14-’15 Houston Rockets
‘02-’03 San Antonio Spurs
‘92-’93 Phoenix Suns
‘15-’16 Oklahoma City Thunder
‘11-’12 Minnesota Timberwolves
‘99-’00 Portland Trail Blazers
‘66-’67 San Francisco Warriors
‘02-’03 Washington Wizards
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Re: NBA 2K18 Xbox 360 'Ultimate Classic' Roster Download

Postby rafikdar on Tue Oct 06, 2020 9:41 am

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