In need of some help

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In need of some help

Postby lorenaustin on Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:03 pm

im new to NLSC and i have seen some of the work the guys do here and its really Good, ive done some modding in the past but not for any basketball games. this might not be the right sub forum to post to and im sorry if i offend any of the moderators but i have a question for all the 3D modders, the guys that does the faces and stadiums, im working on an old EA game, Rugby 08 and because of the community at The Rugby Forum being so small there isnt much help there, i want to edit the ingame models and import new ones etc especially faces. i have seen some of the old threads where guys that modded some basketball games and that they have used OEdit to edit these models, the models for Rugby 08 and Cricket 07 is also usable in OEdit but i have no idea how to use it especially when it comes to the UV mapping, the Graphical part i can do but shaping those faces is a nightmare, i have done some research and came across FaceGen Modeller which is quite amazing but how to import and convert all of that is just too much. i dont know how to do it, i have tried talking to the guys at PlanetCricket but they arent very helpfull, i am willing to provide what i have if someone is willing to help me.
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Re: In need of some help

Postby Andrew on Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:10 pm

A lot of the people who modded the older NBA Live PC games seem to have moved on, but there is actually a new development in the NBA Live 2004 section that might be worth keeping an eye on: viewtopic.php?f=32&t=109120

Obviously the file formats for those old EA Sports games were very similar, so it's possible there'll be some developments there and information in the Tutorials subsections that could be useful. As I said though, there aren't as many people actively modding NBA Live these days as most have moved on to one of the more recent NBA 2K titles, but there might be some information around that can help. I'm not sure if anyone here used FaceGen Modeller, though.
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