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NBA 2K20 - College Roster 2K20

Postby SkillzFromThe6 on Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:52 am

Last Updated: 10/14/2019 (33 teams completed)

THE best & most realistic College Roster on PS4 that had 74 TEAMS, OVER 900+ CAPs, 800K+ downloads is back again to NBA 2K20 for the 2019-20 NCAA Season!

PSN: SkillazKill
Content ID: College Roster 2K20

Support here:

A look at my College Roster from NBA 2K19: viewtopic.php?f=241&t=106067

Things to know:

- Search "SkillazKill" or "SkillazDaGreat" and press R2 to find every team's jerseys/arenas

- If a team has a new jersey/arena, they will be updated and uploaded to team designs

- CAPs will be fully updated (Appearances, Signatures, Ratings & Tendencies)

- More teams will be added like my last roster, so don't worry if you don't see your team in the first 30

- Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Scouts, and Trainers are accurate (real names/appearances)

- 2016-19 NBA Draft Class players are NOT deleted from the roster.

- I will put zone defense for many teams to make it more college-like

How to setup:

phpBB [video]

Step 1: Go to "MyGM/MyLeague"

Step 2: Click on "MyLeague"

Step 3: Press Triangle to pull up Custom Rosters

Step 4: Search username "SkillazKill" or content ID "College Roster 2K20"

Step 5: Go to "Current Teams" (30 teams) or "Custom League" (36 teams), then "Start in Regular Season"

Step 6: Add any teams you want from the Divisions (list below)

Step 7: Go to "Setup Options" and put in following:

Season Length: 29/35 Games (optional)
Quarter Length: 10 minutes (optional)
Simulated Quarter Length: 10 minutes (optional)
Normalize Played to Sim Stats/Minutes: On
Playoff (March Madness) Rounds: 1 Game Each
League Expansion: On
Salary Cap: Off
Hard Cap: Off
Trade Logic: Off
Injuries: Off (optional)
Progressive Fatigue: Off (optional)
Gameplay Difficulty: Any

Step 8: Press Square to "SELECT ALL TEAMS"

Step 9: Advance

Step 10: Download team's design by going to "Team Relocation > Download Team Designs > Search Username "SkillazKill" or "SkillazDaGreat

Step 11: Scroll through other teams by flicking the right analog stick right or left

Step 12: Repeat Step 10 and 11 for all teams

Step 13: Go to "Save As" to save another file, if you'd like to play the season over again. (Optional)

Step 14: Enjoy!


2 NBL teams (LaMelo Ball and R.J. Hamptons teams)

Realistic Jerseys/Court Designs

Realistic Coaches, Trainers, Scouts

Realistic Scorers Tables

Created college players with fully updated signatures, appearances, tendencies and attributes



Atlantic (ACC/SEC/A10/Ivy)
LSU Tigers (Knicks)
Harvard Crimson (Nets)
VCU Rams (Celtics)
Duke Blue Devils (76ers)
Georgia Bulldogs (Raptors)
St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers (All-Time 76ers)
Monmouth Hawks (Nets)
Rhode Island Rams (All-Time Knicks)

Central (ACC/American)
Louisville Cardinals (Bulls)
North Carolina Tar Heels (Cavaliers)
Memphis Tigers (Pistons)
Virginia Cavaliers (Pacers)
Cincinnati Bearcats (Bucks)
Akron Zips (All-Time Pistons)
Syracuse Orange (All-Time Cavaliers)

Southeast (SEC/Big East)
Xavier Musketeers (Hawks)
Villanova Wildcats (Hornets)
Marquette Golden Eagles (Wizards)
Florida Gators (Heat)
Kentucky Wildcats (Magic)
Tennessee Volunteers (All-Time Magic)


Northwest (Big 10/Big East/WCC)
Maryland Terrapins (Nuggets)
Michigan State Spartans (Timberwolves)
Seton Hall Pirates (Thunder)
Gonzaga Bulldogs (Jazz)
Ohio State Buckeyes (Trail Blazers)

Pacific (Pac-12)
Arizona Wildcats (Clippers)
Oregon Ducks (Warriors)
USC Trojans (Suns)
Colorado Buffaloes (Lakers)
Washington Huskies (Kings)
Houston Baptist Huskies (All-Time Warriors)

Southwest (Big 12/Mountain West)
Texas Tech Red Raiders (Spurs)
Baylor Bears (Pelicans)
Kansas Jayhawks (Mavericks)
Utah State Aggies (Grizzlies)
Iowa State Cyclones (Rockets)
Air Force Falcons (All-Time Mavericks)

After the release of the first 30 in order:
Illawarra Hawks (15-16 Cavaliers)
New Zealand Breakers (15-16 Warriors)

PM me or DM me on Twitter: @SkillzFromThe6
If you'd like a certain team to be made.

Teams requested and completed list:
Syracuse Orange (Pending)
St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers (Pending)
Wonju DB Promy (Pending)
Monmouth Hawks (Pending)
Houston Baptist Huskies (Pending)
Air Force Falcons (Pending)
Rhode Island Rams (Pending)
Tennessee Volunteers (Pending)
Akron Zips (Pending)

If you have any questions, concerns, tips, feel free to message me on:

Twitter: @SkillzFromThe6
or PM on here


- Skillz

College Hoops Roster 2K20
PSN: SkillazKill
Content ID: College Roster 2K20
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Re: NBA 2K20 - College Roster 2K20

Postby SkillzFromThe6 on Tue Oct 15, 2019 12:35 pm

phpBB [video]

College Hoops Roster 2K20
PSN: SkillazKill
Content ID: College Roster 2K20
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