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Postby Dr B on Sat Jun 22, 2019 1:52 am

I've been working on adding a jump shot animation and player accessories (some screens below), but took a break from that last night during the draft to start thinking about how I would try to capture a draft experience in a game. This is something that has always left me a little disappointed in video games. It seems like I'm either mindlessly skipping through one computer pick after another (since I only control 1 of 30 teams) or just trying to make trades for the #1 pick before the start of the draft. I think pre-draft research & strategy is part of makes the draft so exciting - we hear about all of these guys for a year and all of the potential trades for at least a couple months - so I'll have to find a way factor in things like work outs, setting up your draft board and establishing your trade preferences. I want to try to turn the draft into a strategy mini-game type of experience. I put together some quick mock-ups (screens also below - these are very rough prototypes) of what it might look like to allow a player to bounce back and forth between analyzing prospects and findings trades but also see that on-stage, team hat, commissioner handshake moment.

If you were to create a draft mini-game from scratch what would you want it to include/exclude?

some new arm & leg accessories

jump shot animation

draft stage idea

draft war room ideas
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