Tony Parker Announces Retirement

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Tony Parker Announces Retirement

Postby Andrew on Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:48 pm

About a week old now, but somehow we missed discussing it here: ... retirement

Former San Antonio Spurs legend and Finals MVP winner Tony Parker is apparently calling it a career after 18 seasons.

In an interview with Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, Parker made his announcement in San Antonio, telling Spears: "I’m going to retire. I decided that I’m not going to play basketball anymore.

“A lot of different stuff ultimately led me to this decision,” Parker said, per The Undefeated. “But, at the end of the day, I was like, if I can’t be Tony Parker anymore and I can’t play for a championship, I don’t want to play basketball anymore.”

It's unfortunate that he couldn't retire a Spur. With Leonard being traded anyway, letting him go to ease tensions - assuming that played a role in it - was all for nothing anyway.

In any event, a hell of a player in his prime. One of the fastest players up and down the court, and that floater was deadly. I remember for years he was among the league leaders in points in the paint, despite his position and smaller stature. I also recall many of us being surprised when he was announced as the NBA Live 09 cover player, seeing as how he was a year removed from winning Finals MVP and arguably not the most marketable star. For what it's worth, he did average his career high in points in the 2009 season, along with his third highest assists average. Maybe not the best choice for a cover player, but definitely a worthy perennial All-Star for a while there.

I have to imagine it won't be long before the Spurs put his jersey in the rafters. Well-earned, he's definitely among the best players in franchise history.
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Re: Tony Parker Announces Retirement

Postby sticky-fingers on Tue Jun 18, 2019 10:10 pm

First european Finals MVP, he was a part of Spurs' Big Three, the most successfull big three btw.
IMO TP is underated, his speed, his spin, his floaters, I think he had a great impact on PG position, CP3 mentions him quite often as a reference.
His story is fantastic : he was training with Boris Diaw at INSEP, was drafted by the Spurs when european players were not very welcome in NBA, great 2003 Finals, same in 2005. FMVP in 2007.
Unfortunately, he's on the picture on Ray Allen made his legendary 3pt in 2013, but dont forget his amazing shot vs LeBron in G1 i guess.
And in 2014 he won again the championship with his old friend.
And TP's legacy for basketball in France is also amazing, on playgrounds, but even more with the national team.
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