Dear Developers & NLSC Family - Refining the Rebounding system NBA LIVE 20

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Dear Developers & NLSC Family - Refining the Rebounding system NBA LIVE 20

Postby Geemonster84 on Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:17 am

ON the Rebound... Refining the Rebounding system for NBA LIVE 20

For anyone that hasn’t read my previous post “Dear NBA Live Developers & NLSC Family” Please take a look hopefully a developer can see those ideas. Anyway I had another one of those moments after watching the Raptors vs Spurs. And we lost... :crazyeyes:



We all know rebounding is a fundamental aspect in b-ball, but it’s usually becomes an after thought in terms game-play. Unless of course your playing a create-a-player mode like the The One where your player needs to fulfill certain objectives for crates.

The current state of rebounding in NBA Live 18

In many forums and YouTubers’ channels that pertain to Live rebounding is one of the biggest problems next to the locomotion system that needs a bit of tuning down and some legacy issues. At the current moment rebounding is either going to go in your favor or not which seems about right in terms of basket ball in general or is it...

phpBB [video]

Rebound Battle , Tim Duncun Win The Battle

Total Rebounding Control System™

At the current moment to rebound in Live 18 the user is suctioned into a box out animation and you press the jump button to either get the rebound or not.

With Total Rebounding Control System™, a user will have to incorporate real life techniques from boxing-out opponents with positioning and picking from situational positional techniques to retrieve the ball.

1. The box out technique – Using the Left-Stick the user will move the player into position. Box-Out Battle activated :crazyeyes:

2. Jostling for position the user must use a combination of the back-down trigger and turbo-trigger in tapping sequence to get in front of their opposition while pushing the Left-Stick against each other to take the other players position.

Note: There are 3 positions in the jostling animation 50/50 = battling, 40/60 = not fully boxed-out, 100/0 = completely boxed out. :pirate:

3. How certain techniques are available in certain positions while tapping both the back-down trigger = (jostling) and the turbo button trigger=(strength) while using the Left-Stick in Relations to the 50/50 = side by side, 40/60 = slightly behind and 100/0 = completely boxed out position.

Left Stick Scenarios in relation to the 3 positions...

1.Therefore in a User vs User or CPU scenario in the 50/50 position they would press their Left Sticks from the starting positions 3 vs 9 positions respectively against each other.
2. In the 40/60 position the User v User would be 1 to 7 in relation to each other and press against each other from those positions.
3. In the 100/0 position the user v user would be 12 to 6 in relation to each other and press against each other from those positions. (aka one player pushing against ones back and other pushing back to keep the other player off.


Note: EA must fix the raycaster in relation to the ball and the camera in order for this to work and please allow the ball to have more physics in terms of rolling on the ground. Also note for those reading this blog try and push the basket ball from an out of bound up the court to get what l mean.


Indicators of these 3 positions are a followed below... :applaud: :applaud:


The 50/50 animation cue = Battling Side by Side


The 40/60 animation cue = Slightly Behind, Almost Beaten


The 100/0 animation cue = Fully Boxed Out

What happens now the ball hit the rim... :cheeky:

Depending on your animation cue after the ball hits the rim your techniques will differ depending on situations like, Height, Skill, and Position.

phpBB [video]

Kenneth Faried Multiple Effort Rebound

50/50 = Shoulder to Shoulder battle :cool:
1. Tip In shoot/dunk - Shoot button - 50/50 Chance
2. Strong tip to a fellow teammate - Pass button and direction towards teammate - Best Option
3. Tip to yourself - Lob pass button - Risky could be stolen

40/60 = Slightly Beaten :roll:
1. Tip in shoot/dunk -Shoot button - 60%/40% Chance depends on your position
2. Strong tip to fellow teammate - Pass button and direction towards teammate - Best option
3. Tip to yourself - Lob pass button - lose the ball - Average success

100/0 = Boxed Out :cussing:
1. Tip In shoot/dunk - Shoot button - 90% Chance of over-and-back call - unless your taller player
2. Strong tip to fellow teammate - Pass button and direction towards teammate - Best option - not very accurate due to position
3. Tip to yourself - Lob pass button - Could work, could be stolen or jump ball - 60% failure due to positioning

Think of the possibilities...

phpBB [video]

Stephen Curry Rebound & Three

phpBB [video]

Heat Get 7 Straight Offensive Rebounds


Now time for the Right-Stick in relation to the jostling animations (Optional Use) :turrible:

Pushing down on the Right Stick and following your left stick direction in relation to your positioning in battling for the rebound holds the player's jersey keeping them from moving unless your opponent is a stronger trigger tapper/left stick jostler or has better attributes. Therefore once the ball leaves the shooter's hands these moves are implemented UNTIL the ball hits the RIM and the offensive-button tactics kick-in :mrgreen:


Note: HOWEVER if the player in good box out position jumps for the ball and the player in bad position is sill holding said player's jersey or arm the results is as followed in video below and picture of Kevin Love.

Causing Fouls/Flop - Whether the post-battle position either player can flop to get the timely foul. How this is achieve is by jumping early while grabbing of the jersey is being pulled by opponent, however there is a risk of not getting the call can cause players falling and slipping animation making the player lose there position completely. Think "Pulling the Chair"... :shake:

phpBB [video]

Matthew Dellavedova tosses Mason Plumlee flagrant foul

phpBB [video]

Reggie Evans rebound flop

phpBB [video]

Josh Smith Rebound Flop

Note: Makes more off ball fouls in game, helps with pacing of the game, adds more understanding of match ups underneath the paint and frees up the ball so that it can hit the ground and cause more jump balls. Live Emotion™ and Live Feel™ also flues a lot in these battles. (see last post l made to explain these points)


Note: After effects of jersey pulling during game play Tim Duncan's jersey is out. If the Live team is able to show certain levels of this it would be great...

phpBB [video]

Top 5 Rebounders in NBA History

Special Notes:

1. The ball physics of the ball rolling on the ground slows down dramatically, if it ever hits the ground and doesn't vacuum suction to another player's hand after a deflection of a broken pass - PLEASE FIX :doh: :scold:

2. Also the players need a ball protect move, poke ball from smaller defenders need to happen more often.

3. Adding a dive button and jump balls mechanic

4. A new Rebounder Badge might be needed

5. Adding three man rebounding animations

Once again thank you for looking at my post please feel free to comment and help flush the ideas out... And yes l know we don't have roster editing yet, but those patches are coming in smoothly on a consistent basis so there is hope.(Y) I just want the developers to see that fans want to see this product be successful again. Also congrats to the Live Team for 18's game play is damn fun :chug:

Kind regards,
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