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Re: Official NLSC Wishlist for NBA 2K18

Postby D-Fish on Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:19 pm

1. Create-A-Player Engine OVERHAUL!!!
Please, for the love of all that is holy, don't give us that ape-man-making machine again. The C-A-P engine, in my opinion, has gotten worse every single year. And, in a game that is supposed to allow you to put yourself in the game, it is EXTREMELY limiting. Instead of creating a complicated app that finds me setting up a professional filmmaker's lighting rig in my room while I slowly swivel my head from left to right for 12 hours, only for me to end up looking like Sloth from The Goonies, why not give us a fully functioning C-A-P engine that has a vast selection of features & options? This is LOOOOOOOooooonnng overdue! After years of me complaining about this, I am JUST NOW seeing more & more people actually hate on the C-A-P engine that's basically been the same or worse over the last 3 or 4 releases. I remember a certain someone from 2k--I can't think of his name right now (I actually CAN think of his name--tee hee)--making some snarky comment along the lines of: "this is not a dress up Barbie game"--however, you can buy tons of clothes & shoes of ALL KINDS for your MY PLAYER. Uhhhhh, kind of like a "dress up Barbie game"? Yeah. Aaaanyway... So, maybe dial back the 8 million pointless clothes items and take a cue from a "dress up game", like Sims 4, which has an UNBELIEVABLE C-A-P engine! We use Blender, a powerful, fully functioning 3-D rendering tool to create & edit players, and it takes up 250MB on my hard-drive. NBA 2k17 takes up over 60GB... You're telling me, they can't squeeze in a decent C-A-P tool into this game?

Every year there are ALWAYS going to be players that end up signing with teams through a variety of ways, other than the draft, which 2k cannot account for creating, and we should be able to create those players without having to spend months creating tools in order to get those players into the game. If we had a decent C-A-P engine, we wouldn't have to go through that EVERY SINGLE YEAR... So, I think this is TOP priority...

2. BODIES (More of them & ability to alter BOTH CAPs & EXISTING PLAYERS):
Alot of people complain about the lack of body types, and I would agree. However, I think it is an overwhelming & unnecessary task to expect 2k to scan EVERY PLAYER'S BODY in the NBA. I was actually glad that they added the super-skinny body this year, but others hated it. That's why we need a greater variety of body shapes & an ability to alter the bodies of CAPs AND EXISTING PLAYERS. Not all people agree on the body types. Some people think players are thinner or bigger or more ripped or not. If we had the ability to alter those things, what would make everybody happy. It's great that we can alter the SHOULDER WIDTH, ARM LENGTH, BODY LENGTH... But, I think once we choose a base for the body, we also need the ability to alter the thickness of ARMS, LEGS, CHEST, STOMACH, and NECK. Again, like the C-A-P engine, this is so critically necessary & overdue...

The addition of the CUSTOM TEAMS is great! But it drives me nuts that we can't just load 'em up once we create them and play against anyone. Sometimes people just want to create a custom team with their favorite players and play against the Dream Team or a Classic team--or heck, even one of the Euroleague teams! Plus, if a friend or someone online creates a team, you should be able to download them & add them to your roster & be able to load them up and play against ANY other team available in the PLAY NOW mode. Come on, guys!

4. FIBA (& improved Euroleague):
I was extremely disappointed when we didn't get a full lot of FIBA teams--or hell, even 5 or 10... We got one, non-US team... made up of mostly, crappy simian CAP faces... Absolutely pointless... And, the Euroleague is just an afterthought & has been since it's sophomore year in the game. Again, a bunch of teams loaded with awful CAPs... So, either do it right, or just don't include it at all--and I mean this for Euroleague or FIBA. But, this goes back to my C-A-P engine argument--cause if that was corrected, then FIBA & Euroleague teams made up of GOOD CAP faces would be just fine...

5. WNBA:
There are women gamers and there are women gamers that LOVE NBA 2k. I think it's far time that we include them & their professional league into the game. Personally, I would LOVE to see WNBA in the game--and with the NBA getting to be so boring & predictable (oh, wow... The Warriors & Cavs... hooray...), it would be nice to have the inclusion of another professional league. Also, with this addition, there would be female body types, so girls can include themselves into the MY PLAYER mode. If you don't have enough staffers with WNBA knowledge, then hire me & a few other folks off this forum. We can help you put together a solid WNBA addition.

I've been suggesting this for years, and when 2k released the ALL TIME NCAA expansion, I thought maybe NBA 2k was finally headed that way. If FIBA, Euroleague, WNBA or NCAA are too much to simply add on to an already existing NBA game, then make those expansion packs. There are DEFINITELY people interested in those leagues and people would spend $10-$20 extra to buy a league expansion pack. Hate to keep harping on this (no I don't), but, take a cue from Sims 4 and look at their business model. They LIVE off of releasing expansion packs... You already have a solid basketball engine, you just add the ROSTERS & ART and create the expansions. And, if people are paying extra, that would give 2k the added incentive to make those additional leagues better (actual faces, jerseys, courts, etc), because they are making MORE money for those expansions. I know for sure that I'd shell over another $20 to have a proper version of FIBA, Euroleague or WNBA! And it would be a huge economical boost from foreign markets! Year after year, people get super excited for the FIBA, NCAA & Euroleague MODS! Imagine if those MODS were instead proper official releases from 2k?!

I know the original line-up of Classic Teams were picked by 2k Staff. But maybe give the fans a shot at picking some Classic Teams to add to the mix? Either a straight up submit vote or create a poll based on votes & then have a vote off... I know there are some teams that could never happen due to licensing, but at least give us a crack at picking some teams. Regardless if it's left up to us or not, I still say: MORE CLASSIC TEAMS!!!

If you're not going to give us an improved C-A-P engine (No, I'm not going to shut-up about this) or official tools for us to create players, then 2k should continue to update the players throughout the year... We get additional updated ROSTERS & JERSEYS--why not PLAYER'S?! I've never understood that... I mean, there are first year players that come along every year and become critical players to the team, yet they remain CAPs, till someone comes along and patches them. Players NEVER get OFFICIAL UPDATES. Personally, I'd be fine creating them myself if we had a great C-A-P engine (yeah, I'm still on that kick)--but until we get that, I think 2k should provide the official player updates. And again, how about a Mid-Season Expansion Pack that UPDATES faces, jerseys & whatnot... and maybe adds additional shirts, shoes & all that crap for MY PLAYER. Again, people WILL pay a bit extra to get cool stuff... I think it should be FREE, but baring that--if it's worth the price--people will pay. I think we all just want the game to be as complete & great as it can be.

Those are all I can think of at this time.

We wouldn't be so picky if we didn't love the game... Well, that's probably not true... Some people just like to bitch & moan... But, make no mistake about it, aside from the consistently awful C-A-P Engine (yep, got it in there ONE more time), I believe NBA 2k17 was as near perfect as the series has ever been--especially on game play...

Well. Bye!
RETIRED MODDER I used to MOD, but I quit because people & whatnot...
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Re: Official NLSC Wishlist for NBA 2K18

Postby I Hate Mondays on Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:04 pm

Another simple request, how about in MyLeague/MyGM you can talk to a Free Agent to make sure he'd sign for a specific amount of money/year. Only then you start making some moves and waive/trade some players to free some cap space. (No DeAndre Jordan drama involved). The way it is now, you can't actually offer a contract if it's anywhere over your salary limit. Then you cut some players and the next day you want to sign a specific FA, he already signed with a new team.
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Re: Official NLSC Wishlist for NBA 2K18

Postby JWL3 on Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:41 am

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Re: Official NLSC Wishlist for NBA 2K18

Postby kaethe on Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:44 pm

I will take a look at only a few aspects of the game in order to emphasize those.

Primary focus - Gameplay

AI improvements
mental side of bball (*these should actually be skills/individual ratings or at least badges)
Court awareness; knowing where you are, what is going on around you, each players position and (adding anticipation) what might happen next
Situational awareness, the minimum would be to adjust your play according to foul trouble
Effort; to rebound, to actually defend (hustle does currently not affect these imo)
Concentration; take a nap and open your back door…cut
Preparation; knowing your “enemy”, knowing their spots, tendencies, weaknesses and so on and apply your personal strategy (on defense and offense) accordingly
Experience; how does 2k replicate this and how does it influence the game now?

Those individual ratings correlate to each other and gently develop through time (potential per rating).

Execution; mostly depending on the coach, the experience and the chemistry and then attitude; in that order ‘cause a good coach can make a good team (of veterans) into a contender
Hot streaks; look at any shooter over a serious a games…they might have a shooting slump and they may have hot streaks

Watching curry and kyrie there is an aspect of dribbling/ball handling that you will witness that is not translated well to the virtual game; kyrie is the 2K prototype ankle breaker utilizing his moves while curry at times simply goes through traffic not losing his handle. The second version of the dribbling is what I am lacking in 2K. One example could be the previous season…curry vs 3-4 clippers players top of the 3 point line…splash. But it is the general idea to differentiate between dribble moves and ball control.

Secondary focus - Building a legacy via MyPlayer

Does anyone seriously finish his MyPlayer career? I never did. I would love to but how should I go through >1.500 games of 30 minutes in 12 actual real life months (so until the next 2K comes out)? I do play 12 min each quarter and I don’t want to simulate a game (I do at times but I don’t want to). So each season I might get 82 games with 30 min. game time (takes 45 min.)… that’s >60 Hours of playing time through the year. You get the point. Why in the world can’t we continue the “offline” myplayer career from 2K18 > 19 > 20…?
• Draft/Trade logic MyPlayer: no solution here but currently it is killing the “offline” myplayer experience for me (no team spirit, no “bonding”, after 1-2 seasons you are on your own)
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Re: Official NLSC Wishlist for NBA 2K18

Postby anastasis16 on Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:31 am

- I want to have the freedom to choose the draft order before I start My Career or, far better, the exact team that I want to play for.

- Create a "special store" to update players face through spending some VC. It's like buying new shoes and clothes but this is for cyberfaces. This idea is meant for real NBA players with updated looks and, of course, you should be able to use them in every mode. I think 1000-3000 VC should be fair price for a face.

- It's great to give headbands to players for once. Please, 2K. Please.

- 2K should design their own scanned fictional physical shoes which later become the signature shoes for My Career. So, I can play with the colorways rather than creating one. I ask this because the un-scanned ones are ugly to create. Make it 5 or more scanned fictional shoes to go along with the long season of My Career. So, for example, I got a contract with Adidas to create my own signature shoes but I don't have to create ones, I can just choose from whichever templates that 2K already provide and get busy with the colors and logos placement.

- Please fix that weird animations when players changing body height heading into a locker room. It's awfully breaking the immersion.

- Add the ability to group some tattoos. This would help a lot in making words tattoos.

- Bring back the podium/handshake scene with the Commissioner in the NBA Draft.

This is for now. I'll add more later. Thank you.
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Re: Official NLSC Wishlist for NBA 2K18

Postby jankarlo26 on Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:25 pm

:applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud:

Believe that only I thought that they are graphically ruining the game, 2k14 and 15 look amazing.
2k17 with the new color palette sucks.

2K13 pc AND 17 are almost the same. Now look at the beauty of 2k15. Something is doing wrong.
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Re: Official NLSC Wishlist for NBA 2K18

Postby Hadley88 on Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:50 pm

I really hope they fixed the Performance in 2K18. 2K17 was the worst fucking Performance ever in any 2K Game. 2K16 ran rocksolid at 144FPS during Gameplay and in 2K17 I can barely get solid 60 no matter what Details I tried. And Cutscenes in MyPlayer are completely fucked in 144FPS. And it does even look worse than prior Versions, like wtf is going on there?

Well at least they fixed the Replays at 144FPS... always one Step foward 3 Steps backwards.

And then in MyLeague the FA System is still stupid. Sometimes you have people in FA after the Season started and they still refuse to accept less money. Or 35 Year old Melo still wanting 20M/Year. They really need to get a "Take Less Money to win a Championship" into the Game.
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Re: Official NLSC Wishlist for NBA 2K18

Postby BonesJones on Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:42 am

So I've seen many people say that rating fluctuations should be more realistic and unpredictable. I agree. What about these factors in determining player ratings and progression? This would make MyLeague and MyGM a TRUE SIM. I will be making a video series on YouTube going into more detail about this, and I will also be producing many fictional draft classes:

Potential Factors (Progression):
Boom Potential: Potential to Breakout into an All-Star level player
Bust Potential: Potential to Fail to Live Up to Expectations:
Offensive Ceiling: The best a player could be offensively
Defensive Ceiling: The best a player could be defensively

Positive Personality Traits: (Affects in-season rating stability/fluctuation, and potentially affects other teammate ratings):
Work Ethic: How hard a player works at his game
*Effect: Affects Boom and Bust Potential, lowers possibility of negative personality factors

Leadership: A players ability to be a leader in the locker room
*Effects overall team work ethic, composure, confidence, lowers overall team negative personality factors, negates egotistical, late night partier, to-himself, and mentally unprdictable factors

*Increases Defensive Communication, All Team Personality Attributes,
*Bigger affect if individual is one of the best players on a team, increases with maturity (Age)

Resilience: How easily the player responds to adversity
*Effects players ability to break out of slumps quickly and handle losing, lowers negative impact from slumps, mentally unpredictable

Composure: How emotionally stoic a player is
*Effects leadership, lowers mentally unpredictable, keeps confidence levels from dipping

Glue Guy: How well an individual can bond the team together
*Lowers impact from negative team personality factors, increases individual leadership, increases togetherness, increases locker room morale

Confidence: How confident a player is in his abilities
*Effects all attributes, makes player more or less prone to hot streaks and slumps, effects shot tendencies.

Loud Mouth How argumentative and boisterious a player is
*Player is more likely to get technicals, break apart locker room

Egotistical How focused the player is on himself instead of the team
*Negative impact on Togtherness, Locker Room Morale, Winning Mentality, Ball Movement, Cohesiveness, Off-Ball Movement, increases bad shot tendencies

Partier How often the player goes out the night before a game
*Negative impact on Winning Mentality, Individual Player attributes on road games in big cities, increases legal trouble potential

Legal Trouble Potential How likely the player is to get into legal trouble
*Negative impact on Locker Room Morale, Togetherness, Winning Mentality, increases suspension likeliness.

To-Himself The measure of how much the player keeps to himself instead of interacting with the team
*Big negative impact on togetherness,

Mentally Unpredictable Relection of composure, resiliency, and other mental factors
*Prone to big slumps, and even attribute regression.

Overall Longevity: How long a player should be able to perform and his peak potential

SCOUTING ONLY FACTORS (for college prospects):
Translatability - How well a prospects game translates to the pros (i.e. could he play the same way, or would what works in college not work in the NBA?)
Pro-Ready - How ready a player is to play minutes in the NBA
(Combined with Boom/Bust Potential, Offensive/Defensive Ceiling, as well as a variable of players being worse or better than there perceived draft stock (with only good scouting being able to determine that), this would make prospect scouting and the draft a lot more of a crapshoot, which would create more busts/sleepers, and make it a lot more fun)

tEAM SKILL ATTRIBUTES (Affects team performance and makes team building more than collecting high OVR players):
Cohesiveness - How well players skillsets match with each other
Half-Court - How well the collection of players are able to play in the half-court
Transition - How well the collection of players are able to run in transition
Ball Movement - How well the collection of players are able to move the ball
Off-Ball Movement - How well the collection of players are at cutting and moving without the ball
Defensive Communication - How well the team communicates defensively
Defensive Rotation - How well the team rotates defensively
(*Matching the strengths of a team to the strengths of a coach will be beneficial. Matching up the weaknesses of a teams young players to the overall strengths of the assistant coaching staff will help improve them. This makes coaching staff selection a factor in team performance)

Locker Room Morale
Winning Mentality
(*Determined by the collection of personalities in a locker room as determined by individual player Positive and Negative Personality Traits.)
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Re: Official NLSC Wishlist for NBA 2K18

Postby erudain on Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:32 am

An offline game mode with absolutely everything available to unlock without needing to go online.
I'm a strictly solo player by default, I only play against the CPU, but in the last couple games the only way to unlock shoes, clothes, stat caps or moves was with the infamous VC...
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Re: Official NLSC Wishlist for NBA 2K18

Postby Andrew on Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:35 am

Locking this up for the archives. We'll start an NBA 2K19 Wishlist topic in the not too distant future.
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