Simulation Basketball Association

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Simulation Basketball Association

Postby Molholt on Sat Jun 04, 2016 8:27 am


The Simulation Basketball Association (SBA) is the ultimate in online basketball simulations. Now closing in on its 20th season, the SBA allows you to control your own destiny and become a legend on the court. From the very moment you join, you begin customizing your own career. You create your own player to the specifications you prefer and then guide him or her through their career. You determine which of our 8 colleges you'll attend to start your development, you'll determine how your player improves and develops by using points earned from a variety of tasks and activities around the league, you'll be drafted to one of our 6 professional teams in the SBA, you can earn and sign contracts, go through free agency, be traded, become an all-star and try to win a championship.

Your player is truly your own! You earn points for improvement by writing short articles, creating graphics or videos, recording podcasts, participating in league events, training camps and more. These points are applied to any of the 16 attributes at your disposal, whatever you'd like to improve upon! Want to be the next great defender? Then focus on shot blocking and stealing. Want to be a freak athlete? Develop your physical characteristics like jumping and quickness. The path you choose is completely your own and open in the SBA.

Ready to add your name to the list of SBA Hall of Famers and legends before you? Start your career today at!

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