Ultimate Team Details & Ratings

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Ultimate Team Details & Ratings

Postby Andrew on Thu Sep 24, 2015 1:04 pm

A bunch of new info on Ultimate Team has been posted recently:

Notably, the overall ratings in Ultimate Team are around two points lower than in the regular rosters.

Some key points about LUT this year:


This season, you’ll find a new kind of Player Item called Specialists. These special Items feature one aspect of a player you already know, like a Stephen Curry focused on 3-point shots or a Lebron James with uprated defense. Look for that Specialist edition of your favorite player that fits your personal play style perfectly.

The rewards for the toughest Master Fantasy Challenges are off the charts. Check out the Ultimate Expert above with two Items worth 50,000 Coins each. Even better, the final Ultimate Master Fantasy Challenge awards four items worth 75,000 Coins each.


Another new feature in NBA LIVE 16 Ultimate Team is Short Term Players. This gives you a chance to ‘test drive’ some top level players for a limited number of games. Keep an eye on the games remaining in the top right corner of the item – and don’t worry, the game will remind you when you’re on your way into the last game that he’ll play for you – so use these players wisely! Look for these new players as rewards for different Fantasy Challenge games.

You can see that this Short Term edition of Blake Griffin is a Rebound Specialist, so he could help you get through the Rebounding Master Fantasy Challenge and unlock the next one.


Not only does NBA LIVE 16 Ultimate Team feature legends from all the different eras of NBA history – this year look for special Throwback players to be featured in packs. We’re not giving anything away yet – just look for current players back in different phases of their careers – maybe it’s a Rookie version, maybe an MVP? These players won’t just play like they did back in those days, but they’ve been modeled to look just like they did back then too. Just wait until these guys start to drop.


So now where do you begin? Well, the GM List is the best place to start to get a tour of the new features – not to mention earning some coins and reward packs along the way. You’ll learn how to work through auctions, apply contracts…all the basics – all the way up to building some elite teams or racking up the W’s.


You can receive special HoopsNet rewards for just about every activity in NBA LIVE 16, and LUT is no exception. There are all kinds of rewards, and you’ll increase your chance of receiving them by simply playing the game. One of the top rewards you can receive for LUT is the sweet Russell Westbrook item shown above.
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