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NBA Live 17

Postby Izzy Snow on Tue Dec 23, 2014 3:27 am

As I've been predicting in my Twitch streams to my viewers, after the Sean O'Brien interviews and my personal experience with both 14 and 15, etc., I really believe Live 17 is when the game will not just compete with 2K in terms of reviews, but compete with sales. The reason being is 15 is the true foundation that 14 should have been. There's a lot of positives with 15 to build off from. If 16's focus is truly going to be game modes, and I hope Sean sticks to his word, then the hype for 17 is going to be high. EA needs to add Adidas Live Run or some type of team play to get people on board. That's what people like to play nowadays. As I've suggested, allow us to use our Rising Star player to take to the courts to play with other Rising Stars online. Speaking of Rising Stars, we gotta have GameFace in there and make it more functional than 2K's facescan technology.

As much as I enjoy LUT, there's too much emphasis on that mode and I stick to what I said in my review. They clearly got greedy with how they raised the price in terms of coins and points for packs. It's a money maker. But EA needs more modes than just LUT and what they have now. ALR and maybe Online Dynasty, the ability to edit rosters, maybe a PC version, etc., and people will start to notice even more.

EA please listen to your true fans. There's a lot of people out there out for their own fame only but the people in this site, the true Live heads, we're the ones you need to listen to.
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Re: NBA Live 17

Postby Andrew on Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:34 am

I agree. I think if they make big improvements to the depth modes in NBA Live 16 and bring back the customisation features, while continuing to tweak and improve the gameplay experience, NBA Live 17 could be a year where they take some big steps forward across the board, and put out a really good and well-rounded product. It does feel like they're a couple of iterations away from being close to where they want to be. I hope the team is given the time and opportunity to follow through on the current plan; as we've said so many times before, past disruptions and changes in direction have only served to set the series back.

As for listening to our ideas...well, I'm obviously all for that, too. ;)
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Re: NBA Live 17

Postby itr_k1lo5 on Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:47 am

Izzy, i think your prediction will come to correct as i believe NBA LIVE 16 will attract alot of new and previous players on side.
Looks like they have made massive gains and are moving in the right direction. I admit i haven't played a LIVE series game for a while now, but 16 will be my return to the promise land!
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