Tutorial (well, kind of): nbacam.mgd

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Tutorial (well, kind of): nbacam.mgd

Postby CarolusXCI on Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:27 am

Hi guys

I always loved NBA live 2005, but the camera angle has been my greatest pet peeve since I started playing this game. So, I decided to take a look at the nbacam.mgd file using a hex editor.

I am pretty sure some people already figured out how to do it (this "research" was based on jeloooo's camera patch), but nobody shared how to do it (afaik).

So, it works more or less this way:

i) search for the word "position" (or 706F 7369 7469 6F6E) in the nbacam.mgd file. There will be lots of different instances - you want to take the one located at the 6F00 line more or less (I am sorry, I don't know the specific terms :| )

ii) after some zeroes, you will find something like "85C2 0000 2042 0000 0000 C2AC 0000 4200"

iii) 85 at the beginning controls how close is the camera to the court; if you try higher values, the camera will be placed farther away

iv) 20 controls the height; greater values return higher positions. And yes, some combinations will crash the game

Then, I realized that the zoom in during a dunk was completely messed up after the tweaks. Although you can turn off the auto zoom, you have to do it everytime you start a game. You can also disable it through aiact, but meh..

So, here's the thing:

i) Search for "zoomdiff_dunk_0" (or 7A6F 6F6D 6469 6666 5F64 756E 6B5F 30); you want to take the one at 70F8 more or less

ii) you will find right after "2211"; if you change this 22 to higher values, the zoom in effect will be stronger. Not sure about the effect of the 11 (it wasn't originally 11.. I just tried it out and couldn't see any difference)

I am uploading a tweaked nbacam.mgd file. Again, it was based on jeloooo camera patch (which you can download at the download section), so I would like to thank him for finding this out. I just compared files and thought it would be nice to share those things.

For the moment this is all I know about it.

Ps: sorry for my crooked english and for wrong terms that I may have used lol.. let me know if you need some help
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Re: Tutorial (well, kind of): nbacam.mgd

Postby Andrew on Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:26 am

Thanks for sharing! I've moved the thread to the Tutorials section for easy reference. :)
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