Official NLSC NBA Live 13 Wishlist Submitted

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Official NLSC NBA Live 13 Wishlist Submitted

Postby Andrew on Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:21 pm

Here is our Wishlist for NBA Live 13, which will be released in the Fall of 2012. The list has been finalised and submitted so please note that we will not be making any more changes, but please feel free to keep posting your ideas.

NBA Live 13 Wishlist

The Wishlist is divided into three categories: the Essentials which comprise the things we feel NBA Live 13 should have/things we most want to see in the game (including things already in the game); Things we’d like to see, which includes other popular wishes that aren’t quite as important; and finally, Things to fix and avoid, which is mostly comprised of nagging bugs and the like.


  • Release a PC version, ported from the Xbox 360/Playstation 3, just like FIFA. Allow unofficial modification/patching by the NBA Live community. It would also be great to have some official tools and patching capabilities for the console versions.

  • Make use of the right stick for dribbling moves, hands-up defense, steals (move stick right to steal with right hand, left for left hand) etc as in Freestyle Control in older games, but also make use of the face buttons; kind of a mix between the older controls and what NBA Elite 11 was going for. Passing and shooting controls should be face buttons.

  • Retain the concept of players having control over the shots (according to player ratings and abilities), rather than the outcome depending on a "dice roll" as in previous games.

  • Include the turbo button. Removing it just didn't work out on fast breaks in the NBA Elite 11 demo. Just avoid exaggerated catching up on fast breaks from both the user and CPU and it should be fine.

  • Add a fake pass button, as in NBA 2K11.

  • Balance out the foul calls. In NBA Live 10, the CPU gets too many calls on contact that isn't called at the other end leading to unfair and unrealistic free throw discrepencies.

  • Balance out user and CPU abilities; neither should be able to do things the other can't. Tone down the CPU's ability to make difficult shots and bail itself out when the user puts up a good fight defensively, or better yet make sure there's a slider to control this.

  • Although rebounding in NBA Live 10 was pretty good for the most part, sometimes the CPU had a tendency to grab offensive rebound after offensive rebound because the user's CPU controlled teammates refuse to battle on the boards. The CPU also still scores a little too easily after an offensive rebound.

  • Keep shot selection, percentages and player tendencies/abilities realistic. NBA Live 10 did a great job of this out of the box, post-patch the results weren't always as pleasing due to the CPU seemingly running fewer plays. In short, players should play and perform like their real life counterparts and teams should utilise real strategies.

  • Give players signature shots, moves and dribbling styles so that they not only play and perform like their real life counterparts, but look and move like them as well.

  • Fix the CPU AI so that it's intelligent and more realistic in crunch time situations ; when they foul, when they attempt shots, whether they try for a three or a two, etc.

  • Bring back in-game injuries. Preferably do not have them depend on shooting fouls.

  • Fix the alley-oop logic; alley-oops should never be thrown to players standing at the three point line. If no one is in a position to be thrown an alley-oop, pressing the button should simply result in no action.

  • Remove or balance out the tendency for the ball to get stripped on drives or when posting up. In NBA Live 10, the user was stripped far too easily compared to the CPU. Good idea, but implemented in a frustrating. Having a specific slider for this - both user and CPU - could also help greatly here so that we could adjust the balance ourselves.

  • Remove blind interceptions. The CPU in particular still makes interceptions too easily, being too quick to the ball and making "eyes in the back of their head" steals. This should be greatly toned down and player awareness abilities should play a greater role in being able to play the passing lanes.

  • Similarly, the CPU's passes always seem to be crisp whereas the user finds themselves throwing sloppy passes that dribble out of bounds or go right into the hands of the defense far too often. This needs to be balanced out, another slider aside from the interceptions and steals sliders could also be useful here.

  • Include more gameplay sliders so that the AI can be tweaked according to the user's preference. Including some default game styles as NBA 2K11 did (realistic, arcade-like, somewhere in between for the default settings) would also be a good idea to cater to sim and arcade players.

  • There seemed to be a bit of an issue with the CPU being faster than the user in NBA Live 10, allowing them to catch up or get back in time on in fast break situations whereas the CPU is able to out-run (or effortlessly side-step) the user. Again, there should be more of a balance here.

  • Fix the fast break AI so that your teammates run towards the basket on the break, instead of always fading to the wings or stopping dead at the three point line.

  • In NBA Live 10, it was too difficult for the user to make long outlet passes with too many of them sailing out of bounds when thrown by good passes. Players with high ballhandling abilities should be able to make long baseball passes more often.

  • Clean up some lingering issues with players stepping out of bounds or back across half court without anything being called. The boundary force field slider would be a welcome re-addition here.

  • Expand the coaching options beyond the three choices of up tempo, balanced, and half court is essential. Use a percentage adding up to 100 for things like on-ball screens, off-ball screens, post up, isolation, and penetration for non-set plays or freelance offense. Look at it like an evolution of quick plays, only with options in case the quick play is defended well. This could open up spots in the play calling dialog for more set plays, and improve the offensive flow after a set play breaks down.

  • The same can be done for defense and rebounding. Let us choose how many players should get back on defense after a shot is put up, and how many will follow the shot looking or an offensive rebound. Not only that, let us choose which players get back and which players crash the boards. Defensive coaching sliders for double teaming (who and where), post pressure, perimeter pressure, off ball pressure, force baseline, force middle, weak side help, strong side help, denying the post passing lanes, denying the perimeter passing lanes.

  • NBA Live 10 made some excellent improvements to the substitution logic which should definitely be retained for future games. However, the re-addition of the substitution frequency slider would be helpful for the All-Star/Rookie-Sophomore game and tweaking the gameplay in general (eg when playing shorter quarters) and the starters still sometimes end up playing too many minutes. A rotation menu similar to the one in NBA 2K11 (not the one currently in the game in Dynasty Mode) would be handy in this regard.

  • Allow users to customise controller configurations.

  • Bring back the pause menu in between quarters so that we can make substitutions and other adjustments before the next quarter begins.

  • Display the number of timeouts remaining the pause menu so we can easily bring up that information at any time.

  • Allow the user to choose whether they want to call a 20 second or full timeout in the pause menu and after pressing the timeout button during gameplay.

  • Give users more control over Hustle Plays; let us manually dive for the ball and make a better attempt to get the ball to a teammate when scrambling for a loose ball/saving the ball from going out of bounds.

  • Add more off-the-ball fouls including loose ball and over the back fouls as well as tie-ups/jump balls.

  • Add the ability to perform putback dunks on command.

  • Add the ability to throw alley-oops off the inbounds pass.

  • Retain elements of player control such as Pick and Roll Control, Lay-Up Control, fadeaways, floaters/runners, Direct Pass Receiver Control and the ability to shoot bank shots.

  • Add some more tip-in animations that depend on where the player is standing and whether they're moving towards the basket at the time. Allow these moves to be performed on cue, similar to putback dunks.

  • Bring back individual player Go To Moves, implemented as they were in NBA Live 08 (direction plus shoot in the appropriate areas of the court).

  • Bring back Size-Up moves, including signature Size-Ups.

  • Bring back some of the Own the Paint moves and give users more control in the paint. Add some more up-and-under moves, running hooks and other moves as well as a variety of spins, jab steps, fakes etc.

  • Include the pro hop/jump stop and Eurostep moves; allow the user to perform them on cue.

  • Keep Freestyle Passing; expand passing controls to allow the user to force lob and bounce passes, etc.

  • Allow the user to select the inbounder in dead ball situations instead of it always being the small forward.

  • Allow the user to break out of dunking and layup animations to make a pass.

  • Add the ability to draw a foul on a pump fake (NBA Live 2005 includes a good example of this mechanic).

  • Add the ability to adjust a shot in midair (similar to the Freestyle Air concept/controls).

  • Try to avoid canned two player animations as much as possible. Implement real physics with player weight and strength taken into account and realistic collisions.

  • Add a wider variety of dunk packages and allow the user to select/customise them.

  • Overhaul and greatly improve Dynasty Mode. Some specifics about what we want to see:

    • Fix the simulated stats in Dynasty Mode so that players are averaging true-to-life statistics. Make sure that bench players are averaging realistic numbers too, ie. the league's top sixth men aren't averaging 5 ppg in 20 mpg off the bench. Better management of rotations for both the user and CPU controlled teams is a must.

    • Scores in simulated games should also be realistic, with very low or very high scoring games and near-record blowouts being a rarity.

    • Allow users to use the traditional Reorder Roster screen to change their lineup. The Player Rotation/Injured List screens are too cumbersome and just don't work out as well as the traditional menu. This has been an issue since NBA Live 07, if Dynasty Mode is getting overhauled this is a change that needs to be made. Basically, the ability to set player minutes/rotations needs to be independent of changing the roster order and starting lineup.

    • Allow users to select more than one team in Dynasty Mode, as well as change teams in between seasons if desired.

    • Allow users to select a shorter season length in Dynasty Mode (eg 29 games, 58 games or the full 82).

    • Utilise the qualifying thresholds in season league leaders, so that there aren't players leading the league in field goal percentage at 75% having made 15/20 field goals.

    • Allow users to hire and fire staff including the head coach, assistant coaches, trainers and scouts. Allow the user to make use of a similar negotiation mini-game to the one used to lure free agents.

    • On a related note, have coaches retire and retired players go into the coaching free agent pool so that they may be hired as coaches/assistants after they hang it up.

    • Speaking of which, please retain the mini-game used to lure and negotiate with free agents.

    • Allow users to train players in an NBA Academy-like setting. Make sure there are drills to improve all of their abilities (in NBA Live 10, it was impossible to develop outside shooting ratings)

    • Allow users to enter the five-on-five scrimmage and practice with their team at any time, not just during the monthly ratings development sessions. This way, users can practice with their team and get a feel for new players after a trade, without having to get used to things on the fly with games that count.

    • Tone down the amount of superstar trades that take place in Dynasty Mode, especially wildly unrealistic and unfair deals between CPU teams. Perhaps there could even be a slider/toggle setting for this.

    • Give in-game injuries the possibility of carrying over to other games and keeping players out for an extended period of time, similar to previous versions of NBA Live.

    • Improve the All-Star selection logic as well as the logic used to select end of season award winners. Better yet, represent the fan, coach and media voting that decides those honours in real life.

    • Add more manager/front office duties but allow the user to simulate these duties if desired. Alternatively, offer a non-gameplay/complete sim mode like a coaching/owner/GM mode.

    • Bring back the rumour mill and the ability to investigate NBA rumours.

    • Display all-time records and statistics as well as player career stats, so that players can break records and move up the list of career leaders.

    • Expand the trading block feature so that both the user and CPU could make players "available", thereby inviting specific offers for those players.

    • Allow users to toggle between interest, salary and years remaining on the Trade Players screen, so that we can seek out expiring contracts without too much back and forth between menus.

    • Allow multi-team trades (at least three teams).

    • Accurately represent free agency with Bird Rights, Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agency, 10 day contracts in season (when they come into effect in January), the mid-level exception and veteran/rookie minimum contracts. Yes, we really do want Dynasty Mode to be that deep!

    • Allow trading of draft picks, during the season and the Draft itself. Allow trades during the Draft.

    • Include the full All-Star Weekend.

    • Dynasty Cutscenes, similar to NBA Live 2004. Examples here.

    • Have better looking generated rookies (less crazy/inappropriate hair colours and mismatched facial hair) with realistic heights/weights (not too many undersized guards and centres) and abilities appropriate to their position (most point guards should at least be average to good ballhandlers, for example). Improve name generation as well, notably the matching of first names to surnames. Also have younger rookies, with most prospects aged between 18 and 23 with an average age of 21/22.

    • Have the CPU give more feedback when they reject a trade (eg this leaves us too weak at centre, we are not interested in trading Player X, this deal is unfair etc), so that the user is aware of why the trade was rejected and can offer a different trade proposal.

    • Bring back the Confirm/Cancel dialogue box from NBA Live 2000 to represent trades being agreed to in principle/backed out of...mainly so the user can see what kind of offers will be accepted before making a decision and shop a player around.

    • Avoid the PDA style of waiting two days to find out if a trade is accepted; this should be done in "real time", as it was in NBA Live 10 and other games that have used the "push Dynasty" approach.

    • Keep sim intervention as an option, but also allow users to simulate to the end of the game once they've started a game or intervened in one they were simming, if they've built a big lead and would like to take their chances (if possible, allow users to jump in and out of gameplay and simulation).

    • Include "analysis" screens including mock drafts, MVP candidates/project award winners, etc.

    • View boxscores from every game during the regular season, All-Star game and Playoffs.

    • Add the D-League; allow users to assign players to the D-League for development.

    • Add a detailed championship celebration/trophy presentation, with visits to the White House during the offseason (as in NBA 2K11). Let us replay it in case we accidentally skip it and allow us to save/upload screenshots of our players during the championship for our Dynasty threads.

    • Allow jersey numbers to be retired. Do not allow retired jersey numbers to be assigned; numbers that have been retired in real life should also be unavailable, unless the user overrides a setting.

    • Allow the user to customise and create Draft Classes, as in NBA 2K.

    • Allow saving during the offseason.

    • Add a Summer League and allow teams to have more than 15 players during the offseason (must trim to maximum of 15 players by the end of training camp). Conversely, allow teams to have fewer than eight players during the offseason (but enforce the rule that the roster must be adequately filled by the start of the season).

  • Full ESPN Integration with commentary and accurate TV-style presentation. Include player intros (don't use the effects seen in NBA Live 07 and NBA Live 08, make it realistic). Add a brief halftime show that highlights key performers and shows an assortment of highlights. Add a sideline reporter.

  • PAL users have been stuck with metric measurements for players in recent years, which has really detracted from the presentation. Add the option to toggle between metric measurements or the imperial system, with the imperial system being the default. After all, player heights are not given in centimetres on real NBA broadcasts. And even though those of us in PAL regions are used to the metric system in our daily lives, it's easier creating players when we're working in feet and inches. ;)

  • Allow users to enter training modes from the main menu to practice certain drills and scrimmage five-on-five.

  • Add the ability to practice free throws.

  • Add the ability to save games in progress.

  • Bring back Scenario Mode.

  • Bring back the All-Star Weekend complete with Three Point Shootout and the Dunk Contest. Even if there are no major improvements to the mode, its presence spices things up and adds a bit of variety as another exhibition mode (as well as fleshing out Dynasty Mode). The way it was implemented up to NBA Live 09 is much better than not having it at all!

  • Continue to allow users to save replays and screenshots and upload them to EA Sports World.

  • Add the ability to save boxscores and upload them to EA Sports World as well (or dump them to a text file in a PC version :)).

  • Display player career stats in table format along with career highs etc, similar to the backs of basketball cards and in reference material such as the player profiles on Basically, what NBA 2K does with their Player Cards.

  • Keep the animated play diagrams in the coaching menus, as well as the on-court markers during gameplay when running a play.

  • Add a custom team feature similar to the one in NBA Live 2000. Ideally include custom art that consists of generic basketball-themed logos and the like, so that they can be used with a variety of custom team names.

  • Add other creation modes such as Create-a-Jersey, Create-a-Court, Create-a-Coach, Create-a-Play etc.

  • Allow editing of dunk package and all other playing style data.

  • Flesh out Become Legendary, similar to what NBA 2K has done with My Player: pre-Draft workouts/games, the Draft itself, endorsements, post-game press conferences, the ability to request a trade, experience points, etc. Don't have players started out rated too low though!

  • Implement online leagues and online Dynasty play (the EA Sports Basketball Association), similar to what has been done in NHL, Madden and NCAA Football.

  • Punish online players who quit/disconnect while they're losing. Assign them a loss and give the person in the lead the win. If the person who's ahead quits or disconnects, call it a no-contest (no punishment, but don't reward them with a win without actually finishing the game).

  • Retro and special jerseys made a welcome return in NBA Live 10. Please keep them. :)

  • Keep the arena specific audio and atmosphere settings introduced in NBA Live 10 along with the pre-game rituals, instant replays, "spotlight" features etc.

  • Keep the standalone Playoffs Mode in the game. Bring back a more bare-bones single Season Mode as well (without all the extras of Dynasty Mode that relate to multi-season play).

  • Allow sharing of more files in EA Locker, including Dynasty saves, Scenarios (if Scenario Mode is included), Playoffs, settings, rosters, videos, boxscores and screenshots.

  • Allow upload/sharing of files to a public server where users can easily download files without having to send a friend request first.

  • Bring back the ability to run a give-and-go play by holding the pass button to hand off to a teammate, then release it to call for the return pass after making the cut.

  • Add moving hair for players with long hairstyles.

  • Allow users to modify aspects of the sim engine if they don't like the default ranges for stats.

  • Keep Dynamic Season Mode.

  • Add more player accessories including a variety of sleeves, singlets under jerseys, mouthguards, etc.

  • Include audio files for common first and last names, so they can be assigned to created players and generated rookies.


  • Allow users to hang on the rim after a dunk by holding the shoot button. Assess a technical foul if players hold for too long.

  • Add the ability to start Dynasty Mode with an expansion team.

  • Allow customisation of the soundtrack with the ability to import music files.

  • If the likeness rights can be secured, bring back Legends and the All-Decade teams from previous NBA Live games, as well as other historical content.

  • Update the FIBA rosters, add more teams.

  • Allow users to modify the All-Star and FIBA teams (ie add/remove players, add created players etc).

  • Show a preview of the animations for dunk packages, signature shot styles etc in the Edit Player screen.

  • Bring back the T-Meter to shoot free throws.

  • Allow users to select who they want to shoot around with on the practice court.

  • Increase the length of auto saved replays for end of quarter scenarios.

  • Add more than one court for use in Adidas Live Run.

  • Bring back Online Team Play Clubs.

  • Add the ability to watch/spectate friend's games.

  • Remove the invisible barrier around the court so the ball can sail into the crowd, particularly on big blocks!

  • Have fewer restrictions on the replay camera, allow the user to go up into the nosebleeds if desired.

  • In the absence of NBA Street, include a more arcade-orientated Street Mode in NBA Live.

  • Add more shoes including all the Air Jordans.

  • Bring back the old team rankings/ratings on team selection screens (eg ranks in scoring, rebounding, defense, overall)

  • Increase the limit on Created Players so that we can create more than 50.

  • Add some mini-games, simple modes to kill a few minutes in between Dynasty Mode, Become Legendary, online gaming, etc.

  • Game created highlights package after every game that can be uploaded for use in Dynasty stories.

  • Newspapers, magazine articles etc in Dynasty Mode and Become Legendary.

  • Award Player of the Game honours after the game has finished, rather than in the final couple of minutes.

  • Have the crowd start to leave in the fourth quarter of a blowout game.

  • Add championship banners to the rafters when you win titles in Dynasty Mode.


  • Random crashes/lock-ups during gameplay (happened a lot after the official updates in NBA Live 10).

  • Glitched replays where the players just stand still (seemed to lead to the aforementioned crashes)

  • Quick substitution options in subs screen don't work properly (eg selecting Starting 5 does not make any changes)

  • Players were sometimes invisible in the NBA Academy in NBA Live 10.

  • Foul out rule does not seem to be followed; players remain on the court/are able to return after picking up their sixth foul.

  • During online games, allow shot control to be recognized on each user's side for jumpshots and freethrows so there is no need for a users compensation due to lag.

  • Correct the player lighting at the Create-a-Player/Edit Player screen to match what is shown during a 5 on 5 game.

  • Improve the performance when editing the attributes of a created players head and face. For the past couple years that screen has been very laggy. Possible by caching the files to the hard drive?

  • Improve the performance during team select and other screens by caching dynamic screen graphics such as logos and photos to the hard drive.

  • Sometimes players have $0 salaries in Dynasty Mode.
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby JaoSming on Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:34 am


PC version
Multiplayer/Multi user controlled team Dynasty
Editable FIBA teams
Gameface integration
More than 50 CAPs
Global EA Locker (not just friends lists for rosters)
Editable Sim Engine
Editable AI
Fully customizable controls! (let me shoot with B if I want to)

Like to see

Custom Dunk Packages
Removal of invisible barrier so the ball can go into the crowd.
Multiplayer Shootaround 1v1 2v2 3v3 games in the Hanger
NBA Jam Shoot & Release analog Mechanic
Total Pass control (bounce, Lob)
actual, physics on dunks and layups.....not just an animation chooser system
(a dev said this was possible but unused in 11)
Opinions are my own.

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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby Axel The Great on Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:25 am

Cool. :)

- Be able to play a scrimmage in the hangar, and choose what players to shoot around with in the hangar.
- Better post game, I'd like to see a better variety of moves (the turnaround fadeaways were blocked way too easily in Live 10, up-and-under was effective to an extent, but really wasn't very reliable, and the drop step would sometimes get you called for the offensive foul)
- Stop AI from being superman, takes the "challenge" out of a game and just becomes a curse-fest
- I like what Jon said about customizable controls, I hated stealing in Live 10 and accidentally shooting from full court because the steal and shoot buttons were the same. :roll:
- Improved player models, the ones from the Elite 11 demo looked too anorexic
- More dribbling controls, sort of like what 2K does with isomotion
- Better substitution logic (I hate having to deal with players like Kobe, LeBron, etc. for the full game in which the only way to get them out is foul trouble, when the refs don't want to call fouls)
- Added depth in Dynasty Mode (three-team trades, veteran's minimum, better sim engine, player morale, etc.)
- Actually make it possible to play defense (In Live 10 it was very hard to prevent the AI from scoring because of the lack of defense, basically add more collision detection)

Continued to make this post easy to read:
- Bring back all the All-Star stuff, Skills Challenge, Dunk Contest, 3pt Contest.
- Retire numbers in dynasty mode
- Make passing on a face button, not a shoulder button
- Have realistic expectations in Become Legendary (If I'm a PG, don't expect me to get 10 rebounds in a game, if I'm a low post Center, don't expect me to make 3 pointers, etc.)
- Be able to create our own teams, and bring them in to dynasty mode either as an expansion team, or remove one of the existing teams through a dispersal draft
- Have the AI play smarter on offense (In Live 10, AI takes ill-advised shots in crunch time e.g. jumpshot with Shaq)
- Better crowd faces
- Keep the crowd atmosphere, that was one of the better features in Live 10
- Add some sort of mode similar to 2K's blacktop mode, I love playing pickup games with random players

All I could think of for now. If I think of anymore ideas, I'll be sure to share them. :)
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby Houndy on Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:47 am

-Make dynasty mode better, from what Bigball said it was shit.
-Keep the crowd. I used to pump up my TV to hear the sound of the crowd.
-Be able to edit players in dynasty, as in 2k's game
-Something like a 2kshare for draft classes, etc.
-As Axel said, better player models, they looked like freaking Marvel characters.
-Make the physics thing freaking better. If it is real-time physics and a skinny 125 pound player bumps into a 300 pound player, let the skinny player be injured for a bit.
-Have injuries in game

Bunch of my ideas have been said above. I went to Gamestop a few days ago, and thought to myself, "If Elite was here, I probably would've bought it. For fun."
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby rise on Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:55 am

-Switch back to Live. :D
-PC release!!!
-pretty much everything everyone else has mentioned so far.
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby JezzaPJezza on Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:39 am

Tweak the AI defense from the elite 11 demo so they are more susceptible to offensive dribble and triple threat moves.

Accentuate the physical differences between players, movement speed, lateral movement, mass, momentum.

I like that I can't just shoot my jumper over a matched defender cause he'll often block it but surely I can set him on his heels with a jab step or something and get away a contested shot. This comes back to tweaking the responsiveness of the AI's defense. In general they are too quick to respond and there's no cumulative sense of breaking a guy down. I imagine it's already part of the game system but - does defensive IQ type ratings for a player effect his decision making, his quickness to react to team d situations?

More physical differentiation between players. Not talking signature animations and up to the minute authentic clothing. I mean movement speed, acceleration, mass, momentum, strength. I don't mind if this area has sliders that allow me to increase the impact of the physics system.

It feels like physical contact has an effect , so if i bump my defender he is slower to respond to challenging my shot. Again accentuate this more or make it slider tweakable.

I'm enjoying the elite 11 demo and can't go back to Live 10 now.
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby atlwarrior on Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:57 pm

-Focus on the basics and go from the ground up
Ex:See how Ray Allen has his feet set, bends his knees, and brings the ball above his head and follows through on his jumpshot. These steps would be a good addition to every player's signature jumpshot. Same should apply for fadeway and fall away shots. On NBA Elite 11 the players would not even bend their knees before they jumped.


-Foot Planting

-I like the collisions but make them look less choppy or not choppy at all at best.

-Bring back the size ups it bring differentiality to each player.

-Same goes for the go to moves

-Bring in as much signature as possible

-Make it easier to break the cpu player ankles. It feels as if theyre stuck to me.

- I feel that it is very unrealistic for just about every block attempt on a jumpshot to result in a successful block. Instead most block attempts on a jumpshot should result in a foul. Especially jumpshots.I think you all did a good job with that on the Nba live 06 last gen consoles. In real-life only a small percetage jump shots are actually blocked.

-Make the players actually grab the the ball with two hands and bring the ball above theyre head when they go up for a layup or dunk. Again make them bend their knees before they jump.

-Bring back the Hustle Plays like in nba live 10

-Make Dynasty simulated stats, fa signing, trades more realistic

-Restore all of the sliders from nba live 10. Go into further detail and replace the global edit feature with player ability sliders and tendency sliders. So people can modify the ai's gamestyle to their favor without spending so much time on globally editing each team.


-More created players space

-More detail for created players like in nba live 2005
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby Murat on Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:59 pm

First of all, I've missed the NBA Live 2000's pressbox camera. Also if they add Skybox camera of NBA 2K10 PC in this game, it'd be good.

- More retro jerseys
- Some classical teams to play
- Editable rookies
- New camera types (Broadcast is a crap)
- No more Bynum Christ
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby dascoot on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:31 pm

here is what I'm like to see

1) Multi player dynasty- I really am frustrated like 2K has this and the live series now elite doesn't. I feel that 2K is way ahead of Elite on this.

2) season mode- bring back season mode so i can play my friend. My friend doesn't like to do dynasty and doesn't ahve much time to do dynsty

3) Draft List- 2K doesn't have this yet and me explain this. From year one to the current year you will see a draft list of what teams took what player and what trades were done on draft night. You'd start in 2012 and go to 2037 granted someone actually finishes all 25 years.

4) Rookie announcing- I want to hear the commentators talk about generated rookies and the announcers to call out first and last name in the starting lineup.

5) Player trading- for example you see amare stoudemire name and let's say he wants to be traded from the knicks. Mentioning the teams he has specified he'd like to be traded to.

6) 10 Day Contracts

7) Newspaper Form- List all the NBA team in a newspaper form and what happened that day. For example John Wall scores 28 points and has 14 assists in a comeback win for the Wizards against Chicago Bulls 112-111.

8) Save during the offseason

9) Save a game and come back to it later

10) Hire and fire coaches

11) Rookie Video - I would like to see a video of a college game of generated rookies showing some highlights of his college days

12) Mini Games- this i thought would be fun to add having games like HORSE, Around the world, Nickels and dimes, 21

13) Crowd more pumped up and excited

14) Trade up to six players at a time. I'd like to be able to pull a big trade like Knicks and Nuggets did.

15) If you can't show a rookie video of a college players highlights then show his stats in college. Talk about his strengths and weaknesses more.
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby furiousBB on Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:21 am

Not sure if this is possible or of any interest to the community, but I think it would be quite nice if they add Personal Achievement(Career High) to each player stat/bios, like Highest Score, Steal, Rebound etc. This will be nice in the sense that you can role play each players to achieve something, especially in Dynasty mode.

Like this one: ... stats.html

Look at the lower portion, the Season Highs/Career Highs part. No need the Season Highs, just the Career Highs would be nice! :)
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby Andrew on Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:26 am

It's not the most crucial element of the game but I agree, I'd like to see player cards with info like that. It all adds to the presentation.
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby JahzidTGO on Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:21 am

My Live/Elite 12 Wishlist...

I honestly thought Live '10 was the best Live game yet. Didn't think much needed to be enhanced,
just a few things here & there. (And I was an avid Live player.)

More active referees - My friend & I played a Live '10 game and only had 3 pf's the whole
game. Player fouls need to be enhanced, cpu seemed to get more fouls than players.
(We even had the foul settings pretty high.)

Players should stay inbounds, there were times where I get a rebound, pass the ball
and my teammate was standing out of bounds.

On a fastbreak teammates should keep running to the basket. Alot of fastbreaks where my
teammate would stop around the free-throw or 3 point line. Really frustrating.

Dynasty Mode
Hire and Fire coaches.
Send players down to D-League.
Multiple Team Dynasties
Multiple Team Trades
Edit Draft Picks (Pink Hair??? Had a PG to be drafted who weighed 260lbs???) Should be treated like a created player.
Be able to bring Dynasty Rosters into Exhibition Mode.
More info on draft picks - Previous year's stats
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby Pdub on Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:03 pm

Getting the proper feel of an NBA game is the most important thing, imo. Adding a variety of options and settings to adapt your strategy during games can bring that out, and as long as they work, have a proper risk/reward likes real basketball, then you can start to challenge 2K's game.

Expand the coaching options beyond the three choices of up tempo, balanced, and half court is essential. Use a percentage adding up to 100 for things like on-ball screens, off-ball screens, post up, isolation, and penetration for non-set plays or freelance offense. Look at it like an evolution of quick plays, only with options in case the quick play is defended well. This could open up spots in the play calling dialog for more set plays, and improve the offensive flow after a set play breaks down.

The same can be done for defense and rebounding. Let us choose how many players should get back on defense after a shot is put up, and how many will follow the shot looking or an offensive rebound. Not only that, let us choose which players get back and which players crash the boards. Defensive coaching sliders for double teaming(who and where), post pressure, perimeter pressure, off ball pressure, force baseline, force middle, weak side help, strong side help, denying the post passing lanes, denying the perimeter passing lanes.

If you don't understand how or why these things should be implemented, hire an nba coach to be on the cover and probe his basketball IQ.
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby blizzcoe on Sat Dec 11, 2010 7:53 pm

- realistic gameplays
- more realistic simeng
- make AI more intelligent
- in All Star Week, different venue every year
- allow three to five team trade, 3-player to 5-player trade etc.
- trading superstars make it more real
- start as a high school/college player
- visible NBA contract
- it can participate to slamdunk competition or 3 point shootout if qualified
- having properties(like houses/condo's, cars, gadgets, accessories etc.) is a good idea so that he can spend his money from his contract.
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby Vychan on Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:40 am

I still stand with what I posted to the last wish list.

Essentials -
- Have game designers read the fan input.. we're not talking just to hear ourselves talk. some of ours "ideas" keep reappearing year after year... maybe, just maybe we have an idea?
- Fix the game mechanics.. quit trying to create some new cool feature before you fix the existing stuff
ex 1. jumping for a rebound and your player goes away from the rim.
ex 2. being able to avoid intential fouls... what player in the NBA just stands there and lets them foul??
ex 3. lay-up and shot attempts hit the back side of the backboard... again, what NBA player does this??
ex 4. realistic game play by the computor.. pg takes the game over for every team. EVERY team.

Things We'd Also Like To See -
- Change Dynasty mode to add Owner/GM elements.
ex 1. Hiring and firing Head Coaches.. Put the REAL COACHES IN THE GAME..Depending on coach your team would play harder on offense and/or defense, have a change in morale and player happines levels (coach and player may not get allong, reducing players effectivness or willingness to play for team)
ex 2. Coaching contracts.. abiltity to fire them during season or even offer contract extensions. Coaches able to retire or come out of retirement.
ex 3. Team relocation.. pick a city and simulate a vote by the Board of Governors to allow your team to move the following year. if approved have choice of changing team name, logo and/or team colors. allow computor teams to do the same.
ex 4. Add possible Expansion and Expanion Draft. Would Follow Expansion Draft Rules. A Dynasty will last numerous yeats...why not?
- Better realism and more options with player contracts (FREE AGENCY).
ex 1. Restricted team options added to contract negotiations.
ex 2. Team option and player options for following year. (team options on 1st round picks for 3rd year)
ex 3. Early contract termination for players (maybe player will only sign contract with this clause in contract??)
ex 4. Rookie contract scale for 1st Rounders, negotiated contracts for 2nd rounders.
ex 5. Contract extension and abilty to sign your drafted players to new contracts before old contract expires.
ex 6. Add guaranteed and non-guaranteed contracts.
ex 7. Player refusing to resign with your team.. your team has loosing recored, no PT, wanting to play for favorite team/Home team, etc...
- Better Draft realism and with signing or not signing drafted players.
ex 1. "MOCK DRAFT" changes with team needs and/or player improvement/decrease.
- - - NIT or Tourny exposure may boost/deflate ranking, player may get injured or take name out of draft for numerous reasons.. stay in college/stay overseas...
ex 2. Ability to draft over your roster availablity (must have down to 15 before summer league)
ex 3. "Holding" rights to sign later (Manu Ginobili), doesn't count towards your roster unless signed. Player may improve or decrease ablities... would play in minor leagues, D-League and or over-seas. be able to watch progress and sign whenever.
ex 4. Add possible player hold outs (Fran Vasquez) and/or draftee demand trade (Mike Bibby and Danny Ferry) hold out may change mind about signing with your team (Arvydas Sabonis) or may want trade at a later time because playing opurtunities (Luis Scola and Juan Carlos Navaro)
ex 5. Allow trades before and during draft and ability to "BUY" picks. Trades could use any combination or player(s) and picks for same
ex 6. Pre-arranged trades.. Computor team offers you player(s) and/or draft pick(s) to draft player for them. possible for CPU to CPU teams to arrange this also. You can offer same to computor..
ex 7. Have time restriction on picks. 5 minutes during 1st round, 2 in 2nd round.
ex 8. Ability to waive non signed draftees rights any time during off season
- Realistic Summer and Off Season options.. extra players, summer leagues...
ex 1. Sign undrafted F/A's and F/A's with 3 yrs or less exp to summer contract and compete in summer league.. these would be non-guaranteed contracts. Ability to re-nogiate contract after summer league
ex 2. Summer League roster can have more than 15 players.
ex 3. Draft picks and low lvl players (less then 4 yrs exp) would play in summer league.
ex 4. Add possiblity of injuries, maybe during summer league or internation play for overseas players
ex 5. wider range of injuries (minor and major). Have some injuries be season ending type. Season ending injury would give you an INJURY EXCEPTION.
ex 6. Add Deadline for season roster (minimum 13 and maximum 15)
ex 7. Have random Pre-Season games played in Foreign Countries (NBA EUROPE LIVE)
- More Options and Realism During Season.. Suspension, disgruntled players, D-League, etc..
ex 1. Add Volitivity Level to players (Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, Rasheed Wallace, Josh Howard as examples) Does not neet to be shown during game except maybe arguments with refs. this would generate a Technical Foul. This would not be a malicious type of foul, so should be included to create more realism. Understandably any fouls showing hamfull intent is a touchy subject. Insedental random "HARD" fouls should incure a Flagrant. UNDER NO WAY should a player be able to call up a flagrant or technical, NO WAY.
ex 2. Players should miss random game(s) for personal reasons. (Barbosa and O'Neal both have missed games this season for family reasons)
ex 3. Add D-League.. players with 2 or less yrs of experience eligable to be assigned to D-League affiliate. Players will have small chance of improving. Assignment rules would be followed.
ex 4. Allow call-ups from D-League and 10-day contracts from F/A pool and D-League.. 10-day contract rules would be followed.
ex 5. F/A's and Undrafted players drafted to D-League.. D-League players scouted by teams.
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby ejaycamua on Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:00 am

CREATE a team..
more accesories
more shoes
nice camera views
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby Bubbaspartans on Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:44 pm

Okay so I love NBA live, it has a lot of potential. Here is my wishlist:

-The fluidity of the game needs to improve, the NBA is the highest level of basketball, that means the speed of the game, passing, cuts to the basket, stuff like that need to improve, the word that comes to mind is "crisp."(on a side note a friend let me borrow 2k11, the one with Jordan on the cover, with all the hype I was excited, but I honestly couldn't play it for 5 minutes. Just the overall look and feel was wrong, I don't get that when i play Live, they are almost where they need to be!)

- The crowds in all sports games are sooo fake, I wish they would have everyone that isn't a player to be there, like the cameramen, more then just two, ball boys, waterboys, the team staff etc.

-This next one is important...DO NOT copy anything from 2k11. Be completely independent from that game, that goes for the controller as well.( I am a true NBA fan, NBA 2k series disrespects what basketball is)

This is all I have on my mind right now I will post more later:) NBA elite is the best!
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby madmoney sunny on Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:57 pm

Hey well the live series I loved due to the online gameplay. 2009 was my favorite because of the team play.


I feel that bringing multiplayer team play back is essential because it was such a key factor in having a lot of people playing the game. 2009 was great because of the team play and do not add my player like 2k to team play because it takes the skill out of the game and you get those people who can make overpowered my players. If it was similar to 2009....then that would be a great benefit. Adidas Live Run was just stupid because it was just a game to 21 and it was taken that seriously. It was so boring and i feel that it was a waste of a game mode. I feel that having a real multiplayer team play game with a crowd..with only nba players.....with great gameplay....would give me the satisfaction that I wish to obtain.

Thanks..I hope you take this into consideration because team play has been such a big factor in the past...
madmoney sunny
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby doktor on Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:53 am

pc relese,sig shots and player realistic dunks and moves(very much diferent moves make games better)
1 0n 1,2 0n 2,3 0n 3......skills chalenge in all star
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby karlopb on Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:34 pm

all i want is a PC release (Y)
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby champsbasketball on Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:41 am

i hope EA really lets us the customers help them make a great b-ball sim game, so here are some of my ideas.
1. make it so that when you run a play we can hold down R1 or something and the art work shows us what to do on the floor and if you let R1 go the play goes away.(just will be good for you if you dont know a play and the plays you know it just puts the spots to go to on the floor and the button on the head who to pass to).
2.make it were practice means something, ex.3-5 min long practices that has you work on plays, and if boost up your team chemistry.
3.keep the skill stick, just make it great.
4.make aggressive players aggressive, ex. laBron,KG,Howard,Blake,etc... and also make players aggressive at important times in the game, like game winners or 4th quarter,ex.Kobe,Dwayne,Melo,etc.
5.get interviewed at half, and you pick: team chemistry,defense,reb,or a leadership question that my or my not help motivate you or your team going into the sec half. ex. you maybe having a bad 1st half but the leadership question my spark you, same for the team, but have it were it wont work everytime.
6.ESPN end game show. ex.highlights of the game them talking about what was right and wrong, AND PLEASE make sure the announcers talk about your create a player in the show, but not saying pg,sg,or sf, SAY OUR NAME.
7.dunk were you can actually dunk on people but it wont work everytime (50/50 change).
8.hundreds of animation; dunking,reb,steals,blocks,passing,shoting,saving the ball,dribbling,fouling,layups,and alley-oop
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby champsbasketball on Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:49 am

one more thing, the only thing i would mimic from 2k10 not 2k11 is alley-oops. look how the player takes off, catchs the ball, the timing of the pass it just feels and looks real, and sorry but Nba Live 2010 doesnt. Nba Live 10 makes you throw the pass late, try it and see and feel the difference.
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby tjsc_sidphillips on Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:13 pm

my wishlist:
a PC version
fixed animation
and make it more like 2K
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby Jhiane on Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:55 am

- PC
- players crash talk and second motion after hard fouls scenario (a little bit brawl if its so bad foul)
- speech update every year since rookies will come
- a long movie scenario after winning the championship in dynasty mode
- can watch any other games (or just a highligts) in dynasty mode thru "scout"
- half time player interview

and one thing, does EA will read our wish lists? and can they do all of these? hope so
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Re: Official NLSC NBA ELITE 12 Wishlist Submissions

Postby supwalk24 on Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:39 am

What I would like to see with the Dynasty Mode:

1. Better Draft Layout Screen
- navagate the screen
- easier to find out who was drafted and by whom
- slower draft pace

2. Draft Prospects
- Most Draft prospects should be between 18 and 23 with the majority around 21 (In Live 2011 many are older than 23, especially the really good draft projects which makes them unatractive. Who wants to draft a 25 year old Lebron James, and why would that player be that good and not be in the league already?)
- Comparisons should be more accurate and based on peak of career (When someone thinks of a prospect being as good as Tim Duncan, they are thinking of the Tim Duncan top ten greatest player of all time, not Tim Duncan rated an 85 out of 100)
- Prospects should also be compared to players who are not currently playing (Why not have another Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson prospect? You could go all the way back to Wilt and Russel or Baylor and West)
- Prospects should have a similar body type to those they are being compared to. (A prospect that is being compared to the level of Lebron James should not be 6'5' and 300 pounds. He should be around 6'8" and 250 or whatever Lebrons weight and Height are0

3. Scouting
- Scouts should only be able to know about prospects they have scouted
- Scouts with the highest rank should have the most accurate comparisons (A scout with a D rank that says prospect A is most like Chris Bosh should only have a 30-40 percent chance of being correct. The player could actually be better or worse. While a scout with an A rank is 90-100 percent correct and leaves certain marks on prospects that they are 100 percent without a doubt right about. ) This method opens up for real sleepers, although possible not many since the goal here is to make the draft process more realistic there might only be 1 or 2 sleepers who might only be as good as a Gary Neal, or once in blue moon there is Ray Allen picked late. Also, this method makes more possible busted prospects because if the Scout with a C ranking projects a prospect at at a Chris Bosh level and the player is picked high in the draft but the scout was wrong and the player came in at a Kwame Brown level, there is your bust.
- Scouts should be hired and fired. They should have their rankings of E, F, D, C, B, and A, with pluses and minus attached along with what they specialize in, if any, or they could specialize overseas or at colleges. Prices for the scout go up based on their rank and their specialty. If a scout has an A rank and specializes in everything then that scout should cost more than the Scout that is and A rank and specializes in point guards.
- There should be more than one scout. We should be allowed to choose how many we have up to no more than 8. We should also be able to choose where they scout, who they scout, or have the computer handle it but narrow the focus on position or certain skill like 3pt shooting.

4. Head Coach, Assistan Coaches, Trainers, and Doctors
- As with the scouts, we should be able to choose how many we have of each but up to no more than a certain amount like 4.
-They should be ranked E through A like the scouts with specializations and hired and fired.
-They could also have similar rankings for offense and defense like players do that show how well they teach that particular skill. (3pt shooting is given a number ranking like 84, or knee injuries would be a 90, the coach, trainer, or doctor with experience will gain knowledge and that number will go up through time just like players)
- They should also be allowed to attend clinics to improve knowledge
- Trainers can be assigned to work with one or more players up to the entire team. Progession of a skill by a player is largely based on the players age, years in the league, skill of player, rank of trainer, and how many players the trainer is working with.
- Assistant coaches do more than just work with the players and can be assigned to many players or few, but can also be assigned to scouting teams.
- Head coaches should come with their own basketball philosophy that dictates the personel they need to succede.
- Coaches should have emotion toward GM and ask for certain trades or players or types of players. (If a coach asks for a SF who can shoot 3's by the trade deadline and doesn't recieve that player then they should be upset and if it happens too often they should leave, but at the same time certain coaches will ask for more than others and a lot of it will be based on their coaching philosophy in relation to the personel of their team. Mike Dan'tony isn't going to want a big slow center on his team and if he has one he is going to want that player traded for something he needs or can use in his system)
- Head coaches should be able to be fired, resign, and retire at any point during the year.

5. Trades
- As many have mentioned before, trades should include more than two teams and at least five or six teams.
- Trades should also include trade exceptions
- Teams should trade based on their coaches and general managers interests and needs.
- Trade Block should be able to be set so that teams can see who is available and try to trade for them and the positions, rankings, age, and contract of players that they want back in return. (If I put Lamar Odom, PF, 83, 31 years old, 3 years 8 million on the trade block and I put that I want a Center in return, every offer should at least have one center in it that is at least a 75 or above.)
- No more Rudy Gay and Zack Randolph for Kobe Bryant Trades. The only time a trade like that should pop up is if Kobe Bryant is on the trade block and the team listed SF and PF as positions that should be in the trade.

6. Simulated Games
- A simulated games score should not be 65 to 71 as the final and consistently low. (Games with a combined score below 130 make espn news) Average score of simulated games should be over 180 depending on the teams playing
- Matchups should be exploited by good coaches. (If Dwight Howard is being guarded by Spencer Hawes the whole game then Dwight should have a huge 20 20 night or so, most of the time anyway)

7. Overall rules of Championships
- Good coaches win championships with good players. (How come the Lakers didn't win a championship until Phil Jackson showed up? Because they didn't have a coach that could get them to play together at a championship level)
- Good coaches do not win championships with mediocre players. A coach with an A rank cannot win without at least two stars on the team. (No more Mo Williams being MVP of the Finals)
- Good players cannot win without a good coach. A team loaded will not play well enough to win without a good coach to lead them.

8. Owners
- Owners should alocate funds for scouts, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, and doctors.
- Owners tell the GM (you) how much over the Salary Cap you can go.
- Owners can sell the team or change funding for the team based on if the team is doing good or bad and how many fans are showing up. They don't have to change them though.
- Revenues should be handled by the CPU to maximize funding so that the gamer doesn't have to worry about it and can focus on winning. (Or, they can higher and accounted or money manager and based on the skill of that person is how well the funding and revenues will go)

9. Odds and Ends
- Training should be able to be done throughout the year by the assistant coaches and trainers.
- A preseason should be included that can either be skipped or simulated.
- The player progression screen at the beginning of the season should be moved to the beggining of the offseason and have line graph showing overall improvement first and then can be adjusted to show certain skill performance increases or decreases.

9. Overall game play
- We should start out by picking the team we want
- Next, we negotiate with our Owner to determine how much funds will be needed, some owners will budge easier than others based on teams position.
- Then we hire a head coach, assistant coach, trainers, scouts, and doctors in that order.
- The season begins right after the free agent signing period so that trades can still be made before the season.
- Next, pre season begins with a few games and workouts.
- A simulated or skipped preseason does not hurt the team and any gains that would have been made or simulated.
- The begging of the season should start by allocating scouts, trainers, and assistant coaches.
- Head coaches can be assigned certain focuses such as defense or offense that will helpt the team work together during games. Some coaches have more skill points to allocate than others based on rank and specialization.

Anyway, that was fun and thats about all I feel like doing now.
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