Update to 2020-21 season

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Update to 2020-21 season

Postby Ale EA7 on Sun Sep 06, 2020 3:49 am


i'm a fifa modder, so i have a few experience with games mods but it's the first time with NBA 2KXX...

i'm trying to update nba 2k16 to 2020-21 season, the nba rosters are ready (august 2020) and i'm starting with the european teams. i have ready some italian roster teams (EA7 Milan, Virtus Bologna, Germani Brescia, Umana Reyer Venice and Dinamo Sassari).

is there a tutorial to modify the courts? i have f074.iff file (EA7 Milan) but if i modify it with nba explorer/iff editor or 7zip-gimp i see always the court all black.

is there a tutorial to modify team names? i would replace the older classic teams with the italian teams

if i first will resolve these problems, after i will modify the kits..

thank you
Ale EA7
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