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Postby Dee4Three on Sat Jan 18, 2020 10:23 am

dante24 wrote:
sanmarco wrote:I was watching dee's videos (movement) about why you're frustrated with modern day NBA 2K & I realized why, in spite of putting lots of hours practicing, I never enjoy a game.

At first I thought I need to "get good"(i cringe at the term), watched and analyzed lots of basketball clips, studied offensive & defensive terminologies, calculated nba players movements but then it's not me who has the problem:

"I've been driving a car with triangular wheels all along."

Haha Yeah I definitely feel like no matter what changes people have made to the sliders the fact the underlying movement mechanics are wrong makes it almost impossible.

I've tried numerous sliders Dee's movement ones inc which do help the issue but I still see the defense getting caught in the spin cycle after a simple side step. It just takes away the challenge.

I wonder if anyone has any updated sliders which reduce this problem or is everyone still facing this issue?

Personally i've gone back to 2k19 as the ease at which you can turn the defense or have them slowly slide away from the ball handler just ruins the game. Even Harden never defended that bad

Yeah, its still a problem. Played it last night to see if any changes took place. No matter the slider set, I still have the same core issues with the game.

Like I said before, fingers crossed that the core gameplay mechanics are better for 2K21.
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