NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby ColumbusBobby23 on Mon Jun 30, 2014 2:04 am

King Mellow wrote:> Realistic Draft Classes
> Realistic IA Logic in the Draft
> Draft Combine!!! - Just like 2k11!
> Can edit player's wingspan
> In MyCareer your player can choose to play in the Euroleague. I also wanted to see your player can workout and join the National Team.
> It would also be nice to have a FIBA/Olympics scenario in the association mode.
> Improve All-Star Weekend! Shooting Stars, Skills Challenge etc.
> Realistic Cutscenes
> Gameplay!!! - Most Important!

Yes, all of these. Good list.
Wingspan is important for any Basketball player.
Player personalities should be expanded on. DeMarcus Cousins and Tim Duncan and everything in between.
The trade logic/AI should be updated.
New camera angles.
There are many little things that are easily fixed, like having the option to skip those press conferences with the push of a button.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby dascoot on Sun Jul 06, 2014 2:47 pm

Here is my wish list

1) TNT Presentation- I wouldn't mind seeing a half time show with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaq and or Chris Webber. I think that would be cool to see.

2) Draft List- something new to the table. In the Association from season one to your current season, you see a draft list of what teams drafted what player, what year, what college they are from, their height and weight, and an NBA Comparison

3) Summer League- You can play summer games before the season starts, or have the option to turn that off.

4) Career- I want to see more than just one rookie game, at least three games. 2K11 had the right idea.

5) Half Time- I remember I belief it was 2K6 or 2K7 that had the three best or worst players of the half. I thought that was neat bring that back.

6) Talk about all the rookies or at least the ones drafted in the first round. I think that would be a good thing to have.

All in all I enjoyed NBA 2K14 more than I did NBA 2K13.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby ssp0929 on Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:00 am

Wishlist for Current Gen:
Be next gen.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby ColumbusBobby23 on Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:06 am

How cool would it be to have Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless debate the news in the NBA every week in NBA 2K15? I know that's ESPN, so it wouldn't happen. But that would be awesome.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby ssp0929 on Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:33 pm

columbusbobby23 wrote:How cool would it be to have Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless debate the news in the NBA every week in NBA 2K15? I know that's ESPN, so it wouldn't happen. But that would be awesome.

It doesn't even have to be Stephen A. or Skip Bayless.
Hire a voice actor that can actually voice act.

You can tell with Live. Even with broadcaster superstars like Breen, JVG, and Mark Jackson, being a quality broadcaster does not translate to being a quality voice actor. They sound great in real life, they sound fake and dull as voice actors. Harlan, Kerr, and Kellogg? Outside of Kellogg's dumb cliches, they are quality voice actors.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby ColumbusBobby23 on Tue Jul 08, 2014 12:59 am

If Steve Kerr is no longer going to be an announcer, I nominate Marv "The voice of Basketball" Albert. If not him than Ernie Johnson. 3rd place would be Chris Webber.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby Smoove784439 on Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:10 am

1. Better presentation. Doesn't need to be TNT/ESPN. 2K12's presentation was very realistic and it felt like you were watching an actual game. Everything looked realistic, scoreboard, stat overlays, halftime presentation. 2K13 had all this Jay-Z stuff with a bunch of this gold on all the menus. The scoreboard looked terrible. In 2k14, it looked better bc they changed the color from gold to blue but was still nothing like 2k12s presentation. also we should be able to see the highlights of the game after each quarter and b4 the player of the game like we did in 2k10. Finally, the scoreboard should have the playoff progress if it is a playoff game.
2. Improved MyCareer like next gen. Getting bored of the whole playing 1 game and then getting drafted in the 1st round. Play 5 games destroy the nba. Turn into a MJ 2.0 after 20 games. BORING. I like most of the next gen MC. However, I dislike how scripted the games and cutscenes are and I also dislike the Rookie Showcase. Actually they should give us 2 MyCareer Game Modes. One for lazy people who like the 2k12-2k14 way (Rookie Game, Guarenteed 1st round). Second one is like 2k10. Also, as pissed of as I was when that 2k insider from 2k10-11 said that I sucked bc I allowed my guy to score 2-4 points while I dropped 55, I kinda miss the guy.
3. MyTeam, MyGM, any thing missing from consoles.
4. CREATE A LEGEND! Why was this even taken out?
5. SITUATION MODE! Why was this even taken out?
6. Legends mode. 2k11 Jordan Challenge (awesome except for a few annoying bugs) 2k12 Greatest mode (same thing as 2k11). Didn't have this in 2k13/14.
7. Crowd reactions: People in the crowd are asleep when I hit a game winner wtf. Cmon 2k its not that hard. Have them chant defense or go crazy when the home team is coming back from a 20-30 point deficit or the game is close in the final min. have them leave the game when they know their team is gonna lose.
7.5 Cleveland fans, boo LeBron. Celtics fans boo Ray Allen, etc.. :D Also, have chants for when certain teams are playing like BEAT LA! or BEAT THE HEAT!
8. HALL OF FAME DIFFICULTY! Hall of Fame diff is supposed to be hard but they should beat u intelligently not by cheating. Get rid of the CPU advantage.
9. Create a team needs more options.
10. MyCareer: being able to change team uniforms. cmon 2k we have been requesting this since day 1 of my career.
11. fix the online for pc
12. allow us to argue bad calls in game like in next gen 2k14. If a ref in ur game makes a bad call, we should be giving the option to argue the call.
12.5. adding on to the last one, technical fouls. fights, technicals, ejections, etc... also only eject us when we have 2 techs unlike next gen 2k14.
13. Commentary: Commentators are boring. They are better than EA but not good. When an injury happens and they are in the middle of a story, they continue with that story for 2 mins b4 talking about the injury which is terrible. also too many stories in game not enough talk about live action. also, when a team (like the Celtics game 6 vs knicks 2013) goes on a 20-0 run (or something like that) the announcers should be going crazy. finally, after a game winning shot, the announcers should not go crazy for 2 secs then say game over blah blah blah. Its kinda hard to believe this but imo 2k10's commentary was the best. And heres why. In 2k10, they would talk more about the live action and they would always announce the score after each quarter and at the end of the game. They would say which team is leading in the series if it were a playoff game. And one of my favorite things was that they will ALWAYS say the players name/nickname/# if they are the player of the game. from 2k11 on there was no mention of the score, the playoff progress, and they refused to say some player names just bc they are not popular. Ridiculous
14. Player reactions: this kinda goes with 12-13. when a player hits a game winner, the team shouldn't just celebrate for 2 seconds then walk to the locker room. more celebration.
15. CREW TO PC. We didn't get any of this Blacktop 3v3 from 2k13, Upgraded blacktop Crews whatever from 2k14, Or park mode. In 2k10-11 we had crew mode on our game.
16. NEXT GEN!!!
17. AUTOSAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dunno why none of u guys mentioned this. So many features were removed in 2k13 like the autosave on/off feature. This is really frustrating and is one of the many reasons I stayed with 2k12.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby ColumbusBobby23 on Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:58 pm

@Smoove784439, Bravo. I second everything you have stated. Especially that 2K insider guy, I kinda miss that guy too. Only thing I would add is that I really like the commentators telling story's about individual players. Also get rid of Doris Burke or have her stop saying the same thing every single game. If I hear her say "They are definitely going to concentrate on Kyrie Irving on defense" one more time, my head will explode.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby Smoove784439 on Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:45 pm

columbusbobby23 wrote:@Smoove784439, Bravo. I second everything you have stated. Especially that 2K insider guy, I kinda miss that guy too. Only thing I would add is that I really like the commentators telling story's about individual players. Also get rid of Doris Burke or have her stop saying the same thing every single game. If I hear her say "They are definitely going to concentrate on Kyrie Irving on defense" one more time, my head will explode.

Thanks man. Commentators talking about some player stories is fine and realistic, however i feel like they say a lot more about stories than they do about the live action. Sometimes they even ignore the live action. Like when a player gets injured and the commentators are in the middle of a story they will just keep telling the story and then talk about the injury after they finish the story like 2 mins later. And yes they really need to stop being so repetitive.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby Spree#8 on Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:26 am

A long-running Association issue that has never been corrected (on current gen at least, don't know about next gen): after the draft, you can't make any trades at all until the start of the new season. The option just disappears from the menu. I suppose this could be an intentional oversight as allowing offseason trades would require temporarily disabling the "you must have 12+ players after the trade" rule. Well, the "why" doesn't really matter - it's wrong and should be fixed.

It's also high time they added sign-and-trades to the game. I've lost track of how many years the sim community has been asking for them.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby Andrew on Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:59 am

Stickied for convenience and better visibility.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby T-Wave on Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:19 pm

I'm exclusively a MyCareer player, so my wishlist will be mostly about MyCareer.

I would like them to get rid of game modes and simply give us lots of customization options, that way you could customize the game the way you like it, instead of being canned into a single game mode. Instead of being forced to live with the decisions that the GMs or Coaches make in MyCareer, I would like a list of options that I can choose to customize the game as I see fit. For example, there could be an option to veto trades or not, if I know it is going to ruin my MyCareer. Or there could be an option to set a realistic rotation in MyCareer mode. I'm sure different people want different things in the game. Some people don't want to control any managing aspects of the game, they want to let those decisions be solely those of their GMs, but at times, the GMs make dumb decisions that ruin the experience. I want to be able to readily turn off (or correct) those aspects of the game that ruin my experience as much as possible.That would lead to maximum satisfaction.

Anyway, I've ranted enough, I was actually going to make a list, so here it goes:

1) The ability to design plays that can be imported into a game mode.
2) The ability to import draft classes into MyCareer
3) The ability to correct the A.I teammate's decisions during game situations. Say in a given situation, where an A.I. teammate acts dumb, you could review the scene and correct the A.I.'s actions, then save it. The next time the A.I is in a similar situation, then it will be more likely to react in the way you taught it to. After a while, every one would have trained their copy of the game to play the game exactly the way they think basketball should be played. No more (or rather much rarely) would there be gameplay frustrations anymore.
4) Stop the blatant cheating in Hall of fame. That is sooo annoying.
5) Ability to chose jerseys.
6) An option to turn post-game interviews on/off.
7) I want to be able to earn a draft spot, not via a single rookie showcase game. It should happen over several games. Be it a college career or even just a fictional league with a pool of players (possibly from an imported draft class) from which the teams are going to draft according to performance, potential and team need.

I'm sure I have lots of other wishes that I've had over the years and I'm not thinking of them right now.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby marcisaac on Sat Jul 12, 2014 3:12 am

I've been lurking here for a while and this is my list of wishes (wishlist duh)

1) Technical fouls. My player should be able to shout and curse at the refs.
2) Taunting. Hype up the enemy/teammates.
3) Better physics. Can't figure out why my player who has 99 ball handling bumps into another player and suddenly drops the ball. This happens way too often.
4) Improve freaking Doris Burke. Portrait's still the same since '11.
5) More commentator lines. After some games, I can say what they are going to say.
6) More on #5. My player beats the NBA Record and hold it, no reaction whatsoever. It's like, "You dropped 120 points? So what?".
7) More interaction with teammates/coach/GM/fans.
8) Stats should improve as determined by system. If I rebound more, my rebound stat should go up.
9) Drills should have same effect with Legends Camp. And make drills harder.
10) Improve difficulty. It is my rookie season and I am the MVP, RotY, Slam Dunk Champ, 3PT Champ, All Star, Finals MVP, and Champion. Sounds great but very boring.
11) Better presentation. Stuffs like Top Plays of the Week, Bloopers or something along those.
12) More voice selections. My player always sounds like some tough guy in the street.
13) Better advertisements. Billboards look like very bad Photoshop.
14) Creating a Legend.
15) Situations.

That's all.
"He who controls the rebound, controls the game."
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby kingjames2014 on Sun Jul 13, 2014 6:45 am

Ok this is the first time am checking out a wishlist so i'l lay down my thoughts too on how nba 2k15 can be better. It's quite long so bear with me, i just feel nba 2k series are sleeping on a couple of things that can make the game really great. These are a few things they can add and a couple of fixes.


1.)They should create a system like the Pro Evolution Soccer series where a players come into games from hot to cold depending on how they feel that day, sort of close to real life. Not just the temporary hot and cold streaks. For example lance stephenson can end a game with a triple double and another game with 15 points 8 rebounds and 5 assists and so on depending on how he feels that day. I think this would give the game a more realistic feel to it cos every game players stats would have different outcomes based on how they feel that day. If lance is hot he can go for a triple double cos he's rebounding and passing and scoring will be increased higher than he's average and things like that and if he is normal his stats will be average as well and if he's cold his stats will be a bit poor so u'l be forced to go to another person more and someone else will need to step up (not saying lance is the best player in the pacers or anything, just an example). There should also be a way to turn it off so everyone will be their normal ratings like it is now if that's what the player chooses. This will definitely improve the game because right now i can't play a full seven game series with the same team cause it feels like am doing the same things over and over again, cause there is no defensive adjustments to be made for those individual games, lebron will always do the same things, there is no day when he's jumpers aren't just falling and he has to drive more to the basket and you have to make defensive adjustments to counter that, or when he's jumpers are falling and you also have to make adjustments on that. They really need to add this system so every game you play seems different each time you play it and they can add more defensive strategies so association doesn't feel like a play now game and you just keep playing random teams then a bonus of trading and drafting guys.

2.)Rebounding is another very huge problem with nba 2k14 it should be fixed for 2k15. They should focus on rebound positioning, boxing out, adding more rebound animations like tapping the ball out to your teammates on the offensive board and rebound success based on where the ball is dropping and the player positions. I think because of the camera angle (real life nba broadcast view) its hard to know where the ball is going towards when it bounces off the rim so they should create a unique cursor color under each player around the rim so u'l know which player has a better chance of getting the rebound and you don't just keep jumping like a fool all the time when the ball is not even close to you. the closer you are to the ball as its coming down the darker the cursor color will be. Also if you put crash offensive glass your guards and small forwards should run in from the 3 point line to get the rebound and not start going back on defense automatically cos dere are gaurds that get offensive rebounds like that occassionally in real life. Ryt now if you play association with a team like pacers who were 8th in rebounding this year in real life, you'l be lucky to end the season as the second worst team in the nba in rebounding.

3.)Some animations need to be tweaked in the game cos there are some very annoying ones. Like when they make a contact layup at the rim at times the animation ryt after will be to complain about the foul and the ball will land ryt on your head and you can't get out of the animation, or u'l miss a layup and the player wil be celebrating a shot that didn't go in or on defense you hit your man as your goin bak on D and you'l be stuck dere trying to get free and the opposing player will just cut backdoor for an easy alley oop. This animations need fixin especially animations after layups or contact layups, if the ball doesn't go in there shouldn't be an after animation.


1.)Association and MyGm don't have DNP's based on coaches decision and that 's why stats are not as real cos ur forced to use someone u gave benchwarmer role in every game except you manually adjust the rotations yourself while your star players stay on the bench too long. There should be different kinds of games in both association/mygm and mycareer like must win games(especially playoff qualifier games), key games, rivalry games, back to back games and normal games and these games should affect the rotations so for example a benchwarmer would get a DNP on must win or key games or even rivalry games and play in the second game in a back to back schedule or normal game.

2.)Star players should set goals for you the gm to achieve so if you fall short like 2-3times or sumtin he can leave in free angency or ask for a trade. Cos in the game star players don't seem to move around no matter how long you play the game and in real life at times they do if they don't like the situation in their teams.


1.)There should be a way to raise the initial over all rating of your mycareer player from that initial 65. there can be a max of probably 78-80 and a minimum of 65 to start with so your player can be drafted number 1 and it will be realistic than a 65 drafted in as number 1. My suggestion will be like a rookie combine where they test your jump, athleticism and all that, there can be a minigame like the slam dunk contests guitar hero minigame for each task and based on how well you do you get a boost on some of your ratings which in turn makes your overall rating higher before the rookie showcase.

2.)There should be like a fantasy draft that you can switch on and off like in association mode where the rookies drafted in are not in the same exact order as real life and things can change up and make things more interesting. For example you can be picked number 1 and everything changes like wiggins can go to the bucks instead and parker goes to sixers and actually play for these teams, i think this'l make the mycareer a bit more interesting.

3.)Bring in a system of earning a first team spot and maintaining the spot probably on a weekly basis. U will be able to simulate this obviously and ur overall rating will play a big part in seeing if you maintain or earn the spot when you simulate so the game can be a little more realistic.

4.)if your the star of your team you should be able to give your team goals they need to achieve if they want to keep you on that team so at least you get what you want like a real life superstar incase you want a better roster or sumtin like that.

This is all are my thoughts on how to further enhance nba 2k cos the game is very nice as is but it still has some ways to go. I just hope they can be achieved or at least some of them.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby Lamrock on Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:46 am

Man, I don't ask for much. NBA 2K14 pisses me off to no end but I still play it all the time. Haven't played next-gen, but from what I see, it has many of the same deficiencies that the current-gen games have. Obviously, micro-transactions are the way of the future, and will continue to infect more of the game as paying retail for the game itself isn't enough, but doing away with VC aside, I would like to see:

- Simulation intervention - This is the biggest thing. I just can't sit through an hour of 2K for one game any more, and have taken to playing 3 minute quarters (thanks Jao). I loved my Live 2005 and 08 dynasties due to this feature and would love it back. I'm sorry, but it's just a fact that basketball is more interesting in the fourth quarter and overtime.

- Revamped rebounding system: Is it just me, or is it nearly impossible to out-rebound the CPU? Regardless of difficulty and personnel, the other team dominates me on the boards. It is so demoralizing to get a much-needed stop, and box out the other team's PF only for him to magically get the offensive board anyway. Changing those sliders only makes rebounding completely random and throws off the balance of the game.

- Ability to turn off in-game graphics which show league leaders, stats, etc: Sometimes I'll miss out on entire possessions because the game feels the need to show me who the top 5 were in three point percentage was last season or something similar. It's annoying and seems to become more frequent in later seasons. It's a nice touch at first, but should be toggled on and off as it gets in the way of game play.

- Improved sim engine: There is way too much parity. Typically no teams finish with more than 55 wins or losses, and it is bothersome. Upsets in the playoffs are a little too frequent as well. Player stats are okay as long as you don't use 2K's sliders.

- Draft picks belonging to their proper teams + protection: Either make draft picks something you can assign to teams in the Manage Rosters section, or have picks like the Nets' 2017 to Boston pre-assigned. Furthermore, adding protection to picks would add realism and depth to the game.

- Offline Modes: Obviously multiple saves for myGM and myCareer don't fit 2K's business model. However, sometimes the internet is down, and sometimes saves do get corrupted. If I could keep myCareer and myGM saves offline with the ability to have multiple saves, and VC contained to those modes, it would be appreciated.

I'm sure there's a lot more stuff, and I know some of the stuff is nitpicky, and I know I'll be lucky if even one of those things is in 2K15, but those stand out as things that have bothered me in these games for the past few years.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby ColumbusBobby23 on Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:13 am

This is a minor thing, but I would like to get this into the PC version.


It basically lets you know what sound files are available for the commentators to speak the name, based on what you are typing.
I believe it was on 2K11 if I'm not mistaken. But it has not been on the PC version for a few years now.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby PoundedChicken on Sat Jul 19, 2014 9:30 am

Just a couple of quick and hopefully easy ones to implement.

    1. Please allow us to fast-forward the speech scenes. It's very frustrating to be able to read the script quickly but still have to wait for the audio to finish before being able to move on. I mean, imagine how annoying an MMO would be if couldn't skip ANY conversations, regardless of how meaningless or repetitive?
    2. Especially in the PC version, it feels like I'm already the"the anointed one" from the get-go. I mean a bill board for a late first round pick seems excessive. Same goes for an automatic shoe deal for a late first-rounder after game 5.

    1. I'd like to see trade logic improved to reflect team strategies. This would probably require some sort of transparent weighting system (this logic may already be present, but the player can't see it). Ie. in negotiations, perhaps show GMs current "mode" ie. rebuilding, win-now, developing-roster, money-saving, unpredictable. This good then affect which trades they are willing to accept and value they place on things such as youth, draft picks, veterans, contract sizes etc.
    2. VC shouldn't be used to hide the mode-features we've become accustomed to behind a pay-wall. I mean, why should we need to spend credits like this on simple functionality such as adjusting lineups? Again, premium content I understand, but not basic functionality. It's like a racing game making you pay to perform left-hand turns.
    3. This isn't really a fully-formed idea yet, but it would be nice to see a bit of a deepening of the scouting/draft process. I know there's probably some licensing issues, but maybe showing the draftees stats from college or international leagues. It could generate these from NBA-comparisons with an element of randomness. Something that can be reflected in advanced-stats and adjusted for roles. Also would be nice to introduce some sort of an NBA-Combine summary, showing height, length, shuttle-runs, vertical leap right next to the actual ratings. I don't about others, but I never do the pre-draft workouts. This might be a good spot to include a couple of rookie showcase game options instead
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby Mad-Raiiden on Mon Jul 28, 2014 3:04 am

- Next-Gen for PC, even the 2K14 next-gen version would be great, with uptaded roster of course...
- Less sh*tty defense,
- Better system for the draft in MyCareer,
- Better chance to choose the team for who you play.. Like say yes to the Lakers and being drafted by the Bucks, or asking for 3 teams in a trade and being traded by another one. :|
- Be more important in the sign or trade of your team when you're an important player of your team. Or something like not only say wich player you want to join your team, but the entire trade (like you're a PG in the Nets and ask for D-Will to be traded for a great PF),
- Using personalised rosters when starts a new career,
- Better simulation system in MyCareer mode, like simulate to this date except that next important game,
- And finnally, maybe too much to ask, NCAA for MyCareer OR Euroleague for european players (like play for Barcelona before being in the draft,
- Next-gen for PC is my only real wish thought
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby crazy_me_87 on Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:26 pm


Pc Next Gen would all i ask for


-fix the HOF difficulty cheese... every game is the same... when i build a nice 15-20 point lead.. no matter who the Team is i play against(happens against good Teams and bad Teams alike) they always!!! make a push at the end of the 3rd quater/early 4th that you cant stop. no matter what you do. the player starts to miss open shots and the CPU hits everything suddenly. the CPU is supposed to beat me fair and square not Cheat!!

-faster overall passing,its improved over the last years but its still way too slow

-less animations where youre just stuck in.. too many times a player gets into a animation you cant control resulting in a turnover for example

Assossiation/My GM

-fix the Finals MVP Bug, after the first year every year the starting Point Guard on the Championchip gets the Finals MVP even if its a 9ppg guy

-try to get a more realistic free agent least for the leauges stars.. i had Melo go to Memphis... Lebron to Utah... etc.. criterias like "money,loyalty,winning" already exist.. make them actually matter!

-the sim engine needs some serious work.... rarley does a NBA leader average over 30ppg. -12rpg or -11 apg are equally rare as are 3spg or 3blk
overall Star player have to little impact... Lebron/melo/Durant often average under 25ppg no matter how high their shooting is set... neither Dwight or Kevin Love get 12 rpg.. and Anthony Davis led the NBA in bpg with 2.1 with a 100blk rating..
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby TheBlackNerdyGamer on Mon Aug 04, 2014 2:14 am

My only wishes:
- New graphic engine for PC version
- The ability to simulate all or any games in My Player, or the ability to adjust the length of the My Player season.
- More interactive stuff for My Player, RPG type
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby BlakexTheGreat on Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:54 pm

All I want is 2k to make 2k15 like nba 2k12 just improved graphics in all honesty I can play 2k12 without enraging BS but in 2k14

the animations are horrible

The CPU are dumb

Yet the AI do things the user can't do

If your 3 point rating is 70 you have a better chance to make it than if it was on 90

Too many reach in fouls called

Reach in animations make players look disoriented or drunk

They swing at body and not ball

They have no steal animations

Court needs to be bigger

With the right team and defense you can't pass the ball around

You have to play run and gun to win

You can play "spurs ball" meaning everyone touches around the perimeter and in the post

And 1s are impossible unless it's a dunk... And not even dunks sometimes

Scrap mygm it was no reason to get rid of association.. I guess they wanted money from vc

Let mycareer rating be based on how you perform in a combine like in madden 07

I hate being #1 pick rated 65

Summer league needs a comeback

Standing dunks like in 2k7

Basically 2k12 just improved...
Hmmmm..... Needs More KD... No No More Westbrook

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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby juselog on Sat Aug 09, 2014 2:30 pm

Here's mine

1. Of course Next-gen to PC :mrgreen:
2. My Player - Choose to be a College Star or a Linsanity story
3. A new mode like NBA Ballers "Rags 2 Riches" that would be definitely be awesome (Y)
4. Better AI behaviour
5. Starting line-up presentation like in the Live series

That's all :mrgreen:
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby Ese on Wed Aug 13, 2014 11:44 pm

Unknown User wrote:Here is my wishlist :

I like to combine NBA 2k15 and GTA gameplay in myCareer if possible. MyPlayer can drive any cars,fight,steal,swim,travel,can build their own muscle,can hang out with their friends (to increase Teammate chemistry). by doing this the player will increase his attributes. And can visit those notable fans in their home. :lol: :lol: :lol: HAHAHA.

Smh. This kid needs to grow up.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby xKrNMBoYx on Thu Aug 14, 2014 5:32 am

Can't we change the title of this thread now? There will only be Next-Gen.....wait never mind I forgot about the 360, PS3, and maybe the Nintendo consoles.

I honestly use the MyTeam and MyCareer modes the most. A more thorough setup would be nice. Kind of like the "Unknown User" being able to do exercises that aren't revolved directly with basketball like shooting, defending, ball handling, etc. For example you wan't to get stronger in 2K15 you make a exercising mini game like benchpresses or something that is timing based. It's been a while since I touched 2K14 since I sold my PS4. I'll have to think more of wishes.


Oh and I hope 2K utilizes AMD's Mantle API too. My FM2+ Gaming Desktop should be happy with Mantle with the APU and GCN based GPU.
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Re: NBA 2K15 Wishlist (Both Current & Next)

Postby ThePointForward on Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:36 pm

Decided to redo my wishlist and add more details:
  1. Better Player Creation. Both for MyCareer and some player for custom roster.
    • Being able to test selected moves "on the fly". I hate it when I select shooting moves that look good to me, but I'm unable to hit anything with them.
    • More move slots. In 2K11 we could select separate moves for left and right versions. In 2K14 we were able to customize considerably less moves.
    • Custom shooting speed. Make it adjustable by slider, not just quick/normal/late.
    • More body types. Make them dependent on player's height/weight ratio to be relistic. Still we should be able to select from 2 or 3 versions in most cases.
    • Ability to set tendencies and personality. Of course not for MyCareer.
    • Make physical properties actually matter. Two players of same height but different weight should be different in terms of speed, agility, strength...
    • Better appearance editor. 6 skin colors are too few, better face editor (with focus on more details) should be in order, especially for MyCareer, when we are supposed to see this face a lot. Though I haven't seen 2K14 editor on PS4/X1, so it might be there already.
  2. Revamped MyCareer. MyLeague is looking like the right direction.
    • Bring back the Draft Combine and Summer League.Seriously, I hate playing one game, seemingly dominating, being the Player of the game and still getting drafted as 10th pick. Also these games gave me chance to start customizing my player.
    • Realistic minutes. Depending on your draft position and how you proven yourself in the Summer League, you should get minutes accordingly - #1 pick who dominated in SL should start right away in a weaker team, while average player from late first round from a team with several stars should get something like 10 minutes.
    • Realistic progress in minutes. I could get the starting spot in first 10 games in 2K14 easily. I think progress in minutes should be long-term reward. If you play 5 games while you lift your team every time you step on the court and don't even get tired you should get more minutes. Not that you get from 12 to 30 minutes in those 5 games.
    • Realistic progress in skill. I personally want to get better by playing and training and not by getting VC in other mode and then creating new LeBron. Skills would improve by using them - if you take lot of threes in game and train shooting in drills you should be getting better at it naturally. Player would have some natural predispositions which would affect how fast he gains skill. Finally, I understand that some players would rather play with VC, so this could even be optional.
    • Make following gameplan rewarding. Most players are freelancing, but what if following set team plays meant earning "plus points"? Player could also design his own plays and propose them to coaching staff.
    • Better PR. Player could choose from list of personalities and that would affect his answers at press conferences. Personalities would have different sets of answers like young LeBron ("Not one. Not two..."), Tim Duncan (more humble, etc) or even Popovich style ("Yes. No. Who the hell is happy?")
    • More customization. More accessories, more hairstyles, tattoos (maybe even some custom tattoo designer), ...
    • Make people react on you as an individual. Standing ovation after setting new team record, booing you after you leave your team, ...
    • Customize starting roster. Starting with custom roster (fantasy) would be interesting feature and maybe even selecting a point in the past (MJ draft, Shaq draft) and have "rookies" pre-set for seasons to come.
    • Choice of jerseys. I know one player does not decide what jersey will teams wear, but this is missed opportunity in my eyes. 2K14 still has Floridians throwback jerseys, but I don't think they're used anyhow.
  3. Other changes. I liked what I saw in those gameplays at Gamescom so far.
    • Better and dynamic crowds. There should be less people present when two bottom feeders are playing, but when the team starts winning, attendance should be increasing. Also give them some chants.
    • Better steals system. I liked 2K14's blocking update and I think it's time to upgrade steals. There should be separated try for steal at same height as opponents hand which would be better for stability a reaction time and attempt low near the floor which would leave you vulnerable to get blown past, but also had lower chance for reaching in foul.
    • Several/custom controls layouts. I like 2K13's ProStick control scheme, and while in 2K14 I could use it, but couldn't use lob pass and other stuff. Best thing to do would be to let us make custom layout, including advanced controls.
    • Technical fouls. Players with low emotion rating might get angry and T'd up after close calls.
    • Better presentation. Give them way more lines to avoid being too much repetitive. Also commentators should get gradually more excited as some big comeback is going on or a player is close to break some record. And they shouldn't suddenly stop being excited 5 seconds after buzzer beating game winner.
    • Injury 2.0. I wish that it's not exclusive to MyLeague mode and will be available to all modes (at least those with some continuity).
    • Pregame presentation. And not only that, but also pregame warmup would be really cool feature.
    • Better clothing system. Yes, I'm talking about those hovering jerseys. Take advantage of PCs and use something like PhysX Clothing. Or even better go for something new, so everybody can enjoy this.
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