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nba live 10

Postby Feelma Johnson on Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:41 am

Here are some thing that EA needs to add to live, and fix.

Add FIBA tournament to the off season of dynasty mode
Add Fan night on Tuesdays, TNT on Thursdays, ABC on Sundays, and ESPN on Wednesdays, and Fridays
Have updated commentary. (downloadable commentary that has up to date news during gameplay such as commentators talking about Gilbert arenas absence to the team because of his situation, or Allen Iverson’s situation , or if a player gets injured in real life or on the game have the commentators talk about how it affects the team)
Add halftime shows for the fan night, TNT, ect. ( such as Charles, Ernie, Kenny, EJ on TNT nights).
Add sideline reporter like they have on 2K
Bring back All-Star Weekend (slam dunk competition with the ability to jump over obstacles, and players, Haier Shooting Stars competition, and Skills competition).
Bring back game of the week
The atmosphere for the regular season, playoffs, and finals are the same
Add my player mode with the ability to play the march madness NCAA tournament, go to the draft (actually show the draft room), be able to play in the euro leagues, summer leagues, nba, or d-league.
Have injured players sit on the bench with street clothes on
Have assistant coaches, trainers, and scouts sit on the bench also
Have towel boys bring water and towels when a player comes sit down
Have the mascot and the cheerleaders interact with the crowd
Have the starting line-up be introduced along with the coaches (have the crowd cheer for the home team, and the crowd boo for the away team)
Have the computer actually run team specific plays instead of just one player coming down the court and get to the basket with ease
If a player gets injured don’t have the player come back the first game and put up mad numbers, give the player time to get fully healthy and play a few games before he is back to his old self
When the commentator announces “he looks like he’s injured” let the player really be injured, instead of having the player hobble a little bit and by the time he gets to half court he’s perfectly fine.( have the injury affect the player to the point that sometimes he might have to go to the bench to get an injury analysis, or go to the locker room, and the sideline reporter announce what happened, or the player plays through it but it may affect him next game).
When a player is sitting down on the bench don’t have his bottom going through the chair, have the player actually sit on the bench.
Have more than one beginning of the game routine( when LeBron has the picture ritual with the team)
If a team is getting blown out have the crowd start leaving or if a team has a bad record don’t have a sold out arena
At the beginning of the game have like what we have in real life when they show a video on the big screen , then they have the special lighting , the big mascot blimp flying through the arena, and the fire coming out the top of the shot clock.
When you finish a season and you start a new show the ring ceremony and the rising of the banner
Add more stats to the game (double-double per game, triple doubles, milestones ect.)
Hall of Fame
Show career stats of everyone, along with records that can be broken
Record book
Bring back legends teams (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s)
Get Draft classes like on 2K
Get Dream Teams
Like on Madden where they have the next 3 or 4 locations for the superbowl Live should have the next 3 or 4 locations for the all-star game
Let the user have the opportunity to play with the real assistant, trainers, and scouts as well as playing with free agent real people that are looking for jobs in the NBA
Call more fouls on online play
Bring back team events (most of the time when you go look at the player chemistry with one another, and the player feelings about playing time, roster changers, ect. It doesn’t fit what the player does for example the players that is getting the most playing time is unsatisfied with the amount of playing time he is getting or he doesn’t like the city because its to small, or for teams with losing records talking about they have the best fans in the NBA, or a player suggest team events.
Have chase down blocks(most of the time the CPU can catch up to you and cause a change in your shot but the CPU can outrun you
When a player Is going for a lose ball or diving to save the ball, and when they are on the baseline trying to save the ball it goes in slow motion. Let the player manually dive for the ball, and fall into the crowd
During dynasty mode the CPU always has a star player get injured at least twice a year, decrease the injury
Add fouls to the game(lose ball, technical, hanging on rim, fighting, suspensions, delay of game, unsportsmanlike conduct, excessive timeout, flagrant)
Have a player or coach be ejected sometimes mainly main people that get techs, or ejected in real life (Rasheed Wallace)
Rarely have the nets get cut or a crack in the backboard
Have the real time of games instead of military time
Sometimes have the officials go to the table and look at the camera during close games
During simulation in dynasty mode players are not averaging real time stats
Suspend a player if they have 16 techs
Have more negotiating opportunities such as a 10-day contract, or when a player is traded have the opportunity to give cash considerations for player along with a future draft pick
Have rare occasions when a player hit’s a buzzer beater from half or full court
Have rivalry games (Boston-Lakers, Lakers-Cavaliers, Cavs-Wizards, Miami-Orlando)
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Re: nba live 10

Postby Axelanderthegreat on Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:17 am

If a Live game that includes all that ever comes out, I'll be willing to pay more than its actual cost.
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Re: nba live 10

Postby Pdub on Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:34 am

Not much about improving the gameplay in there.
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Re: nba live 10

Postby Axelanderthegreat on Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:33 am

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