What's Your Best Dynasty for Live 09??

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What's Your Best Dynasty for Live 09??

Postby Extremedriver on Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:35 am

My best dynasty (Knicks, am a diehard fan) was the 2nd one I played (locked up after year 12). First dynasty locked up after year 8, so I had to start over. I had a full roster of players for dynast 2. All but 3 of them were at 99 Overall ratings before age 31. Here's my secret. I skimped on the trainer by signing an F grade at 91k every year for the first 4 years. I also skimped on the scout by signing a B grade scout for about 525K. That freed up enough money in the staff budget (3.40 Million to start with) for me to hire 2 A grade assistants (B, A+, A+, and A, A+, A-) for the first year, and a 3rd assistant (by year 4) with at least an A, or B in 1, or 2 of the three areas (Offense, Deffense, Athletics). I also like to set the event scheduling to 40% for team, and press events, 0% for practice, and 20% for time off. That combination gives me the ability to train up my players really fast.

Here was my line-up for dynasty 2: 3 Self Created Players ( 1. C/PG, 2. SF/PF, 3. SG/PG), Kasta Koufos, Josh McRoberts, Yi Jianlian (I switched him to C/PF), Lebron James, Micheal Beasley (I switched him to PF/SF), Eric Gordon, OJ Mayo, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Marco Belineli, 2 Computer Generated Players (1. PF/C, 2. SF/PF),

I'm now currently on my 3rd dynasty (5 years in), and Marco is now a 92 overall at 27 YRS. Now that I told you all about my dynasty, let me know what your's are like. :cool:
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Re: What's Your Best Dynasty for Live 09??

Postby Andrew on Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:22 pm

I never could get going with an NBA Live 09 Dynasty, indeed I'm still playing an 06 one on PC. Sounds good though, I'd definitely encourage you to check out the Dynasty Stories section and give a Dynasty thread a shot if you're interested. :)
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