nba live 09 psp modding(?)

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nba live 09 psp modding(?)

Postby yeahwhatever on Fri Dec 06, 2019 9:00 pm

I need someone to help me understand some things about how nba live 09 for psp works.

Disclaimer - I've no fcking idea how this thing works. I have zero experience on modding editing whatsoever.

What I wanna do is edit player ratings, even though the game doesn't give you an edit option, like nba live 10.

Does anyone know how ratings are distributed to each player, I mean in the game files, and if there is a way to edit them? I mean is there something like a database which I can access and change? For example, kobe has a 80 3p rating. Can I change that?

Also, how the (in game) dunk packages are connected to each player, and if there is a way to "transfer" the dunk packages of one player to another? For example, wade kobe and carter have a certain (in game) dunk package, different from other players. Can I make a different player, like j. richardson for example, have the same duck package with the former three?
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