Edit Player Names in NBA2k9 Association

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Edit Player Names in NBA2k9 Association

Postby dyopopoy on Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:40 pm

Hi there.

Guys, yup, I'm still playing NBA2k9 because I own a crappy laptop and NBA2k9 is the latest NBA2k that I can play without lagging.

Anyway, Is there an available editor that can EDIT PLAYER NAMES in an association?
I've been looking for days and I came up with NBA2K9 Mini Editor V0.4af.
This Editor can change player names but with a very disappointing way.

I cannot edit the names to be longer, it's like, it cannot exceed the number of letters of the name I'm editing.

For example, I want to edit the name "DWAYNE WADE". I want to change it to MICHAEL JORDAN.
BUT, I CANT! All I can achieve is MICHAE JORD . :( :(

And one more problem, If I change one name, all other player with the same name, will be changed.

For example, I want to change a player named JAMES HARDEN to MICHA JORDAN. I did this successfully.
BUT THEN, when I came across the cavaliers team, there's a player named "LeBRON MICHA" !!! :(
(Got my problem?)

So please, if anyone out there has a PLAYER NAME EDITOR for NBA 2k9 PC, please help me and guide me to where I can download it.
I'm desperate.

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