working widescreen solution for live 08

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working widescreen solution for live 08

Postby xenosis on Sun May 21, 2023 12:36 pm

Only tested with live 08, but might work with others.

Download dgvoodoo2 here:
The latest version is v2.8.2 for regular usage (re-released: 2023.05.12)
Your browser and/or antivirus might give a warning that the file is dangerous. It's OK. Dgvoodoo2 is a 3D api wrapper that translate application from old 3D API (Glide, DirectX 1~9) to DirectX 11 or 12, it can make many old games working on newer hardware and Windows.

After downloaded, extract these files:
Copy these 3 files into your live 08 folder. Note you should use d3d9.dll in x86, because live 08 is a 32bit application.
Run dgvoodooCpl.exe, (ignore antivirus warning) Click DirectX tab:

    Config folder - this should be your live 08 folder
    Resolution - select "Desktop", or the resolution your monitor supports.
    dgvoodoo watermark - I usually keep it for first run to check if it's working. You can uncheck it anyway.

And click Apply, close the config tool. Play the game:
intro video and game menu will be stretched. This is normal.
3D gameplay should be widescreen resolution.

Known problem:
The game process sometimes remain in background after you quit the game (not always). Be sure to terminate process in task explorer before you start game again.
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Re: working widescreen solution for live 08

Postby Andrew on Sun May 21, 2023 8:07 pm

Great solution! dgVooDoo is also awesome for getting older games to run on modern systems as well.

The game process continuing to run after exiting has been happening since Windows 7 and is frustrating, but as you said, it's an easy fix. I also created a batch file that will do it automatically: NBA Live 08 Task Killer (Windows 7 Fix)
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