Green Runs Deep-A Boston Celtics Story (NBA Live 14)

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Green Runs Deep-A Boston Celtics Story (NBA Live 14)

Postby jvjc1233 on Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:33 pm

Joe Clark walked into his office on his first day of the job. And it certainly wasn't just any job- he had taken over as the GM of the Boston Celtics. Following the sudden retirement of GM Danny Ainge after making the infamous (for Celtics fans, anyway) Nets-Celtics blockbuster trade, Clark took over the team. Ainge had left the team in shambles, upsetting many people. However, for basketball personnel trying to break into the business, it was a dream job. What general manager doesn't want to start out with a challenge? After many interviews, the Boston Celtics owners picked the one with the least basketball experience, but maybe the most basketball smarts. Joe Clark, 37, was a lifelong fan of the team, and even though he had absolutely no experience in a front office, Clark knew his basketball. A season ticket holder in the Celtics glory years, he spent his childhood watching the likes of Bird and McHale winning championships for the team he loved. Now, he had the task of bringing the Celtics back to those days, and more recently, the '08 Championship with the "Big 3" of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. As he walked into his office on that morning, August 4th, 2013, just 3 days after his 31st birthday, he thought, "This is where I belong"
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