::My Toronto Raptor Season::

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::My Toronto Raptor Season::

Postby ghettobplayer on Wed Jan 29, 2003 10:00 am

So far I've played on all star .....i find it easy at some times .....I win every game that I actually Play except the one against the Grizz were i shot 11% and could make a layup if my life depented on it ....

The best game i've had so far is against the Cavs....I scored 85 points and kept them at 50 ....On 5 min which i think is pretty good ...Considering that I think of myself as a pretty good defender ....I scored 51 points with Carter before the thrid quater ....then i but the bench warmers in .....

One thing that Kinda ticks me off is how the AI lets you back into the game...and then they screw up and let you win ...
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Postby BenJammin on Wed Jan 29, 2003 10:59 am

I have the same problem on allstar all you have to do is have some one like kobe, tmac, vc etc and then you crossover and spin through the key anytime you like and end up with 50+ points with them. On Allstar i find the cpu defense is crap but there offense is fine. Ive tried franhices on Superstar and i always get my ass kicked. If only there was another skill level in between.
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Postby vinsanity03 on Mon Feb 24, 2003 11:23 am

ya vince with 50! brings back memories of the 00-01 playoff game 4 second round when iverson and vince shared 50s
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Postby elnick on Sat Jun 14, 2003 1:06 am

you are such a ladies i always played superstar skill and i always been the best, for me that game is too easy, well i play with player lock with vince carter and my stats are... 30ppg, 12rgp, 8apg, 3spg, 4bpg... and always the any other player scored at least 20 points(i like to see and make them good players), that game isn´t hard enough, and i don´t need to scored 50 + to be the best...
i would like to play with anyone of you a 1 on 1, i always been searching for good players if you want to, send me a reply or quote your email...

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Postby bballer22 on Sat Jun 14, 2003 11:41 am

i think the worsed thing in the game at crunch time is that the CPU takes a realy long 3 and miss it which leads to a fast break, plus if u block a 3 and the player get the ball back u know he's going to shoot the 3, so u block him again.... i think i was up by 3 with 40 sec to go and ended up scoring 12pts in those last 40 seconds!!

Crunch time is realy bad in this game!
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Postby bballer22 on Sat Jun 14, 2003 11:44 am

another thing i just rememberd is that the CPU has patterns which is realy easy to follow, for eg u know that pg will always bring the ball up and pass it around, so if suddenly SG or SF bring the ball u know he's shooting a 3!
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