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Postby Adamb34n on Tue Apr 30, 2019 6:38 am

wdt92 wrote:Wow! So a lot of big shots here. D'Angelo's game-tying shot was obviously a highlight, as was Joe Harris' big threes going into Overtime and the one in OT to put you guys up 127-124. Whiteside is a bit disrespected in your game though. You guys clobbered him on his big offensive board before overtime, and refs swallowed their whistle. Then when he went up against D'Angelo in Overtime, D'Lo was just short of punching Whiteside in the mouth for the defensive play. :lol: All in all though a very exciting game, glad you pulled out that win! D'Lo is definitely looking to be the leader of your team, but from this game, I can actually see Allen quietly becoming an enforcer type for the team. Like a Steven Adams though, or at least more so than like a Rick Mahorn.

Oh, the refs for sure swallowed their whistle in some instances with Whiteside. It may be worth going back and tweaking some of the foul tenancies and sliders to balance it a bit. I'll play a few more games to make my final judgement call on that though. Allen is someone who is definitely stepping into an enforcer type role. I am excited to see how he develops throughout the season!
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