Heart of a Champion - Expansion Draft Results

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Heart of a Champion - Expansion Draft Results

Postby seaboh13 on Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:32 am


I awoke to the sound of the phone ringing in my ears, something I had grown quite accustomed to after nearly 4 years as a Basketball Operations member of the Toronto Raptors. I expected it to be my boss, General Manager Masai Ujiri. However I was instead greeted by the voice of a man I think I've heard on TSN.

"Ronnie?" His voice echoed in my ear.

"Yes Sir? Who is it?"

"Hey, Ronnie, this is Geoff Molson, owner of the Montreal Canadiens."

"What?! Why is the owner of the Montreal Canadiens ringing me? I don't know the first thing about hockey.

"Ronnie I heard you have been doing some great work with the Raptors. And I also hear you are a regular visitor here to Montreal. "

"Yes thanks Sir. I have some friends in Montreal, I catch up with them regularly. I'll be honest with you Mr Molson, I haven't the faintest idea why you are ringing me!"

"Well you see I have a very interesting proposal for you. I would like you to come work for me, effective immediately. I have spoken to your bosses at MLSE and with Masai Ujiri. They were really singing your praises. They want you to hear me out on my offer, and won't stand in your way if you want to leave. It's the least they owe you after 4 years of hard work."

"So what is the job offer Sir?"

"Well I would like you to work for me here in Montreal. As General Manager. 4 year contract. "

"I'll be honest here and say I'm shocked and humbled to be offered a job by you Sir, but I thought your GM Marc Bergevin was doing a pretty good job. I know the Maple Leafs management have mentioned him a few times. "

"Oh yes he is, but it's not a hockey job I'm offering you. We have just been granted an expanison franchise here in Montreal. And I want you to be our first GM.

" Me? (I paused for a few seconds to compose myself) Yes certainly Mr Molson. I didn't know that Montreal was granted an expansion franchise. Wow."

"Yes, just a few hours ago, I'm in New York and we are just finished meeting with Adam Silver. Seattle have also been granted a franchise too."

"Wow, the Sonics are back in the league I presume? This is an outstanding opportunity Sir."

"Yes it certainly is Ronnie. Are you on board? There is alot of work to be done. The news breaks tomorrow morning. You can say you goodbyes to Masai etc, you are about to become Rival GM's."

"Oh yes I am certainly in Sir. I have to grab all my stuff and clear out my office. When will we meet up?"

"Excellent, you can bring your things to my office in the Bell Centre. I will be meeting the others shortly after 12pm. There will a lot of reshuffling to do with the offices. See you tomorrow Ronnie."

"Th.... Thanks Mr Molson."

" Call me Geoff. Good night."

It was unbelievable, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Me a General Manager?! for an expansion franchise?! After all the work I put in, after all my dedication to my studies and this team, my years with Basketball Ireland it might finally be my time, but does Molson really think I was ready for all that responsibility? I mean to build a franchise from the ground up. More importantly, did I think I was ready?

The phone clicked, as the dial tone rang in my ear. I was still in shock. After all the time taking notes and running errands as an intern, making all the phone calls, taking minutes as a member of the basketball operations team, I now will be the Head of the my own basketball operations department. The General Manager!
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Roster 2016-17

Postby seaboh13 on Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:34 am

Roster 2016-17
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Schedule 2016-17

Postby seaboh13 on Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:34 am

Schedule 2016-17
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Re: Heart of a Champion

Postby seaboh13 on Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:34 am

Reserved for Anything else
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NBA Coming to Montreal

Postby seaboh13 on Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:42 am


The Sonics are back! NBA adds two new expansion franchises.

Chris Hansen has finally delivered on his promise to the people of Seattle.

New York, NY -- NBA officials announced today that Seattle will be one of two cities that will receive an expansion NBA Franchise.

Seattle finally receive an NBA team again after several attempts by Hansen to buy the Sacramento Kings, Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks.

The Seattle SuperSonics were an American professional basketball team based in Seattle, Washington. They played in the Pacific and Northwest Divisions of the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1967 until 2008. After the 2007–08 season ended, the team relocated to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Sam Schulman owned the team from its 1967 inception until 1983. It was then owned by Barry Ackerley (1983–2001), and then Basketball Club of Seattle, headed by Starbucks chairman, president and CEO Howard Schultz (2001–2006). On July 18, 2006, the Basketball Club of Seattle sold the SuperSonics and its Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) sister franchise Seattle Storm to the Professional Basketball Club LLC, headed by Oklahoma City businessman Clay Bennett.

The sale was approved by the NBA Board of Governors on October 24, 2006, and finalized on October 31, 2006, at which point the new ownership group took control. After failing to find public funding to construct a new arena in the Seattle area, the SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City before the 2008–09 season, following a $45 million settlement with the city of Seattle to pay off the team's existing lease at KeyArena at Seattle Center in advance of its 2010 expiration.

Home games were played at KeyArena for 33 of the franchise's 41 seasons in Seattle. In 1978, the team moved to the Kingdome, which was shared with the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL). They returned to the Coliseum full-time in 1985, moving temporarily to the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington, for the 1994–95 season while the Coliseum was renovated and rebranded as KeyArena. Chris Hansen has already being building the new Seattle Arena for the last year, and it is due for completion in time for the 2016-17 season tip-off.

The SuperSonics won the NBA championship in 1979. Overall, the franchise won three Western Conference titles: 1978, 1979, and 1996. The franchise also won six divisional titles, the most recent being in 2005, with five in the Pacific Division and one in the Northwest Division. Settlement terms of a lawsuit between the city of Seattle and Clay Bennett's ownership group stipulated the SuperSonics' banners, trophies, and retired jerseys remain in Seattle; the nickname, logo, and color scheme are available to any subsequent NBA team. The SuperSonics' franchise history, however, would be shared with the Thunder.

The NBA announced that the other city to receive an NBA Franchise would be Montreal. The Toronto Raptors will finally have a Canadian rival again. Montreal Canadiens Owner Geoff Molson has bought the expansion franchise and is already hard at work getting his front office up and running.

Montreal will share the Centre Bell in Montreal with the Montreal Canadiens (NHL). Rumors are abound that the Montreal team will share the same colors as the Canadiens, and will have a nickname closely related to the Montreal area.

Montreal was one of the six cities in contention for an expansion franchise due to the efforts of Geoff Molson. Molson met with NBA execs back in May 2015 about purchasing a franchise. Montreal has hosted preseason games for the Toronto Raptors for the last few seasons.

The two new Franchises will begin play in the 2016-2017 season. An expansion draft will be held on June 21, 2016, which is just two days before the 2016 NBA Draft where Seattle and Montreal will receive either the 4th or 5th pick.
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Vive les Habitants!

Postby seaboh13 on Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:19 am


Vive les Habitants!


Canada gets its second attempt at hosting two NBA franchises. Lets hope Montreal proves to be more successful in holding onto it than Vancouver. (See Grizzlies, Memphis).
After announcing that the NBA would get two expansion franchises, everyone knew Seattle would be the no 1 pick. The 2nd pick of Montreal totally blindsided everyone. Vancouver, St Louis, Kansas City and Las Vegas were also in the running.

President and owner of the franchise Geoff Molson had the following to say about the team branding. “I wanted to have a logo, a uniform and colors which not only was familiar to the people of Montreal, but gives all Québécois something to root for.” Molson chuckles.

On the selection of the team name Molson said: " Well we intially wanted to use the Canadiens also, but we were blocked by the NBA and NHL boards. It was only natural to use the Canadiens nickname the Habs. Habitants to be exact. A sense of history and a nod to the diverse and heavily French influenced city of Montreal. At first look the new Habitants will need a good young core to build around. Players that are mostly under 25 will be highly fought over with the SuperSonics. Add some veteran experience and a year or two of development, and the Habitants could be chasing a playoff spot in a transitional Eastern Conference.

The NBA will shortly announce a new divisional realignment structure for next season. With the Habitants franchise located in the East, one would speculate that they will join the Atlantic Division with the Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors have played several preseason games in Montreals Centre Bell
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Re: Heart of a Champion

Postby I Hate Mondays on Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:19 am

Wow, I love your start (Y)
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Re: Heart of a Champion

Postby Wyze on Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:20 am

The team branding gives me a Pelicans vibe, but I like the jerseys a lot! I hope to see you acquire, or somehow leverage some of the young up-and-coming French talent into this story. Looking forward to it!
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Re: Heart of a Champion

Postby seaboh13 on Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:48 am

I hate Mondays wrote:Wow, I love your start (Y)

Thanks, I picked the worst time to start, busiest week coaching local high school team, junior varsity into regional semi final and varsity in a shield final...

I'll pick up the pace soon enough.

Wyze wrote:The team branding gives me a Pelicans vibe, but I like the jerseys a lot! I hope to see you acquire, or somehow leverage some of the young up-and-coming French talent into this story. Looking forward to it!

Yea difficult to come up with good branding. A nod to the Canadian and French roots. Lot of similarities with the French influence between NOLA and Montreal. Didn't want to steal the Raptors colors either so I have some alternates lined up.

As for the young French talent watch this space... :wink:
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NBA Realignment 2016-17

Postby seaboh13 on Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:50 pm



The NBA has realigned their divisions to accomodate the new expansion franchises. Seattle SuperSonics return to the Northwest Division in the Western Conference. Surprisingly the former Sonics (Oklahoma City Thunder) remain in this division, despite plenty of rumors that the Thunder would move to the South West division. Keeping them in the same division as the Sonics will be intriguing to fans as OKC will visit Seattle twice a season. Expect lots of booing.

The Montreal Habitants will join the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference as expected. They join their Canadian rivals the Toronto Raptors. Again with both teams in the same division we will see 4 hard fought rivalry matches a season.

Smart well thought out decision by the NBA to give the expansion franchises ready made rivalries to generate more fan interest and revenue for the two fresh franchises.
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Chapter 1 : A New Beginning

Postby seaboh13 on Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:41 am


Chapter 1 : A New Beginning

One week into the job, after several meetings with Mr Molson, we had most of the front office in place.

Now what I've learned from Mr Molson so far is that he really cares about the morale of the franchise. He has a strong moral compass and expects this franchise to be run similarily. He's a patient owner who expects success from his employee and players, everything and everyone, top to bottom. He has always worked well with his GMs for the Canadiens to put a good product on the floor. It’s up to me now to carry on the great tradition that he has started with his NHL team in Montreal.

Now onto my assistant GM, Aaron Murray. We go back a long way. We both started out in Ireland coaching high school teams. We earned our coaching badges alongside some business and management degreees. We worked our way up the ranks with National League teams, eventually setting up Dublin Hibernia, the national club team that now competes in the EuroLeague. Ireland has always had great players, they just never had the right size or stature to consistently compete internationally. In the 1980's and 1990's basketball was incredibly big in Ireland, and we both grew up in the midst of all this. American collegiate players who didn't get drafted for the NBA made their way across the pond to play basketball to earn a living in an English speaking country.

Some examples include Kelvin Troy, the Rutgers standout. Sports Illustrated named him one of the nation's top 10 best defensive players prior to the 1979-80 season. A fifth-round draft pick of the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks, Troy played professionally in Ireland for Killester and still coaches today. We learned a lot from Kelvin, in basketball and in life!

Rutgers Scralet Knights Hall of Fame

Our other big influence was Gerald Kennedy. He attended Virginia Tech in the late 70s/ Early 80s with Dell Curry, father of reigning league MVP Steph Curry. Kennedy is actually Steph’s godfather! Kennedy is still highly influential in coaching in Ireland with underage teams, schools and clubs. Kennedy starred in the Irish league for years with Sligo All Stars.

Having connections like these we both branched into Europe and set up some links in Germany and France were we went coaching for a few months. So with all our history together, I felt I needed to get Aaron on board straight away.

He's a fantastic negotiator and fantastic at striking trade deals. Aaron like me is vastly experienced in the European style of basketball. He's held similar positions in France.
It’s probably why I was hired too. Mr Molson seen my NBA internship and coupled with my EuroLeague experience I have a feeling I know what style he would like this franchise to play. So here is the inital appointments I have made to the front office.

And here's a little summary on them:

CFO: Robert Hamilton: One of the best CFO's in the NBA. Hamilton's "A" grade on the business aspect of things will really help with the organization moving forward.

Assistant GM: Aaron Murray: Like I've said before. He's a fantastic negotiator and fantastic at striking trade deals. Between the two of us, we're going to make some great deals over our tenure.

Head Coach: To Be Decided

Assistant Coach: To Be Decided

Head Scout: Walter Forrest: One of my goals put in place by Mr. Molson was to hire one of the best Scouts in the game as we build up this franchise. He gave me 3 years to get it done, so I got it done in a couple days. Forrest is easily one of the best at evaluating talent in the NBA. He's a very good addition to our organization.

Trainer: David Clark: Clark is also one of the very best at his profession. With the uncertainty of players we'll be able to get, as we try to win now, some players may have a history of injury problems. So, signing a great trainer is definitely huge for our organization.
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Chapter 2: A New Coach?

Postby seaboh13 on Mon Nov 28, 2016 8:40 am


So finally with most of the front office in place a coaching search meeting was held with myself, assistant GM Aaron Murray, and the owner, Geoff Molson.

We headed through the Canadiens locker room, which was laid out for tours today. Man I cannot wait to get the other locker room set up for our guys.

We sat down in my office in the next room.

I was relatively quiet throughout the meeting because I already knew who I wanted to hire.

Nonetheless, Aaron and Mr. Molson bickered back and forth for a good 20 minutes over the pluses and minuses of each coach they were interested in hiring. I would give a short opinion every once in a while, but besides that, I just sat back and listened.

Finally, Mr. Molson turned to me and asked my opinion.

I responded by saying, "I want to hire Ime Udoka."

They both fell silent and just looked over at me.

Mr. Molson asked, "Over David Blatt, Kevin McHale, Lionel Hollins?"

"Of course I do. Think about it. Udoka joined the Spurs' coaching staff in 2012 after playing seven seasons in the NBA, which included stints with the Spurs, Sacramento, Portland, New York, and Los Angeles Lakers. He's been around the league, and he's been learning from the best Coach Pop for the last 4 seasons. Everytime I watch him in the Summer league, I know he's ready.

He's holds everybody accountable just like Coach Pop does. He has a different approach to it, but you get the same feeling. He knows what he's talking about. My impression of him has always been good, but what's more significant to me is to hear Pop and (Spurs general manager R.C. Buford) or the other coaches talk about him. So, it's not so much what I've observed, it's the comments from those guys.

That's the sign of a great coach... And that's exactly the type of coach we need with our strategy of signing young players in hopes of building for the future."

"And finally, he's only 39 years old. Let's say he accepts the offer, we get the talent in place. Hell, we could have him as our coach for at least the next 20 years. And we'd have a damn good coach too."

After stating my case for Udoka, Molson and Murray were sold.

"Call up Ime and see if he's interested. If so, see when you can meet face to face and strike up a contract." Mr. Molson said.

"Any limit on the salary?" I asked as I pulled out my phone.

"There is $5.26 million in the budget for a head coach, but don't you even think about spending all of that on Udoka," Mr. Molson responded.
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Habitants Hire Udoka as Head Coach

Postby seaboh13 on Mon Nov 28, 2016 8:59 am


Montreal Habitants Hire Ime Udoka as Head Coach


The Montreal Habitants have hired their first Head Coach. And GM Ronnie Keane has made a good choice, albeit a bit risky. He has cherry picked the San Antonio Spurs organisation, much like the Brooklyn Nets did by hiring Sean Marks as GM, Orlando Magic did with coach Jacque Vaughn, Philadelphia 76ers with coach Brett Brown, Atlanta Hawks with coach Mike Budenholzer and former Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown also served on Popovich's coaching staff before becoming coaches. The list goes on.

"There are two things you should know about Ime Udoka. He's patient. And he's not really a yeller. He a smart high IQ guy, who can help us shape and grow this organisation in the right way." said GM Keane.

Udoka is no clone of Gregg Popovich. Instead, he's been playing the student role — watching, learning, presenting new ideas and growing.

The former Spurs' assistant coach has been running the Summer League team for the past few seasons. He has viewed the task as a stepping stone, a chance to showcase his skills, gain more experience and get a better feel for what Popovich goes through every season.

At the time Udoka was hired, Popovich praised his former player's “work ethic” and said he had a “natural inclination to teach.” Those were the attributes that stuck out, and they were some of the reasons Udoka has earned a head-coaching job.

Udoka has been through his fair share of ups and downs as a player, something he believes will translate to becoming a better coach.

“I've been the guy out there,” Udoka said, “I've been through every situation as a player. It gives me a little bit of an upper hand. I can relate to guys. I tell them about experiences I've been through and what you have to do to be successful at it.

“I've been around a lot of different organizations as a player, so I got to see the good and the bad, and I can kind of pull from those experiences when I'm coaching — what I will do, what I won't do. I am truly excited to be part of this new franchise here in Montreal.”

What he will do is continue to show the patience he showed as a player, going from Portland State to the International Basketball Association, to Spain, France and three years in the D-League before landing in the NBA.

"Its going to be a learning curve, for me, for Ronnie, for our drafted players, for the city of Montreal. But we will embrace it. Vive les Habitants!"
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NBA Draft Lottery 2016

Postby seaboh13 on Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:34 am


NBA Draft Lottery 2016

1. Philadelphia 76ers
2. LA Lakers
3. Boston Celtics
4. Montreal Habitants
5. Seattle Supersonics
6. Phoenix Suns
7. Minnesota Timberwolves
8. New Orleans Pelicans
9. Denver Nuggets
10. Sacramento Kings
11. Toronto Raptors
12. Milawaukee Bucks
13. Orlando Magic
14. Utah Jazz

Philadelphia 76ers Grab #1 Pick
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Re: Heart of a Champion - Habs Hire Udoka as Coach.

Postby Lamrock on Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:40 am

Habitants is kind of a weird name for an NBA team but this is a cool story. Following. (Y)
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Re: Heart of a Champion - Habs Hire Udoka as Coach.

Postby seaboh13 on Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:17 am

Lamrock wrote:Habitants is kind of a weird name for an NBA team but this is a cool story. Following. (Y)

Yes it is, It was really difficult to decide on a name, but they will mostly be referred to as the Montreal Habs, similar to the Canadiens in the NHL. Habitants also is easily translated to French to which is important to the storyline!

Thanks for the follow, always good to see you around Lamrock, one of the Dynasty story legends! :bowdown:
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NBA Expansion Draft 2016

Postby seaboh13 on Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:51 am

NBA Expansion Draft 2016

Here it was. The big night. Aaron and I had a strategy in place for quite some time about the type of players we’d select.

Mr Molson put a goal in place for us to draft players for the team with an average age of 25. Actually, Mr. Molson said he’d be pretty damn pissed if we didn’t stick to the plan… But, here we go anyway...

Mr. Molson, Coach Udoka, and I all agreed that when we would draft these players, we may not accept all of their team contracts. Some would need to be re-signed so we would judge their market value accordingly. Don't want to be tied down with big contracts early in the franchise's history. Basically, we are not going to risk it all in free agency. You could call it lazy or naive, maybe even stupid… But we were convinced that we could assemble a strong developmental roster through the expansion draft. We had one target in free agency and he was currently playing in the Euroleague.

Luckily, we were handed the first pick in the expansion draft, so we could choose whoever we wanted. Well out of the players that were left unprotected by their original teams. There are a few deep teams so they are the one's we will look to target.

Anyway, with the first pick in the expansion draft, we chose C, Joffrey Lauvergne… A 24 year old center who was originally on the Oklahoma City Thunder. First of all, he fit age wise being only 24. And to be completely honest, he was the best player available. Being French he will have no problem living in Montreal…

With our 2nd pick, we went with the promising Brazilian PG Raul Neto from a deep Utah Jazz team. A great pickup at only 24 years old and has lots of room to improve. Has played some nice minutes for the Jazz last year.

The 3rd Pick we went for a Canadian prospect in Nik Stauskas. Stauskas has slowly started to carve out a role for himself with the 76ers. Hopefully this move back home to Canada can help his development along further.

The 4th Pick we went for experience in SF Omri Casspi. Ime Udoka really wanted us to go after him, so we made the move quite early as we feared the Supersonics would take him. He had a great season last year for the Kings and we were surprised to see him left unprotected. We felt he would appreciate being brought here and being integrated into a team that values his all around game.

Our 5th Pick was a former Spurs teammate of Ime's in Tiago Splitter. Tiago like Neto is a Brazilian, but is really the epitome of what we want our big men to be. Solid players on both ends, who can also move the ball and make everyone better. He is on an exprining deal and he may want to lay down some roots here long term.

The 6th Pick was Jonas Jerebko from the Celtics. He's only travelling a little further north, and coming from Sweden he won't mind the colder weather. A good combo forward who can stroke it from 3, he may add some nice depth to the roster.

Our 7th Pick was French prospect Damian Inglis. An exciting athletic player, Inglis was lost in the rotation with Milwaukee with so many skilled forwards. This is going to be his chance to shine in the league. At only 21 he has plenty of time to develop.

Our 8th Pick was Damjan Rudez. Very similar to Jerebko in that he is a good combo forward with a nice stroke from 3. Could use this as a springboard to a good contract with some bigger playing time here. Very capable playmaker from the wing spots too.

Our 9th Pick was Devyn Marble from the Orlando Magic. At 23 a decent prospect, but we will have a good look at him in training camp first. We plan to draft a Guard if possible and we want him to have minutes, so Marble better show us something.

The 10th Pick we went back to the frontcourt, and some more experience by picking C Cameron Bairstow. The 25 year old Aussie can give us some good minutes off the bench, if he makes the cut.

The 11th Pick we went with 31 year old C and Euroleague vet Sasha Kaun. He need to find his niche in the league and we may be able to give him an opportunity here.

Our 12th Pick was Spencer Dinwiddie. Another guard prospect, we like his athleticism and ability to get to the basket. Needs to use his size and try and impress to get a spot on the roster.

Our 13th Pick was Josh Huestis from OKC. A 3 and D prospect who may be able to stick around here if he improves his attitude and workrate.

So there we have it. The initial 13 players drafted for our Montreal Hab's.

So with the expansion draft finished Aaron throws the roster up on the board..

C - Joffrey Lauvernge: 75 Overall
PF - Jonas Jerebko: 73 Overall
SF - Omri Casspi: 73 Overall
SG - Nik Stauskas: 69 Overall
PG - Raul Neto: 74 Overall

PG – Spencer Dinwiddie: 67 Overall
SG – Devyn Marble: 67 Overall
SF - Damian Inglis: 69 Overall
SF - Josh Huestis - 69 Overall
PF - Damjan Rudez: 73 Overall
C - Tiago Splitter: 75 Overall
C - Sasha Kaun: 67 Overall
C- Cameron Bairstow: 65 Overall

Now onto our plan, if it’s not already obvious to you, we have gone with a particularly International feel to our selections. 3 French born players, 2 Brazilians, 1 Swedish, 1 Israeli, 1 Russian, 1 Croatian, 1 Australian and 1 Canadian born player. We want to build a roster full of young prospects from abroad, mainly from France and Canada sprinkled with a few others. The vets we want to bring in must directly aid the development of these players.

We want a very European brand of basketball, and we feel most of these players suit that style. Coach Udoka’s familiarity with some of the players will help inbed the style and system. Now this roster will change in the next few weeks, we will make some cuts and we have some targets in free agency. Now we need to go add a young star in the draft…
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NBA Draft 2016

Postby seaboh13 on Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:12 am


So here it is the NBA Draft. We have a man we want to get and build around. Lets hope he doesn't go off the board before #4. If he does we have a back up plan though.

With the 1st Pick in the 2016 NBA Draft the Philadelphia 76ers pick.......Ben Simmons.

With the 2nd Pick in the 2016 NBA Draft the Los Angeles Lakers select........Brandon Ingram.

As expected Simmons and Ingram are off the board with 1 and 2. Now is where it gets nervy. We want Jamal Murray. He fits the modern build of a scoring combo guard in todays NBA. Its a close run battle when him and Kris Dunn who is another top guard. So why do we want Murray more? He's Canadian. A legit top 5 pick and a light's out 3 point shooter. There's our marketing sorted for this opening season in Montreal. The Canadian Draft Pick playing in Canada.

Now if the Celtics take Murray here, which they might, we have the following lined up. The 76ers are looking to move Jahlil Okafor for a top 5 pick. We have Bryan Colangelo on speed dial. He just rang me an hour ago to make the offer. Its very intriguing, and their target is either Murray or Dunn. At this stage they would get one of them if they take our pick. Lets wait it out and see what happens.

With the 3rd Pick in the 2016 NBA Draft the Boston Celtics select........Jaylen Brown.


Phone rings:

"Hey Ronnie, Bryan here... So our offer is still on the table..."

"Hey Bryan, yes we would love to have Jahlil here.... but not for #4. We have to take Jamal Murray here. He's Canadian, and the public would go crazy if we don't take him. I'm not one to be swayed by public opinon, but we could dig ourselves a hole here before we even start out as a franchise..."

"Yes that's understandable Ronnie. We'll give Seattle a call."

"Hey don't go too far from the phone, we are looking at your other 1st round picks and will see what way the cards fall."

"Ok talk soon, thanks."

So here we go...

With the 4th pick in the 2016 NBA Draft the expansion franchise Montreal Habitants select.....Jamal Murray.


We got our man. The Celtics did us a favour, I felt they would either go with Murray or Dragan Bender. Now lets see what else I can get. Wonder if the Sonics will trade for Okafor..

With the 5th Pick in the 2016 NBA Draft the expansion franchise Seattle Supersonics select....Kris Dunn.

Well the 76ers have struck out. I thought the Sonics might take Dunn, reminds me a lot of a young Gary Payton. A good solid guard as a building block from them too.

"Hey Mr Michaels, what do you think our chances are of getting this young French kid?" Says Udoka.

"Lets see Ime, I think he will go late 1st round, I might be calling Boston or Philly for a pick."

"Do what you have to, he could be a legit 2 way wing, incredible athlete." Said Udoka.

#6 Dragan Bender - Phoenix Suns
#7 Marquese Chriss - Minnesota Timberwolves
#8 Juan Hernangómez - Denver Nuggets
#9 Buddy Hield - New Orleans
#10 Georgios Papagiannis -Sacramento Kings
#11 Jakob Pöltl - Toronto Raptors
#12 Thon Maker - Milwaukee Bucks
#13 Domantas Sabonis - Orlando Magic
#14 Taurean Prince - Atlanta Hawks

All the time the phones stayed quiet on our end.Denver, Indiana, Atlanta, Charlotte and Boston didn't want to give up their picks to us. We were on borrowed time here as we thought our man would have been taken by now. We had exhaused almost all avenues. Celtics were up next at #26.

With the 26th pick of the 2016 NBA Draft the Boston Celtics select Ante Žižić.

He's still there. He won't slip much further. "Who's picking next Aaron?"

"76ers Ronnie, Will I get Bryan on speaker?" Said Murray.

"Yeah do it Aaron"

"Hey Mr Colangelo, Aaron Murray here. Have you any interest in trading yor next pick?" Said Murray

"Ok what you have for me. I think you want the young French kid, and so do we. I'm shocked he's slipped so far. I'd like a future first for him. He's got serious potential." Said Colangelo

"Well we'd have to lottery protect it if its next year though."

"Ok throw in Devyn Marble, your 2nd round this year and it's a done deal." Said Colangelo

"Sold, thanks Bryan."

"With the 26th Pick in the 2016 NBA Draft the Montreal Habitants select........Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot"


And thats a wrap folks. We got the two guys we wanted, and didn't give up a lot I feel. There is absolutely no way we are not in the lottery next year, so a lottery protected first rounder might not convey for quite a while. A risk worth taking for Luwawu-Cabarrot. We picked up a Canadian and French prospect today. Good young guys with a lot of potential, and it will be nice to market these two budding young stars to our French - Canadian city of Montreal.

Now onto the roster. Lots of decisions to be made on team and player options. We need to come up with a list of free agent targets too. Busy times ahead.
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Team /Players Options and Rookie Signings

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NBA Free Agency 2016

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Every completed 2016 NBA free agent signing in one place.


The NBA's 2016 free agency period has been long anticipated because of the massive jump in salary cap from $70 million to a number now projected to be $94 million. Most teams around the league will be flush with cap space and looking to throw big dollars around, which will result in eye-popping contracts for a number of players.

Kevin Durant was the biggest prize, but while many believed Durant would re-sign for at least one more run with the Oklahoma City Thunder, the 2014 MVP instead signed with their biggest rivals in the Golden State Warriors.

His decision set the wheels in motion for the rest of free agency, as the losers of the Durant sweepstakes turned to their backup plans. Other teams not in the chase actually struck early as Durant suitors waited on him.

But free agency did finish with fireworks, thanks to Dwyane Wade. After a series of contentious negotiations with the Heat, Wade made the stunning decision to leave to sign with his hometown Chicago Bulls. That put a bow on what proved to be a wild free agency period.

Here's a list of every move this summer, in order:

KEVIN DURANT: 2 years, $54.5 million with Warriors
DWYANE WADE: 2 years, $47.5 million with Bulls
LEBRON JAMES: 3 years, $100 million with Cavaliers

JAMES HARDEN: Renegotiated for a four-year, $118 million deal
C.J. MCCOLLUM: 4 years, $106 million with Blazers
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: 3 years, $85 million with Thunder

BRADLEY BEAL: 5 years, $128 million with Wizards
TIMOFEY MOZGOV: 4 years, $64 million with Lakers
DEMAR DEROZAN: 5 years, $145 million with Raptors
ANDRE DRUMMOND: 5 years, $130 million with Pistons
NICOLAS BATUM: 5 years, $120 million with Hornets
JORDAN CLARKSON: 4 years, $50 million with Lakers
HASSAN WHITESIDE: 4-years, $98 million with Heat
ISH SMITH: 3-year contract with Pistons
D.J. AUGUSTIN: 4-years, $29 million with Magic
JEREMY LIN: 3 years, $36 million with Nets
AL JEFFERSON: 3 years, $30 million with Pacers
JERRYD BAYLESS: 3 years, $27 million with 76ers
MIRZA TELETOVIC: 3 years, $30 million with Bucks
CHANDLER PARSONS: 4 years, $94 million with Grizzlies
EVAN TURNER: 4 years, $70 million with Blazers
EVAN FOURNIER: 5 years, $85 million with Magic
MATTHEW DELLAVEDOVA: 4 years, $38 million with Bucks
SOLOMON HILL: 4 years, $48 million with Pelicans
ROBERT SACRE: 1 year, $1 million with Habitants
KYLE WILTJER: 2 years; minimum with Habitants
JEFF GREEN: 1 year, $15 million with SuperSonics
NATE ROBINSON: 1 year, $2 million with SuperSonics
DARRELL ARTHUR: 3 years, $23 million with Nuggets
DWIGHT HOWARD: 3 years, $70 million with Hawks
MIKE CONLEY: 5 years, $153 million with Grizzlies
JUSTIN HAMILTON: 2 years, $6 million with Nets
JARED DUDLEY: 3 years, $30 million with Suns
E'TWAUN MOORE: 4 years, $34 million with Pelicans
JOAKIM NOAH: 4 years, $72 million with Knicks
KENT BAZEMORE: 4 years, $70 million with Hawks
JOE JOHNSON: 2 years, $22 million with Jazz
LUOL DENG: 4 years, $72 million with Lakers
JON LEUER: 4 years, $42 million with Pistons
ARRON AFFLALO: 2 years, $25 million with Kings
BISMACK BIYOMBO: 4 years, $72 million with Magic
TREVOR BOOKER: 2 years, $18.5 million with Nets
RYAN ANDERSON: 4 years, $80 million with Rockets
MARVIN WILLIAMS: 4 years, $54.5 million with Hornets
ANTHONY TOLLIVER: 2 years, $16 million with Kings
AL HORFORD: 4 years, $113 million with the Celtics
COURTNEY LEE: 4 years, $50 million with the Knicks
IAN MAHINMI: 4 years, $64 million with the Wizards
AUSTIN RIVERS: 3 years, $35 million with the Clippers
ERIC GORDON: 4 years, $53 million with the Rockets
WESLEY JOHNSON: 3 years, $18 million with the Clippers
JAMES ENNIS: 2 years, $6 million with Grizzlies
ANDREW NICHOLSON: 4 years, $26 million with Wizards
TYLER JOHNSON: 4 years, $50 million with Heat
COLE ALDRICH: 3 years, $22 million with Timberwolves
GARRETT TEMPLE: 3 years, $24 million with Kings
TOMAS SATORANSKY: 3 years, $9 million with Wizards
JAMAL CRAWFORD: 3 years, $42 million with Clippers
RAJON RONDO: 2 years, $28 million with Bulls
MALCOLM DELANEY: 2 years with Hawks
MATT BARNES: 2 years, $12 million with Kings
DWIGHT POWELL: 4 years, $37 million with Mavericks
DERON WILLIAMS: 1 year, $10 million with Mavericks
TARIK BLACK: 2 years, $12.5 million with Lakers
RAMON SESSIONS: 2 years, $12.5 million with Hornets
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: 1 year, $5.8 million option picked up by Warriors
SERGIO RODRIGUEZ: 1 year, $8 million with 76ers
HARRISON BARNES: 4 years, $94 million with Mavericks
PAU GASOL: 2 years, $30+ million with Spurs
BRANDON JENNINGS: 1 year, $5 million with Knicks
LUC RICHARD MBAH A MOUTE: 2 years, $4.5 million with Clippers
ZAZA PACHULIA: 1 year, $2.9 million with Warriors
ROY HIBBERT: 1 year, $5 million with Hornets
LANCE THOMAS: 4 years, $27 million with Knicks
SETH CURRY: 2 years, $6 million with Mavericks
DIRK NOWITZKI: 2 years, $50 million with Mavericks
GERALD HENDERSON: 2 years, $18 million with 76ers
DAVID WEST: 1 year, $1.55 million vs. Warriors
MINDAUGAS KUZMINSKAS: 2 years, $6 million with Knicks
JASON SMITH: 3 years, $16 million with Wizards
NENE: 1 year, $2.9 million with Rockets
BRANDON RUSH: 1 year, $3.5 million with Timberwolves
BRIAN ROBERTS: 1 year, $1.05 million with Hornets
LANGSTON GALLOWAY: 2 years, $10-12 million with Pelicans
RICHARD JEFFERSON: 2 years, $5 million with Cavaliers
LEANDRO BARBOSA: 2 years, $8 million with Suns
BOBAN MARJANOVIC: 3 years, $21 million with Pistons
DEWAYNE DEDMON: 2 years $6 million with Spurs
MANU GINOBILI: 1 year, $14 million with Spurs
MARCELO HUERTAS: 2 years with the Lakers
AMIR JOHNSON: Celtics picked up player option
IAN CLARK: 1 year deal with the Warriors
FESTUS EZELI: 2 years, $15 million with the Trail Blazers
ALLEN CRABBE: 4 years, $75 million withTrail Blazers
MARREESE SPEIGHTS: Minimum contract with the Clippers
TROY DANIELS: 3 years, $10 million with the Grizzlies
DERRICK WILLIAMS: 1 year, $5 million with Heat
TIM FRAZIER: 2 years, $4 million with Pelicans
WAYNE ELLINGTON: 2 years, $12 million with Heat
MARCUS THORNTON: 1 year, minimum with Wizards
JAMES MCADOO: 1 year, minimum with SuperSonics
JAMES JOHNSON: 1 year, $4 million with Heat
MEYERS LEONARD: 4 years, $41 million with Blazers
WILLIE REED: 2 years, minimum with Heat
JARRETT JACK: 1 year, minimum with Hawks
UDONIS HASLEM: 1 year, $4 million with Heat
GREIVIS VASQUEZ: 1 year, $5 million with the Nets
JARED SULLINGER: 1 year, $6 million with Raptors
KRIS HUMPHRIES: 1 year, $4 million with Hawks
SASHA VUJACIC: 1 year, minimum with Knicks
LUIS SCOLA: 1 year with Nets
CHRISTIAN WOOD: 2 years with Hornets
JONATHAN GIBSON: 3 years with Mavericks
PABLO PRIGIONI: 2 years, minimum with Habitants
JOE HARRIS: 2 years, $2 million with the SuperSonics
MAURICE NDOUR: 2 years with the Knicks
ANTHONY BENNETT: 2 years, minimum with the Nets
RANDY FOYE: 1 year with the Nets
MANU GINOBILI: 1 year, $14 million with the Spurs
QUINCY ACY: 2 years, minimum with the Mavericks
RAYMOND FELTON: 1 year, minimum with the Clippers
TERRENCE JONES: 1 year, likely minimum with the Pelicans
JASON TERRY: 2 years, $2 million with SuperSonics
DAVIS BERTANS: 2 years, $4 million with the Spurs
CHRIS ANDERSEN: 1 year, minimum with the Cavaliers
BRANDON BASS: 1 year, minimum with the Clippers
JORDAN HILL: 2 years, $8 million with Wolves
ANDERSON VAREJAO: 1 year, minimum with Warriors
ALEX ABRINES: 3 years, $18 million with Thunder
MILES PLUMLEE: 4 years, $52 million with Bucks
AARON BROOKS: 1 year, $2.5 million with Pacers
MIKE MILLER: 2 years, $5 million with Nuggets
GERALD GREEN: 1 year, $1.4 million with Celtics
TYLER ZELLER: 2 years, $16 million with Celtics
ALONZO GEE: 1 year, minimum with Pelicans
NICOLAS BRUSSINO: 3 years, minimum with Mavericks
DION WAITERS: 1 year, $2.9 million with Heat
MAURICE HARKLESS: 4 years, $40 million with Blazers
DAVID LEE: 2 years, $3.2 million with Spurs
KEVIN SERAPHIN: 2 years, $3.6 million with Pacers

TREY BURKE: Traded to Wizards for future second-round pick
ANDREW BOGUT: Traded to Mavericks into cap space
BORIS DIAW: Traded to Jazz into cap space
JEREMY EVANS: Traded to Pacers into cap space
MIKE DUNLEAVY: Traded to Cavaliers into cap space
JOSE CALDERON: Traded to Lakers into cap space
SHABAZZ NAPIER: Traded to Trail Blazers into cap space
LUKE BABBITT: Traded to the Heat for a second round pick
C.J. WILCOX: Traded to the Magic for a future second round pick
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