A little throwback, to 2K12.

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A little throwback, to 2K12.

Postby Book_Gazette on Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:36 am

"Well this is a story all about how my life turned upside down..."
Sorry if this wrong or anything.

Yeah, so yeah, this is the story of me starting my first ever MyCareer on the PC on NBA 2K12. I got in 6th grade 3 years ago. My Dad woudn't let me get 2K13 or 14 so I was forced to live with this game not knowing about modding. Laugh about it all you want.

So yes, 2K12, alas I get to talk about it.

No rookies, and with the little knowledge of them, and of course Daniel Gibson, Nick Brown, Ricky Reid, and all those rookies who turned out to all be draft busts except me.

I get on make myself a 6-8 225 Power Forward from UConn, and I was dumb enough not to know my true position to actually be an SF. I hopped on and pretty soon I though I was screwed. I was shorter than my opponent and didn't know that they would be 6-10 and what not. I shot threes, and threw turnovers, and pretty much played the game like anybody would at 2K17 at gamescon. I managed a couple rebounds and 10 or so turnovers. I was playing like a fool, getting assists and not contesting any shots. I was practically Javale McGee and would get drafted to his team surprisingly. I has no knowledge about game difficulties sliders and whatnot, and after watching QJB I wanted to play for the Bobcats ( :lol: ). I finished with the lowest F possible. an I got interviewed by the Wizards, Knicks, and Bobcats, who said I played great (like they always do :mrgreen: ). I responded positively to all of those teams. I got drafted 18th overall by the Washington Wizards, and played a few games for them. I scored 10 points and never played a game ever again. I never returned because I couldn't change my position. I decided to try again and did better. Unfortunately the hard drive broke for this laptop so I couldn't really return to these saves. Most of all, at least my horrible past is kinda erased. :D
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