How did 2K ever compete with NBA Live?

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Re: How did 2K ever compete with NBA Live?

Postby mp3 on Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:08 pm

Yeah sorry that would be live 07 I just remembered he year was 06 when I bought it.

Even with some of the latest 2k releases I don't think I enjoyed them as much as nba live 04 & 05

I think both of them kept you interested in still playing them well into the summer right upto the release of the new version.

If nba live could get back to that I'd be happy to give EA my money again.
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Re: How did 2K ever compete with NBA Live?

Postby [Q] on Tue Jan 20, 2015 3:21 am

benji wrote:Live 99 released with no fatigue too!

And nba live 10. For online play, you'd just pick the team with the best starting 5 since they would not get tired.
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Re: How did 2K ever compete with NBA Live?

Postby Andrew on Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:44 am

benji wrote:Live 99 released with no fatigue too!

That's right, it did too. From memory, it was patched a little better than 07 was.
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Re: How did 2K ever compete with NBA Live?

Postby AlienDunker on Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:17 am

So nice to see this discussion. I hope both EA & VizCon ( 2ksports ) are listening close.

... I'm an insider & i got to share with you guys that 2K mostly led in creative, technologically and business strategy since the beginning and continues to drive the breed into for almost a score ( years ) now.

The initial reason for may surprise some of you. 2K was super open-minded when at 2k's inception; hiring a cadre of African American animators, coders and game designers. Each one contributed significantly to the base culture you witness today. When 2K first burst on the market, EA had to go back to the drawing, or shall we say in this case, the blackboard. They struggled always keeping an eye affixed on their unexpected competition. Trying to anticipate their next move, trying to get with the latest step.

BUT, it was impossible.

When 2k came with design innovations like 24 / 7 Mode ---- EA didn't know which way was up.

They had to battle by trying to exploit shelf superiority ( ALL YOUR GAMESTOP SHELVES BELONG TO US ) and license provisioning. They succeeded with NFL but fortunately, the NBA didn't fall for it & didn't go exclusive.

This wasn't a race thing. It was a cultural thing. It wasn't that black people were the main thing it was a more creatively competent form of making good games.

With every force comes some friction and NBA Street was that. Sicker, doper but then some of those guys joined 2k.

As someone said before, EA is constantly adapting to a market defined by their enemy. Over time EA has learned though as they will. They can be good and at times they are known to be the best. We will need to watch them. But my forecast is that there will be new blood that takes our hearts & minds. Both of these games are sunken in the quest for reality and ludological spreadsheet wielding design vampires. The next might just come from Activision or Ubisoft. They are quite formidable. The Ubisoft/Nintendo trained Canadians are the reason EA can even compete today.

Anyway, guys this is my experience and overall take on the situation... The details from year to year must have been great to see - 2 companies fighting it out fiercely like getthoysburg haha.
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