Create a League?

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Create a League?

Postby NBSA84 on Mon Apr 07, 2014 1:11 pm

Hello I'm very new to this website, I'm very excited a website like this exist :applaud: .
Ever since create-a-player and create-a-team showed up on the NBA Live series I fell in love with the option.
However the create mode has got much more advance since then. The last Basketball game I played was NBA Live 05 and NBA Streets 2 (both PS2).
I'm looking to buy a basketball game but for my laptop. I want to buy it for the sole purpose of the create-a-player/team options.
If I recall correctly previous games I was limited to 100 slots for players and maybe 4 for teams. I don't remember what were the limitations
on NBA 2k1.

I'm looking for the game that has the best create-a-player/team options. I want to make my own custom league with up to [44] (max 50) teams, each team having a mim. 8 players.
That's a minimum of 352 custom created players. If I can edit the amount of games played for a season (30), that would be a cherry on the top.

Any links on the forum on how to edit to make this happen I would greatly appreciate it.

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