NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Info-Dump (IGN)

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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Info-Dump (IGN)

Postby Andrew on Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:17 am

Check it out here:

Trey Smith gives an overview of pretty much every key feature or improvement of the game. There are some good tidbits here and there but what caught my eye was this final piece at the end of the article:

One last thing I wanted to mention. I asked Trey whether players who had a save file from last year's Jam on their system would get anything cool. While he couldn't reveal anything, his answer does sound promising:

"I can't give you an answer to that, but we're very cognizant that we have a fan base that's out there, that's established, that came along with us for the first ride. We learned a lot, that first time through, and we're very happy that people showed up. If it wasn't for the fans that showed up the first time, there's no way that we would have gotten a second kick at the can with this one, so it's obviously in our best interests to try to give thanks back, and that's about all I can say."

Probably not a huge feature else they'd be heavily promoting it, but could be something nifty.
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