What is the best 2K game for mods?

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What is the best 2K game for mods?

Postby calejuice on Sun May 17, 2020 1:23 am

Hi guys-

Hopefully, this is posted in the appropriate thread.

I was wondering what to hear some opinions on which NBA 2K game is the best with all of the mods that were made for it by the community. I have 2K14 right now with a lot of mods. Is 2K14 the best in terms of pool of mods that were made for the game?

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Re: What is the best 2K game for mods?

Postby Andrew on Sun May 17, 2020 1:38 am

calejuice wrote:Hopefully, this is posted in the appropriate thread.

Just a heads up, it wasn't. NBA & Basketball is an off-topic section for talking about real basketball. The Other Basketball Games section is our catch-all for talking about games that don't have their own section, as well as anything like this that's talking about a series collectively or otherwise doesn't fit into one of the specific game sections. If you get stuck, there's a description under each section, but feel free to ask as well. :)

It depends what you're looking for, but it also depends on what you like. NBA 2K20 has the most active modding section right now, but if you don't have the game, can't run the game on your PC, or don't enjoy playing the game, then it's kind of a moot point. That game is seeing the most regular new releases though, and there's a lot of great work happening there, so if you want to go with the latest game it's certainly not a bad option for mods as well.

With the older games, NBA 2K14 is the game that still has the most active modding community and probably the most plentiful back catalogue of mods. If you like NBA 2K14 you can bring it up to date, play a ton of retro season rosters, and also check out some great college basketball mods and the like. NBA 2K13 is similar and is still receiving current roster updates, but NBA 2K14 tends to get a bit more support.

A few of us are looking to do more stuff with NBA 2K11 but it's definitely not as active as it was many years ago. You'll also find some really good retro team rosters for NBA 2K16 and NBA 2K17 among other mods, as well as some in-depth retro season rosters for NBA 2K19, but the modding community has tended to move on to the latest game each year (aside from those who have stuck by an old favourite, such as NBA 2K14).

Since you've already got NBA 2K14, if you're enjoying it, right now there's certainly no harm in sticking with it because there's still quite a bot of activity in that section given the age of the game (and again, a lot of existing releases to check out). If it comes down to activity, NBA 2K14 and NBA 2K20 are basically the frontrunners. From there, it comes down to factors such as personal preference between the games, which ones you own/are willing to buy, what your PC can run, and so on.
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