College Hoops 2k8 Hex Editing

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College Hoops 2k8 Hex Editing

Postby Brock345 on Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:27 am

Hi, I've been messing around with hex editing for the past day or two and finally got somewhere with my edits. I've been able to find player offsets, change coaching attributes, win/losses, etc. There's still a few things I need help with, mostly if someone with knowledge of 2k editing/coding could craft an editor and/or help me devolve more into this project.

The reason I came here is because I've followed a few users and articles here on hex editing and thought this would be the best place to gather resources and help. Thanks.

Hope it's ok for me to link the thread with all of the info: ... ect.16251/

Edit: Updated with another thread that has all of the info, better organized.
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