editing scenario.bin

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editing scenario.bin

Postby CarolusXCI on Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:07 pm

Hello folks

Recently I've been trying to edit scenario.bin file, in order to make certain animations to occur more often (specifically that one when you strip the ball out of shooter's hand while he's trying a jump shot).

Since I had no clue about what is going on, I just took some sections bellow some names (SNRSTRIPJMP for instance) from the 06's scenario.bin file and pasted into 05's one, making sure that the size was always the same.

It crashed.

Then, I tried to import xmcpscen.ord and .orl from 06 into 2005 files. I also transferred the scenario.bin file from 06 to the 2005 ai folder. Didn't work either.

Does anyone have a clue about editing this file? Thanks
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