guys ! Let me know if you like my idea !!!

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guys ! Let me know if you like my idea !!!

Postby mcmyeh on Thu Oct 23, 2003 2:19 pm

To make the game more interesting and close to reality I believe there are 3 areas need to be improve; Player/Team profile, Game play and Dynasty mode.

The current player rating attributes is quite complete but it is not reflect to the game play. The biggest problem is players’ style should depend on their rating not their position. (If you play Kidd as SG he wont dish any assist). This can be fix by introduce these player attribute into game play.

Real meaning for “BALL HANDLING”. Kobe’s style should be different from Ray Allen, Kobe will handle the ball more coz higher ball handling rating (So Fisher will given up the ball control to Kobe, Payton might need to share ball control with Kobe) In the other hand Allen will be more catch and shot SG. PG brings up the ball but the player on the court who has highest handling rating should control the ball more than other players.

“OFFENCE AWARNESS” The current offence awareness is simply the player with high rating shot the ball almost every time they touch. This should be fix by adding “COURT VISION” and “SHOT SELECTION”. The player with high rating on all these three attribute will not just shot but pass to the team mate who has better shot. I. e. Tmac will pass more if he doesn’t have good look at shoot but Iverson will challenge the defender.

I personally think the take charge button is a joke!! Why you want your player to give up and take charge on defence?? You want your player to play hard D. The take charge button should change to “PLAY HARD DEFFENCE” button When guarding player such like Shaq down low press Hard D button will make Shaq harder to move and score but also might end up with foul, which is in real world if you play harder D you get more chance o get foul. Players with higher “DEFENCE AWARNESS” rating are able to put more pressure on the offence team with Hard D button. Lower rating players may get foul call if Hard D button been over use.

Different teams should all have there own style of play, according to their franchise player(s). It is quite often play NBA live series having player like Fisher took more shots than Shaq and Kobe. There should be “TEAM PROFILE” to each team. Each team will declare their “FRANSHISE PLAYER (S)” or none (teams like Jazz or Bucks). The franchise player will have more touches of the ball than other teammates and control the team. Other than Franchise player each team will list their “KEY PLAYERS” to fit in team roster rotation, e.g. a 8 men rotation with 8 key players to share most of playing time. Teams can chose their own offence style Fast/Med/Low, Outside/Mid Range/Inside, running/balance/half court, and defence style hard/med/easy. So for Rocket last year the setting will be:
“Franchise player”: Steve Francis
“Key Players”: etc …
“Offence”: Fast, Outside and Running
“Defence”: Easy
The setting will change if another player reach the level to become Franchise Player, say Yao, and the team style will be adjust.

Not everyone can be Franchise player; the player must reach some level of their overall rating plus their “ALLSTAR POTENTIAL”. (Younger players will have higher rating and the ALLSTAR POTENTIAL value will transfer partially to actual rating following years) e.g. Lebron might not have enough overall rating to become Franchise player just now but plus the “ALL STAR POTENTIAL” he is able to be the franchise player for Cavs. Already Allstar player like Kobe’s “ALLSTAR POTENTIAL” rating will be “REACHED” and player like Pippen will be “PAST”

For the dynasty it is necessary to have better AI, logic and rules of signing free agent and trades. Franchise players are rarely to be trade or signing with other teams with lower money offer or one of worst record. Computer will try to trade players play the same position to someone fill their roster weakness. Teams with bad record will trade or not re-sign their aging players to clear salary cap for rebuilding reason. (never ending rebuilding team like Clippers) Free agent will chose their new team by their “CHARACTER” as follow Championship / Money / Playing Time / Loyal / Travel / Normal. Players’ character will be change year after year. Players like Malone and Payton, past all stars without championship and not fit with their old teams plan will choose to join contend teams with less pay.
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Postby Vi1n5ce on Thu Oct 23, 2003 9:23 pm

I liked your ideas, but some requires complicated programming (I know programming), but it is not impossible to do...

I like the court vision and shot selection idea because I believe that the high FG % in past live series is cause by these two things. In real NBA games, players with high FG % is often the players who have good shot selection. And these players don't necessary be the star player or "go to guy" of the team (eg John Stockton with 52% FG, shooting 401 - 775 in 2001-2002 *most star player shoot around 1100 a season). Furthermore, most missed shot is not cause by players who cannot shoot (low FG rating) but with poor court vision and shot selection.

The tight D button is also good and it can waste stamina by peforming it. The court vision can also come into play with this tight D button. When a player is getting tight D, the ones with high court vision know they should pass the ball to a player who's defender is more "relax" on defense. Then depending on the shot selection rating of this player, he might take a shot or pass it again.

In "dynasty mode", I agree too that different teams have to have different style of play and frachaise player. This setting should also not be hidden from user because knowing the enemy is the first thing you do in preparing for a game. These settings can be generated by computer according to their players. User can also set their own team's setting, but if user makes poor selection (eg frachaise player set to Pippen in Bulls would be stupid as he is near 40 years old...) then the team will have poor performance in their simulated games (if user controls the team during the game, then these setting won't affect that much)

This is just some response to your wishes and everything is my own opinion and is OK if anyone disagree... Can't wait for NBA live 2005...
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Postby fgrep15 on Mon Nov 03, 2003 6:09 pm

good idea

i think they should have something like a depth chart and for each player there's a meter for the amount of time they play at EVERY position not just their primary poisitons...cause sometimes teams but a small lineup in and their biggest player is a sf

so like desmond mason since micheal redd starts

pg- 3mins
sg- 13mins
sf - 13mins
pf - 2min
c - 0min

thats 31 mins per game and he come off the bench

micheal redd
pg - 5mins
sg - 31min
sf - 2min
pf- 0min
c - 0min

tim thomas
pg- 0min
sg- 1min
sf - 30min
pf - 6min
c - 1min

something like that and when its blowouts the guy out of the rotation should each get like 5mins

or it could be in precentages but whatever

then there should be something under that for % of touches not ppg if the guy is not a good shooter someone with less touches could avg more points but he still gets the ball more...i mean the game should try and make it exact cause thats just stupid but it should be in range

so lets use the magic

tracy mcgrady - 30 %
gooden - 13%
lue - 12%
howard- 16%
shammond williams - 10%

im not gonna do all players but u get the idea

this is for dynasty...i mean it will take a little thinkng from ur part but its okayy and the comp should aoutomatically do it for u but u know comps always screw up so ull have to edit it a it should make the best players get the touches and if there are 2 really good players at the same position make one come off the bench but play heavy mins and it also shouldn't always reorder the roster after u do like when u want a rookie to develop and u play the rook over a better older player
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Postby fgrep15 on Mon Nov 03, 2003 6:45 pm

some thoughts: okay maybe not some a lot

the players should also have a potential and work ethic rating so that some guys that start out not too good came become stars later on like there could be a 32pick with a 85 potential rating and 90 work ethic but is like 59 when he comes in the league and becomes like 81 in like 5years like a rashard lewis and mybe allow guys to grow of bulk up during summer

and make dynasty like a owner mode : sign coaches, assistanst, trainers, scouts (better scout better rookie reports), medical teams all of that... i dunno this may be pushing it but there should be a retired players column and they should have interest levels in coaching, becoming a public relations advisor, asistant coaching, president also maybe if a team loses for too many years or not getting attendance they can move to another city or sell the team allow new franchises to be added...the game should be like 2 cd's so u can include the extras

user should pick drafted players number and it cant be a duplicate, this isnt a hard thing to do,and when u trade for a player a edit number screen should come up like if u get kobe on some team that has another #8 but the other players is like rick brunson then u can change brunson's number..u should be able to give ur team new jersey's or a new alternate jeresey.

better pre draft workouts...could be made interactive like u get some prospects and they play 5on5 against some of ur teams bench players and the ones that do good have better ratings or its jut automatically done but give better analysis like ( real good passer, no shot, but can get to the line, amazing handles, but undersized )

players able to power through hacks i mean when shaq is going to dunk he gets hacked by like 3ppl and doesn't suddenly change his shot and do a layup

better passing from pg's and allow players to face up defenders easier

playbooks with plays like flex ,motion etc... there should be more plays like a double screen that has a guy end up at the free throw line for a jumper or outside for a 3

not as much double teaming like double team a player on fire, shaq, kg and tim duncan in the post, but not all the time, and when ur losing and need defensive stops, defense recovers too quickly i dunno if the guys that did the 10 man thing were all supper fast but a center doesnt recover on the ball as fast as a pg

trade blocks... also if the computer is in need of a C and signs like the 2nd pick but he's currently not good but they have a very high potential rating it should be very hard to aquire that player without given up another young player or future first round pick and a player

computer will try extremely hard to sign their their players back and u should be able to go over salary cap just that u have to pay and if ur not making money then u can't but if u are then u can pay off the luxury tax, fan appreciation to bring ppl, like tv contracts, edit stadium like add luxury boxes or expand

Create a Coach and the ppl on the sidelines like sweepers, mascots, cheerleaders, cameramen
and u should be able to dive for loose ball that are going out and hit like a fan or someone on the side and knock them over or something

add more extras not just on one horse, 3on3, 2on2, 5on5 like on street ball... maybe a 21

have the highlights for sure...this is in fifa
and the crowd should do things like scream after a naty dunk, crossover etc
go ohhh after a block... scream airball or brick sometimes when away team is shooting free throws

the strength rating should make a difference in how guys play against each other like how they rebound and all that and when a guy is posting up and getting pushed out really far he should spin off and cut to the basket or sumthin and maybe u can throw him a pass or alley oop not just keep getting pushed out

have per 48min stats

maybe if u play in dynasty convert the stats to 48min like if u play 8min quarters then 33% more of everything is added so if a guy scores 15points then it is converted to 20..well its 19.95 but thats just stupid

those are some thoughts i will probably have more
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Postby mcmyeh on Wed Nov 05, 2003 11:10 am

I think the pre-draft workout idea is good ! the user should be able to invite the players they interested in for a workout session and there will be a scout report before and after workout (the accuracy of scout report will depends on how much money (points) the team spend on the scout ).

1st round draft pick players should all have nba player comparison ... and the computer should be able to use retired and legend players as prototype to generate a similar player for draft. Such players like Larry Bird, Magic or even Jerry West. But it doesn't guarantee that player will be success as its prototype players but they will have very similar style.
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Postby fgrep15 on Wed Nov 05, 2003 3:51 pm

i like the 1at round pick comparison thing maybe it shouldnt only be retired guys it could be guys that are currently stars in the league too
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Postby fgrep15 on Thu Nov 06, 2003 2:44 pm

i think live should really get the highlights thing going...cause i got fifa today and when u pause the game they show highlights of good plays that have happened in the background..its pretty nice

and at half they recap the highlights for the half and there is also a recap at the end of the game of all the highlights...this was there in last years fifa too but its nice tho

with all this i am still very impressed with this years live
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