Editing XDitties

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Editing XDitties

Postby mrjea99 on Sun Mar 12, 2023 10:19 am

Hey everyone. Was looking to do some editing to the arena sounds played during gameplay.
I've figured out for the most part how to do this, as I have already swapped out some loading menu songs, and end-of-quarter themes etc.

The problem is with the "xditties.ast" file itself. Anytime I try unpacking it in the "NHL 07 AST Packer", it gives me the error, "some addresses not correctly found in abk", and this is somehow preventing it from making the new folder with the .asf files in it.

What I have noticed is that after clicking unpack, the list stops showing data for "abk position" after entry #57. I'm thinking this is the problem, and somehow past this point the .abk information doesn't match up with the .ast info.

(As i've stated earlier, I have already used this program successfully with "xcrowd" and "xurban" .ast files. The only problem is with the "xditties" file.")

If anyone has used this NHL AST unpacker, you will know that once it creates the new directory, it includes the ".asf" ".ida" and ".tba" files in the same folder.

So I have tried to work around the error by simply extracting the .asf files by using the "NHL 07 .ASF player" , which converts them to .wav, then back to .asf using the ditty importer, and placing them into a newly created directory.

This almost works, but like I've said, I will also need the ".tba" and ".ida" files as well, in order for the AST Packer to repack them into a single .ast file.

If anyone could help me with this, (or hopefully someone has the isolated .tba and .ida) I'd appreciate it. :100:

(I wish I wasn't a little kid when these topics were more active lol :cry: )
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Re: Editing XDitties

Postby 94222qjh on Sun Mar 19, 2023 6:04 pm

I tried to open the xditties of NBA LIVE 04~08 with NHL07 Ast-Abk Unpacker,among them, NBA LIVE 2004 and NBA LIVE 07/08 were successfully unpacked.
When unpacking NBA LIVE 2005/06,I get an error message:"Some addresses not correctly found in abk",I haven't found a way to fix this yet.

But I had another idea when I put xditties.abk, xditties.ast from NBA LIVE 2004 into NBA LIVE 2005,most of the arena sounds can play normally.
It's just that the frequency of playing the arena sounds and the frequency of switching sounds doesn't seem to be as high as before.
(I suspected that there was something error with some of the *.asf. When I converted each *.asf to *.wav to play,I found that there was a lot of sounds that I hadn't heard in the game, and some *.asf are duplicate)

You can download the NBA LIVE 2004 and extract xditties to give it a try.I tried to edit the new *.wav import *.asf and pack it into xditties.abk and xditties.ast, and verified that this method can replace the arena sounds played during gameplay.
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