to all nba live 2004 patchers..

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to all nba live 2004 patchers..

Postby BiG GamE ViN on Thu May 12, 2011 2:41 am

greetings.. is there any tutorial or is it possible to use 2008 shoes for live 2004.. hope someone could help me bout this.. thanks in advance guys..
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Re: to all nba live 2004 patchers..

Postby Mel_Fox_76 on Thu May 12, 2011 7:51 am

Hey man!
2008 shoe patches are basically working on 2004, but you'll c sth like a mismatch. When selecting any player and changing his shoes, you'll c that the shoe' s textures won't fit the raw model. That means, for example, that the textures at the shoe's backside are not symmetric. To fix that, you have to compress (change proportions!) the shoe pictures from 128 pixs (width) x 128 pixs (height) to 121 pixs (width) x 128 (height). Then canvas size back to 128 x 128 in a way that a 7 pix wide and 128 high line will remain at the RIGHT side. Look at my shoe patches! Afterwards they should look perfectly.

By the way EAGraph is enough. Just use this software to import the bmp files (that have been extracted out of the fsh files of the 2008 files. For that fshx is necessary!)

Good luck

C ya

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