Some question about player cyberface update/add new player

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Some question about player cyberface update/add new player

Postby ak472005 on Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:56 pm

Hi, everyone,
I wanna have some update cyberface on xplayer.viv file
actually, is it possible to use some 2003 player materials to update?(such as some player.fsh, _loda.o,_lodc.o,_lodd.o file)
because it should be to change it to a viv file then use eagraph to import it
but, when I use eagraph to convert those .fsh and .o file to a .viv file and use eagraph to import in xplayer.viv file
it was error when I start the game.
Second question, when I try to open oedit software, it show an error message means Error 430 (Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface) in frmMain:InitD3D), what that meaning for the software?
Also, when I still try to use the oedit to modify some loda.o/lodc.o file,
it show the another error message (The.O file is corrupt or does not contain vaild mesh data)
I had found some information talk about oedit need to use MorphMeshEx to help to modify, but when I want to install the MorphMeshEx program,
the OS just show the other error message.....
Can any senior members help me what can I do, if I want to update some cyberface and create some cyberface on Live 2004 (such as Andrew, Murat, JaoSming, XtrangHero)...Many thanks x1000!!!
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