September 16th 2023 Rule Amendments (Deleting & Re-Posting, Hacking, MT Sellers)

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September 16th 2023 Rule Amendments (Deleting & Re-Posting, Hacking, MT Sellers)

Postby Andrew on Sat Sep 16, 2023 10:53 pm

New Rules Regarding Deleting & Re-Posting, Hacking, MT Resellers

Please note that we've made a couple of amendments to our Forum rules, which are now in effect. We never want to go overboard with our rules to the point where this isn't a fun community to be a part of, but some recent events have made it clear that there are a couple of loopholes we needed to close/specifics we needed to clarify.

Firstly, there have been some issues with soft-deleting posts and then re-posting them, usually in an effort to bump a topic or otherwise get attention. It's gotten out of hand to the point where months-old topics are being unnecessarily bumped, or recent topics are bumped with several soft-deletions and re-posts within the span of a week, or even a day. We always want to be fair when it comes to double posts and bumping topics both old and recent, but there's no good reason to do this and flaunt our established rules regarding spamming. To that end, we've further clarified those rules, and anyone spamming in this way will temporarily lose the ability to delete posts for a month.

Second, we're officially adding a rule regarding online hacking (e.g. using cheating tools to gain an advantage in MyTEAM, and MyCAREER's online modes). It's been an unwritten rule that we don't support that for some time now, so we're just making it official. While we don't like microtransactions and the gambling aspects of NBA 2K, and we understand doing it in protest, we don't want to encourage anyone to risk a ban for violating 2K's Terms of Service. More to the point, hacking often goes beyond a protest and becomes cheating for an unfair advantage. This ruins the online scene, and we're not going to support or allow that. Obviously, this doesn't affect modding at all.

Similarly, even though the Auction House has been replaced by the Player Market, a rule regarding MT/in-game currency resellers has now officially been added. In short, they're not allowed to be posted and promoted here, as we don't want to support that practice. Putting aside the damage they've already done, we don't want to see anyone lose money to an untrustworthy site, and we're not in a position to verify and vet them all. Our rules about promotion have always been clear as far as not selling anything, so this is just a specific clarification: those sites aren't allowed. We'll usually warn, but anyone signing up just to promote them will likely get banned as a spam account.

Those are the only major additions/changes to the rules this time around. Some of the wording of established rules has been updated to be clearer or more concise, and the word "patches" has been universally replaced by "mods" since that's the term we've come to use for the modifications that the community creates for games. However, the established rules and policies themselves remain unchanged. Aside from the new rules listed below, it's business as usual!

Again, it's never our intention to stifle fun and make people walk on eggshells by strictly enforcing draconian rules. It's not often we make rule amendments as the ones we've had in place for years have generally served us well. From time to time, there are situations where it becomes obvious that there's a loophole or something new that we need a policy on, and that's what's happened here. If you've got any questions about the amendments or anything else, please hit me up. Additionally, please let me know about any other concerns regarding the Forum and site in general, including any technical issues, or ways that we can better serve the basketball gaming community.

Thanks for your understanding, we appreciate you being a part of the community and helping to make it what it is for more than 25 years!

Newly-Added Rules

Here are the three new rules that have been added in the latest amendment.

Under our rules regarding spamming:

Repeatedly soft-deleting posts and re-posting them for no reason except to bump topics and get attention. And yes, it's very clear when someone has just accidentally double-posted, and when someone is trying to sneakily spam! Flaunting this rule will lead to temporary and eventually permanent loss of the ability to soft-delete your own posts.

Under our rules regarding prohibited content and topics:

We do not support online hacking/cheating, so don't request instructions or tools to aid in gaining an advantage in modes such as MyTEAM and MyCAREER. This includes hacks to gain more VC or MT, unlock player cards, or to bypass MyPLAYER build restrictions.

Promotion of third-party sites that re-sell in-game currency (e.g. Virtual Currency, MyTEAM Points) is prohibited, as we do not want to support those practices.
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