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NBA 2K24 Wishlist

Postby Andrew on Sun Jan 22, 2023 9:20 pm

NBA 2K24 Wishlist

Here is our official NBA 2K24 Wishlist topic! This is the place to post constructive feedback that will be submitted to the NBA 2K Development Team; that means anything from bugs that need fixing, to features that you want to see added or improved upon, to anything else you feel would make future NBA 2K games better.

A couple of notes and important suggestions on how to give the most comprehensive and useful feedback (based on previous conversations with developers):

Important Notes & Suggestions

Please keep this stuff in mind as you're posting your ideas!

  • One suggested format is to post your top 15-20 wishes/suggestions for the game, ie. the 15-20 most important things that NBA 2K24 needs to do/add/improve upon. If you have a couple of extra points, that's fine, but try to prioritise. If you don't have that many suggestions, that's fine too; just post the feedback you have and want to share with the developers.

  • Alternatively, post your top ten or so suggestions you have for different aspects of the game, such as gameplay, game modes, presentation, features, and so on. Again, if you have less than ten, no problem. That's a strongly suggested maximum for the lists, not a minimum.

  • Make sure that you elaborate and post further details where necessary. There's no need to write an essay - there's nothing wrong with being brief, direct, and to the point - but saying things like "better gameplay" doesn't give enough feedback. Explain how you want gameplay to get better, what changes are required to see an improvement. Mention specific issues, along with relevant improvements and fixes you want to see. A few sentences or subpoints are fine, and will add clarification.

  • Be constructive! No insults, flaming or bashing in this thread. If you're not interested in providing actual feedback and discussing ways to improve the game, please move along. If you want to vent about NBA 2K23, please feel free to make use of other threads in the Forum, but this is a thread for constructive feedback only. You don't need to sugarcoat things, or hold back on talking about stuff that needs to be fixed, just don't be abusive or needlessly snarky. Explaining what you think is broken or unsatisfactory, and what you want to see changed, is useful feedback. Telling the developers they're stupid, suck, and you hate them, on the other hand, is not.

  • Lists of bugs that haven't been resolved in the NBA 2K23 title updates are also most welcome.

That's about it. Feel free to start posting your ideas and if you have any further questions, just ask. We'll be passing along all feedback in an organised list, which will also contain a "Top Wishes" section based on general consensus.
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