NBA 2K22 MyNBA Courtside Report

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NBA 2K22 MyNBA Courtside Report

Postby Andrew on Thu Sep 09, 2021 11:46 am

Full blog here:

For those who are unaware, MyNBA is Next Gen's franchise mode, encompassing MyLEAGUE, MyLEAGUE Online, and MyGM from Current Gen. This information only applies to Next Gen; Current Gen still has the three aforementioned modes.

Here's my summary of the MyNBA blog:

  • MySTAFF represents a rebuild of how team staff works in NBA 2K22, including new attributes, Badges, and roles.
  • There are four departments for staff with roles to fill: Front Office (Governor, GM, Assistant GM, CFO), Coaching (Head Coach, Shot Doctor, Bigman Coach, Post Defense Coach, Perimeter Defense Coach, Guard Guru, Wing Whisperer), Scouting (Head Scout, 4 Domestic Scouts, 2 Foreign Scouts), and Sports Medicine (Team Doctor, Strength Trainer, Stamina Trainer, Sports Psych, Sports Science, Physio, Sleep Doctor)
  • When budgeting and hiring, it will be important to determine the personnel that are the best fit for your roster. Teams will also have varying strengths and weaknesses according to their staff. MyNBA will provide a general evaluation of those strengths and weaknesses.
  • Many of the Staff attributes are universal, allowing individuals to be placed in different roles and to grow in them. An example of these attributes is Charisma, which has little benefit for a CFO, but is essential for a GM. Conversely, Money Sense is ideal for a CFO, but also beneficial to a GM's ability to make sensible trades.
  • A glossary will explain all of the attributes and their roles in staff effectiveness.
  • When hiring staff, candidates will be sorted by their most relevant attribute by default (e.g. Sports Medicine for a Strength Trainer).
  • Each staff member within the four departments has their own role, and their attributes will determine how good they are at their job. For example, the Sports Scientist helps to prevent injuries, while the Physio is the one that helps rehab them. Depending on their attributes, your players may avoid injury more often, but rehab more slowly (and vice versa).
  • Staff develop over time, which allows them to shift into different roles depending on their attributes. Their skills and aptitude for different roles can be seen on the updated Staff Cards. Gregg Popovich is cited as a real life example of someone who evolved in their role, starting out as the Spurs' GM and becoming one of the all-time great coaches.
  • All of these attributes can be edited, so roster creators will be able to customise staff accordingly.
  • The Prep Hub is a new menu that allows easier management of team training and fatigue, as well as scouting your next opponent. Team proficiency is also displayed here, providing an overview of how well the roster fits the head coach's system.
  • Head coaches will automatically set three week team training schedules according to their individual approach. This introduces a balancing act to maintain Game Fitness, to ensure players don't suffer attribute penalties due to fatigue.
  • A description of each practice type will explain its impact on players, assisting in managing their workload.
  • Player fatigue, injury risk, and load management are visible on the spreadsheets of the individual player training menu. It's also easier to choose the ideal area of focus to develop a player according to their style and potential.
  • Tighter, more condensed spreadsheets make it easier to display more information on the screen at once, compared to previous franchise modes.
  • Conditional Coaching adds new options to managing simulated games. This includes parameters for garbage time, and other directives that emulate coaching options and strategies during gameplay.
  • There are three new pre-built expansion teams: Bronx Brawlers, Honolulu Breeze, and Omaha Airmen.
  • A number of other minor improvements and bug fixes have been made, but weren't specifically noted in the blog.
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Re: NBA 2K22 MyNBA Courtside Report

Postby ThePointForward on Thu Sep 09, 2021 5:36 pm

Head Coach, Post Defence Coach, Perimeter Defence Coach... Sounds good.
Shot Doctor? Guard Guru? Wing Whisperer? :D

I see the weed business in California is booming.
Whoever came up with these deserves a raise, it's good fun.
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