No halftime show?

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No halftime show?

Postby vetmin on Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:04 pm

Apologies if this is being discussed elsewhere and I didn't see (nothing in the Impressions thread as far as I saw), but is everyone else on PC experiencing the abbreviated halftime show (i.e., just the highlights, no actual shots of the halftime studio)?

I saw that PS4 users were having this issue too and I assume it's a glitch, even though I love it and would install a mod to do just this. Saves time and, also, with the hassle of custom visuals gone it might be fun to poke around the manifest and find places where lines from Chuck can be substituted in. Assuming it is a glitch and they patch it, is that the kind of thing that using the original pre-patch NBA2k22.exe would fix (in principle)? Just wanna know how excited I should be about this...

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Re: No halftime show?

Postby Tobay93 on Mon Sep 20, 2021 1:41 am

Experiencing the same but happens only in the playoffs for me. There is a big lag spike happening every time before the highlights are shown though, almost thought my game crashed when it happenend first. Also afterwards, from the 3rd quarter on til the end of the game, the 2K transition wipe is glitched and not appearing anymore which makes transitions faster. Hoping it gets fixed fast!
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