How to make your own Retro Roster! Tools and Tips!

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How to make your own Retro Roster! Tools and Tips!

Postby RMJH4 on Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:44 pm

How to make your own Retro Roster! Tools and Tips!


So I have decided to compile everything I use here for people who would like to create their own roster.

These links, tools and tips will help you, but there is no substitute for the time and care it takes to create one.

Currently we are very lucky to have several roster's available to us retro gaming heads, particularly in 2k20. But like myself, once you see a season created you inevitably think, oh thanks for 1979-80, but I really would like 1980-81! So here is how you go about that!

Using one of the below rosters as a base, obviously use as close as possible, you can then use my links for the year you require.

You can actually copy and paste players and teams from NBA2K20 Tools straight into NBA2K21 Tools. Yes that's a lot of work copying every player but it can be done!

I may eventually convert my 2k1, 2k2 and 2k5 rosters to 2k21 but don't have time right now.

Step by Step tutorial:

1. Make sure you have NBA2K Tools/Editor as you can easily assign or release players for each teams roster through this in game. You could also do this in game, I just find that's a longer method.

2: Use either the Madden Ratings page, Basketball Reference or RealGm links below to see what each roster should look like.

3: Edit to fill each roster with as many players as you can.

4: Make up a roster filler player, I have used Thunder Shaq's on many occasions, and in game export it's player data. That way each time you need it, it will show up in your roster under create a player. Then just copy him to your required roster to fill it up. Rosters require 14 players, so best to fill this up as you go along.

5. Save. Save. Save and save your progress. I always do this after every team I edit. Sometimes I even upload the roster to make sure I don't lose the file. 2k has neverending bugs where it can randomly lose a roster on you.

6: Search other retro rosters and draft classes for players you are missing on steam. Export them from the required roster, and then you can import player in you own roster. Be careful if this player needs a cyberface from another modpack. This can also be an issue when trying to convert 2k20 rosters to 2k21. Use the NBA2K Tool to write that number down, and move his face and png files into the waigua you are using. Make sure the cyberface is compatable with 2k21. There are numerous retro cyberface modders in the forums here like, Dee4Three, maumau78, sticky-fingers etc etc.

7: Using 2k Tools you can edit, team names, uniforms, city, colours, logos etc. There is a wide range of most logos from 1996 - 2017 in any of the below links. Again this can be copy/pasted from a 2k20 roster.

8: Remember to keep a list of the files you add, change, modify etc. When I change a cyberface number, I always try to keep a record of it. That way if one corrupts it, I can go back and change it. I use Notepad a lot!

9: Use Shuajotas NBA2K20 Cyberface Preview Folder. This is great for finding lookalikes.

10: Rename teams, change colours, assign correct year specific uniforms, logos and courts, you may need to compile logos and courts from other retro rosters.

11: Always reach out and PM roster makers for help. There are numerous great people in here who are always willing to help and give advice. You will be shocked at how happy people are to have someone else join the team and help out in any way possible. We all benefit from more rosters!

12: There are a large range of cyberface, uniform, logo and court creators in here. Too many to list but you can just scroll through the main pages in the NBA2K20 and NBA2K21 modding forums. Uniforms, logos, courts, scoreboards all work in both 2k20 and 2k21.

13: Most importantly, make sure you are doing this for you. If you don't really want or need a roster, stay away, as you will probably give up anyway. You need to enjoy it, or have some type of motivation to complete it. My rosters take generally a couple of weeks to compile. For first timers expect 1-2 months if you are OCD, if not you can throw out a basic one in about a week or two. This year has been easier thanks to all of the wonderful people below. Now is probably the best time to start making a roster since the UBR and URB in 2k14!

Retro Rosters currently available in 2k20 to use as bases for conversion:

2000-01 RMJH4:
2001-02 RMJH4:
2004-05 RMJH4:
2007-08 gregotin:
96-97, 97-98, 98-99, 99-00, 03-04, 04-05, 05-06, 06-07, 07-08, 08-09, 09-10, 10-11, 11-12, 12-13, 13-14, 14-15, 15-16Thunder Shaq:

Retro Rosters currently available in 2k21:
2k77 Mod dlubell:
1987-1988 TYPROZGAMES:
2008-09 by L3:

2k21 Retro draft classes currently available:

2009 - 2020 RickyRadost :

Tools needed:

NBA2KHook by Looyh:
NBA2K20 Editor:
NBA2K21 Editor:

Resources and Links:

[Madden Ratings] NBA Live and NBA2K Past Roster Ratings:
Opening Night Rosters for every NBA Season by Team:
Past NBA Salaries (You can also google search NBA salaries (insert year):
Basketball Reference (Player vitals, numbers ages, salaries etc- Just search e.g; 2005 Raptors in search bar):
NBA2K20 Cyberface Previews by Shuajota:

And most importantly Good Luck and Enjoy!!
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Re: How to make your own Retro Roster! Tools and Tips!

Postby Andrew on Mon Apr 19, 2021 12:48 am

Good idea putting this together for the NBA 2K21 section as well. Thanks!
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Re: How to make your own Retro Roster! Tools and Tips!

Postby TYPROZGAMES on Tue Apr 20, 2021 2:54 am

updated daily!!!! 2k87
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