High flying dunkers unable to (self) alley oop dunk (for ex. Dwade)

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High flying dunkers unable to (self) alley oop dunk (for ex. Dwade)

Postby Tobay93 on Sat Mar 20, 2021 11:51 pm

There's multiple iconic high flying dunkers in 2K21 who are unable to (self) alley oop dunk and I'm trying to figure out to which setting/attribute this is connected to because it doesn't depend on the dunk/vertical rating

Best example is Dwade, there's 3 versions of him in the game, strangely only the All-Time one is able to (self) alley oop dunk
Besides the ridiculous fact that 2K seriously gave his 12-13 version a 60!!! dunk rating, also his 06 version won't dunk a (self) alley oop despite high enough ratings and this stays the same after I tried changing his 12-13 version's dunk rating to a 88 or higher annoyingly :x

The only fix I found is to copy/paste his player DNA from the All-Time/working version (of the specific player if there's another one in the game) but that on the other hand messes with his age, other attributes etc. that's why it would be really helpful to find out to which setting (maybe changable through 2Ktools) or attribute the inability is related to

It happens for quite a few iconic High Flying dunkers in the game which makes it even more sad 2K doesn't mind at all since it has been like this for a few years already
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Re: High flying dunkers unable to (self) alley oop dunk (for ex. Dwade)

Postby Redpants on Sun Apr 11, 2021 4:15 am

Uhm, I think the ability to self alley oop can be adjusted through the "Lob City Finisher" and "Lob City Passer" badges. Try to give the player you want these 2 badges at about Gold and see how it go.
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