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ABL | 2K21 Simulation Experience

Postby c_rich368 on Mon Mar 22, 2021 12:20 pm



In this league, you'll create a player and mold him into the type you want him to be. You'll be able to watch him play multiple times a week and cheer him and your teammates on, while taking on your rivals from time to time!

The difference between this league and others like it is the support of a developer behind it. A bot has been created and will continue to be updated, added to, and maintained - this bot almost automatically imports upgraded player attributes and badges into the game, which makes thing go so much faster.

The server is discord centralized, so everything will be done from discord, you don't need anything but a phone, tablet, or computer and internet to watch your player become a superstar

The games will be run from PC, which opens up the ability of mods created by the community. The game will look better than ever, things like no-crowds and the bubble can be added with ease (and they will from time to time).

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Re: ABL | 2K21 Simulation Experience

Postby jk31 on Tue Mar 23, 2021 9:19 am

i am really really curious about your bot. can you give me Details about that? would maybe make life much much easier for me/our online League, as we manage rosters outside of the game and have to spend multiple hours each season to get rosters right.

besides: your idea Sounds cool!
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