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Postby GmanB365 on Thu Mar 18, 2021 10:21 am

Hi, I'm Gunnar. I need help! Recently, I have been wanting to do MyLeague scenarios, like Smequle. First, I want to do teams based on player's last names. I want to sign Giannis to the A team (76ers) first, but when I do that, I get this message: "Giannis Antetokounmpo has been waived and may only be re-signed to his current value" Everything I do only leads me to dead ends! Please help so I can do the first MyLeague scenario. Thanks, and happy St. Patrick's day!
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Re: Help

Postby Bassman58 on Fri Mar 19, 2021 2:43 am

I only play offline so online may differ. When I want a custom roster, ie one I edit, I save a roster and edit it. I place the players on the team(s) I want. This may require sending a player to the FA pool temporarily then moving them to the team. Save the roster. Start a new MyLeague and choose the roster you just made. Choose the team(s) to control. I did this for a brothers team with Giannis, his brothers plus the Currys, Holidays, Morrises, etc. You may have salary cap issues so you can turn off the cap or edit the player's salaries before starting a MyLeague. Yes, it's cheating, but it's your game. :wink:
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