Increasing Team 3pt Att (MyLeague)

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Increasing Team 3pt Att (MyLeague)

Postby arsonwintor on Mon Feb 15, 2021 9:35 am

[short version]
I am running a MyLeague where I just let the CPU of myteam play against the other CPU.
I am having trouble increasing the number of 3pt attempts my team makes per game.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might fix this to get my team to shoot more 3's in non-simulated games?

[Longer version]
Everyone on my roster has good 3pt ratings (even the bigs; Horford, Bol, Bamba, etc).
I have tested different setups against the same team, but I still cannot find any consistency.
Normally my team would take anywhere from 18-25 3pt ATT/game - despite leading the league at 100 FG Att/Game.

I run a perimeter centric offense (with a like-minded coach).
I have tried using the playbooks of all the highest 3pt ATT teams (Minnesota, Golden State, Houston, etc.) as well as the user playbook where I made it almost exclusively 3pt plays, with "run plays" at 80%-90%.
Just for the sake of testing I even lowered the "run plays" to 10% with Freelances such as "4-out-1-in" or "Warriors," etc. Overall that resulted in less 3's, in the 17-21 3pt Att/gm range.
I have adjusted the CPU (and even USER) sliders to turn 3pt Tendency to 100, while turning down the sliders for Inside/Close/Med/etc. sliders to 10, then 1, even 0. [even tho I didn't want to do this because it should effect both teams and not just mine].
Tried Adaptive offense On & Off.
I even edited the individual player tendencies to 100 for 3pt tendency.

All these techniques have raised the Att/game to 28-29. Occasionally the low 30's.
If I simulate the game it will regularly fall between 38-42 3pt Att on "Average Tempo" & 45-55 3pt Att on "Shoot at Will". I've even seen it hit 60 once.
The 76ers, one of the league's lowest 3pt Att teams still attempts 25.5 Three's per game.
Conversely, there are 5 teams attempting over 40 3pt Att/Gm (MIN, TOR, HOU, BRK, ORL).
So in-game my team runs an offense as paint-heavy as the 76ers, and on sim it runs the most 3pt heavy offense in the league.

I think that one of the biggest problems is that there is no way to edit the offensive settings for non-simulated games. When I go to user control (in-game) and set it to "Shoot at Will" it will be changed back to Average Tempo when I switch controls back to AI vs AI. Tho it doesn't IMMEDIATELY revert. If I check it two minutes later, it is still "shoot at will." But ten minutes later, it has reverted (I'm guessing changes might occur at time stoppages/substitutions). This setting always reverts, whether or not I leave Adaptive Offensive coaching on.

Not sure what else I have left to try and fix this.
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Re: Increasing Team 3pt Att (MyLeague)

Postby SamTheTruthFan on Thu Mar 18, 2021 7:05 am

Have you tried setting your offense to "Seven seconds" in the coach menu?
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