2K21 Coronavirus of games

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2K21 Coronavirus of games

Postby sanmarco on Thu Sep 10, 2020 3:28 pm


Hey ho! Let's go!

I can not play this game .When load to 100% each time ,it will crash to desktop.

me too but this just happen when i try to play a game or when i try to make the prelude

Also happening to me, I have amazing specs and it keeps crashing whenever I click play now or try to test my build.

same problem, my game crashing everytime, when men watching video on the ship

This is very frustrating! Mid game my game will crash to desktop with no error. It happened in 2K20 and i see they transported this crap to 2K21. Anyone have an idea with why it does this?
Win 10

When I start a game, Nba 2K21 closes automatically. PLZ HELP

Hi! I am having the same exact problem. Game works perfect until match is about to start. I did not have any problems at all in 2K20.
Yo tambien tengo el mismo problema, me quiero matar boludo no se que pingo voy a hacer, vos que pensas hacer?

Mano, não perca a fé, não jogue, mas apenas o básico entre, tente e saia. Tenho esperança que se resolva, acontece é que é dia de lançamento


jesus h. christ!
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Re: 2K21 Coronavirus of games

Postby Andrew on Fri Sep 11, 2020 3:50 pm

It's definitely more NBA Live 08 PC than NBA 2K14 PC, if I had to make a historical comparison.
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