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NBA 2K22 Wishlist

Postby bigE819 on Sat Sep 05, 2020 12:03 am

As 2K21 has just come out, and it's essentially a copy and paste of 2K20 with some minor changes, I believe we should really get ahead of the curve here and try and let our voices be heard in the 2K community.

As Andrew, said for last year's wishlist:

Important Notes & Suggestions

Please keep this stuff in mind as you're posting your ideas!

One suggested format is to post your top 15-20 wishes/suggestions for the game, ie. the 15-20 most important things that [NBA 2K22] needs to do/add/improve upon. If you have a couple of extra points, that's fine, but try to prioritise. If you don't have that many suggestions, that's fine too; just post the feedback you have and want to share with the developers.

Alternatively, post your top ten or so suggestions you have for different aspects of the game, such as gameplay, game modes, presentation, features, and so on. Again, if you have less than ten, no problem. That's a strongly suggested maximum for the lists, not a minimum.

Make sure that you elaborate and post further details where necessary. There's no need to write an essay - there's nothing wrong with being brief, direct, and to the point - but saying things like "better gameplay" doesn't give enough feedback. Explain how you want gameplay to get better, what changes are required to see an improvement. Mention specific issues, along with relevant improvements and fixes you want to see. A few sentences or subpoints are fine, and will add clarification.

Be constructive! No insults, flaming or bashing in this thread. If you're not interested in providing actual feedback and discussing ways to improve the game, please move along. If you want to vent about NBA 2K21, please feel free to make use of other threads in the Forum, but this is a thread for constructive feedback only. You don't need to sugarcoat things, or hold back on talking about stuff that needs to be fixed, just don't be abusive or needlessly snarky. Explaining what you think is broken or unsatisfactory, and what you want to see changed, is useful feedback. Telling the developers they're stupid, suck, and you hate them, on the other hand, is not.

Lists of bugs that haven't been resolved in the [NBA 2K21] title updates are also most welcome.
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Re: NBA 2K22 Wishlist

Postby bigE819 on Sat Sep 05, 2020 1:10 am

My Wishlist:

More Historic Teams and Players: This is a given, no matter what, I always want more historic teams, even if we do not have a full roster, for example the 2010 lakers, if we added them without Bynum or Odom or Artest, it would be fine, and we could still add them to the game ourselves, I will never complain about an extra team slot. Some teams I would like to see added to the game: 2018 Cavs, 2018 Celtics, 2018 Rockets, 2018 Pelicans, 2016 Spurs, 2016 Thunder, 2016 Cavs Sleeved Jersey's (like really 2K, come on), 2015 Warriors, 2011 Heat, 2010 Celtics, 2010 Lakers, 2010 Cavaliers, 2010 Suns, 2010 Hawks, 2009 Magic, 2009 Lakers, 2009 Cavaliers, 2008 Lakers, 2007 Spurs, 2006 Mavericks, 2002 Lakers, 1999 Spurs, 1997 Bulls, 1997 Jazz, 1992 Bulls, 1992 Trail Blazers, 1985 Lakers, 1982 Celtics, 1980 Lakers, 1973 Knicks, 1972 Lakers, 1967 76ers, 1962 Celtics, 1962 Lakers.

Situation Mode: Just like in NBA 2K11, which I have never played so pardon if I miss something, the ability to create custom situations where you set the score, game clock, how many timeouts are left, where the ball is inbounded from, the stats of each player (or at minimum like 2 players per team), the roster (aka custom rosters), the situation (regular season, rivarly, playoffs, finals, etc), what jersey's the players are wearing, and be able to upload all of this to 2K Share so you can find just about any situation you want, and 2K if they wanted could release official ones like EA used to do with NHL and NBA Live's moments mode, so for example if LeBron hits a step back 3 to win opening night against the Clippers, 2K could post that situation (2.9 to go, no timeouts, etc).

Playoff Mode: CUSTOM ROSTERS, we literally just want this mode like MyLeague, but to start in the playoffs. Also the ability to change the length of the playoffs (Aka allow for 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 teams).

Roster Editing: With applications like NBA 2K Tool, we have seen how far we can take roster editing, and I think these types of things should be built into the gui, the ability to rebrand teams just like in MyLeague, as well as changing the default uniforms, courts, alternate courts, name of the arenas, color scheme, and historic year (ex the '16-17 next to the new warriors team), create a team (using myleague's expansion logic), and the ability to share single teams to 2K Share to add them into any roster (even if you can only have like 6 in a roster then you have to overwrite another team).

Play Now/Menu: Allow us to have a menu that's accessible in the team choice screen where you can change the court/arena, difficulty, quarter length, just like last gen 2K's, as well as, being able to turn on and off specific rules, and to change the shot clock length.

MyLeague: Add more cities for expansion, ex European cities, and allow for more than 36 teams. In season waivers, more 10 day contracts. Allow for Finals MVP to be overrided and show up on players resume's.

Historical Realism: Sliders for different eras, playing a 1990s team that cannot shoot is not fun in 2K anymore, because of the way the game has evolved, we need sliders for at minimum (1960s-1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010-2015, Today's game). Also for teams that don't have a 3 point line (any team before 1980), take their 3 point line off of the court, make the '95-97 team's have shorter 3 point lines (as they did in real life), and allow these to even be used in MyTeam, imagine building your team around the fact that you do not have a 3 point line, catching your opponent off guard, and having a real home court advantage!

Shoes: Make players wear real shoes (on historic teams specifically) or make 2K generics more subtle like in 2K14 where they didn't have the massive 2K logo on the side.

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