Same Blacktop since 2K17 (5th consecutive year)

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Same Blacktop since 2K17 (5th consecutive year)

Postby Tobay93 on Thu Sep 03, 2020 6:15 pm

Just want to hear some opinions. Ye we all got the news bout current gen beeing the same.. But ey, it is really now literally the 5th fuckin consecutive year 2K kept their Blacktop court and mode exactly the same (in my opinion the most ugly one out of their complete history), which they previously used to change every new game. For me personally, that kills complete motivation to play this mode anymore and it makes me so incredibly angry that I want to stick them their fuckin game disc back in the ass! HOW 2K? For years there have been so many complains from the community about that and u don't give a shit.. The effort to create a beautiful new court would be a joke and so minor.. Then charging full price even on the PC.. Disgusting. U should be ashamed for ur actions the past years 2K. Guess that's just one small part about the game reflecting 2K's "evolution" in the last (especially 4 years). Although next gen is coming this year and they use it as an excuse again, real fans who play on PC know it has been no different for years now. Just Incredibly disappointed cause we PC players got no alternatives. U ain't gettin my money this year 2K.

I remember that reddit leak a few month before rls where an insider talked about how the current gen will be and stated that they at least switched the Blacktop court to one with Kobe on it, their cover athlete which didn't happen and just increases my amount of rage towards 2K :cry: A few years back before MyTeam and online focus in general it was exactly the opposite
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Re: Same Blacktop since 2K17 (5th consecutive year)

Postby DaCrispy on Fri Sep 04, 2020 9:11 am

Fat Rip man, I'd say offline players got left behind I'd say in 2K16 no progress or updates since
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Re: Same Blacktop since 2K17 (5th consecutive year)

Postby Andrew on Fri Sep 04, 2020 1:03 pm

The focus has definitely shifted to modes with recurrent revenue potential.
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